1. H

    Help with Macros

    I very new to using Macro. Can some one please help me with a code to open all the below applications once I run the Macro. Calculator Adobe Reader DC Cisco Jabber Microsoft word Micrsoft excel Microsoft power point Microsoft outlook Snipping tool Notepad Any help is really appreciated Thanks
  2. T

    Multi-Criteria Date find/lookup/Index?

    I have 2 tables on separate worksheets in the same workbook, the 1st table (TableA) has the Workorders in which an item has been assigned too, the 2nd table (TableB) shows the items on the vendor’s purchase order record table. TableA <tbody> A B C D E WO# Item Description QTY in Stock...
  3. N

    far from excel, i need help in CISCO

    Please, i need help in CISCO packet tracer, if someone can assist by providing his email or a link where I can ask any question about cisco like this platform. thank you
  4. J

    Need Help on this advanced formula

    This is a three step problem, I would need one formula to do all 3 things! Can some please help and give me insight on this? If it is past 6:00 pm and a double digit day, count the unique times the item shows up in the Data sheet. The Item needs to be unique, have a unique date and task If it...
  5. T

    Removing duplicate cells

    I have scoured the threads and I still haven't reached a resolution to the following issue. I am creating a dashboard and one of the sections has a rollup by Part Type. I used an Index/Match combo to Rank the number of parts that appear as the Top 3. Of course, this produced duplicates in some...
  6. R

    Webpage table data and Excel

    Hi guys, Currently in order to monitor the WAN links I have to use Reachability Dashboard of Cisco Works which updates every 15 minutes. I have to see which links are down and every 30minutes put those entries into Excel Sheet to be sent to the link vendors. Also, I have to keep monitoring the...

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