1. E

    XLSTART startup folder in Citrix Virtual Desktop

    I constantly change and save my default Excel template in: C:\Users\dmalfoy\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART Does anyone have experience changing the default Excel template in a Citrix Virtual Desktop? I put in a ticket to my IT department and their response was clearly that of a deer...
  2. D

    Network paths

    Dear, I have a worksheet with multiple macros, which access different network resources; the problem I have it that when working from a Citrix environment the network resources are not the same, and I have to maintain two different version of the worksheet, one for each environment. Is there a...
  3. N

    Excel Citrix moving sheets to other workbooks by itself

    Hello, We are using Citrix Receiver to run certain applications. Lately, when we have multiple excel workbooks open, sheets get moved from one workbook to another without us intending to do this. Has anybody came across this behaviour? We are not able to Google on it Thanks
  4. Y

    Citrix - launch word application

    Hello!We're working in Citrix environment and I got a task to create some pdf files. In order to do this I have to launch the corresponding (MS Word 2010) application. Unfortunately we have both 2003 and 2010 available. Due to the environment I cannot search and launch the exe. Is there any way...
  5. S

    Posting to SharePoint from Essbase

    Hello, I wrote a macro in Essbase and I'm having trouble posting to SharePoint. The macro refreshes a few tabs and saves a copy to a set location then changes the department name and repeats. When I use the SharePoint Location the macro fails, but when I use the C Drive Location it works. The...
  6. M

    Excel VBA under Local, Terminal Server and Citrix environments

    Hi Folks, Interesting situation here with the environ(SESSIONNAME) function. I need to know from which environment the Excel is running from: local, TS or Citrix. I run an .xls on local machine under Excel 03, on TS under Excel 03 and on Citrix under 2013. The xls is run by the users in either 2...
  7. E

    Use Excel VBA to control program open via Citrix

    Hello, Using Excel VBA I am trying to use “SendKeys” to send keystrokes to a program that was opened via Citrix. The program via Citrix is open and running actively on my computer. I am trying to use Excel to send commands to the program. Steps I normally do. Go to Citrix and select the...
  8. B

    Excel Macros and Ribbon in Citrix - Stays for a while, then goes away

    I run Excel 2010 on Citrix XenApp and can't get it to keep my Personal.xlsm and ribbon for more than a few sessions. I got my home PC to keep it for 2 days and 3 computer restarts via the web interface. I got my work laptop to keep it for a little bit using the Receiver (we run Syspro and...
  9. C

    VBA issues for users in Citrix

    Good Morning Excel Geniuses.... I have some VBA files that work perfectly fine for users runing the files on their laptops, but have strange issues for people using Citrix. One of these is that I can't get a file to automatically save on closing. eg: I use wbData.Close True and this makes...
  10. C

    Citrix (XenApp) + Sharepoint Server 2007 + modeless userforms

    I've an vba app developed with Excel 2010, and hosted in Sharepoint Server 2007. The app includes a couple of modeless userforms floating over a large grid of data (option panels). When running it local, no matter if using Office 2010, 2007 or 2003 (we have the three of them on our machines)...
  11. D

    Access 2007 within Citrix - Hyperlinks won't fully work

    I have an Access 2007 application that is running within Citrix. I have stored hyperlinks in a table in the database that link to specific records in a web based CRM system (Highrise). When a link is clicked it takes the user to the Highrise login page and not to the specific account within...
  12. Z

    Excel Macro to start for every user starts excel on Citrix Server

    I have an excel macro that enables the addin for Analysis Tool Pak (it is already installed on the server). I'm trying to get this to run for every user that opens excel on the citrix server. In my xls or xlt file I have created the Auto_Open macro that works when I open the file file by...
  13. P

    Automating Citrix Excel / Windows Scheduler

    I want to use the windows scheduler to automatically open an Excel file and at that time the file's auto-open would run a specific macro. The code in the macro runs quicker when the file is opened through our company's Citrix Excel object instead of the Local version of Excel. How do I get the...

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