1. J

    In VBScript via CSCRIPT only, no web involved: how to handle a WinHTTP object's events?

    I've written a small VBS script to GET or POST an URL to a WinHTTP object and put its plain-text output to stdout -- any body text it needs should be send via stdin. Please note that it's a stand-alone VBS file, so there's no web involved whatsoever -- it's simply invoked with CSCRIPT...
  2. G

    How to get handle of menu in external application, and find button where no text is part of class.

    @Jaafar Tribak - I have seen that you have extensive experience in this topic so I am hoping that you can help me please. I have an external application that I can launch and control from Excel, but only up to a point. As soon as I click on the SEND TO button and the menu pops up I can't go...
  3. D

    MonthView development

    Hello everyone! I am trying to develop a MonthView control as Excel 365 64-bit down not support the mscomct2.ocx I have looked around and put together ideas, such as the strategy to capture a label click I found in the thread below Userform Label Click problem However, now I am stuck as all I...
  4. A

    vba - Text Reader class

    tldr version: Trying to fix someone else's code who isn't here anymore. This hasn't been working for over a year and I have been tasked to fix it. This is a class called cbTextReader, and is called to handle the lines of a text file for checking and manipulation. I've dug into what's...
  5. D

    Code modification - Log Cell colour change

    Hello, I have found some code on this very forum (Capturing cell color change in VBA) that logs when cell colour is changed on a separate worksheet. How do I adjust that same code so instead of prompting for every single cell it would only prompt once and record the row number instead of cell...
  6. jaunito

    Overflow (#6) Error When Assigning a Date Data Type

    I have a class that imports date values from a worksheet and then stores them in a class along with a lot of other information. The problem is when I try to move from the private variable holding the date information to the public property, it is giving me an overflow error. I tested this two...
  7. J

    Process a string to extract number for a Class property?

    I am playing around with setting up a class to process block of (string) data. Just a test I would like to have a property (called TheMass) to return a number ie the mass ! which is extracted from a line of data (a string) I set up a class (Module) as follows Dim pthemass As Double Public...
  8. J

    Use of a CLASS for vba - General opinion sought?

    This is a bit of an intellectual exercise. I am trying to gain more knowledge on the use of CLASS. I think I understand the principle, have read bits-and-bobs on their use but have never have real use for them. I think I created my own CLASS for one program This is mainly because I do simple...
  9. M

    QueryTable class events not working for QueryTables within ListObjects

    I found the following class file and have edited it to run certain procedures after a background refresh of a QueryTable has completed. The class events work properly if the QueryTable supplied isn't contained within a ListObject (ie: created via VBA) but fail to trigger if they are. I've tried...
  10. G

    Vlookup help

    Can anyone help me with this. One of my sheets has info on student ID and the class they were in last year. The new sheet has the student id and the class they are enrolled in this year. If they both don't match it should say bad. Sheet two should look like the table below. The range is...
  11. S

    If X in C4, copy to E4, Dependent Validation

    I've set up Dependent Data Validation so when a specific Session is selected only specific options are available in the next two columns. However, the third column the user is to input a number. The only restriction is for the Session called Previous Group. Those two dependent validation columns...
  12. S

    Delete ranged names

    So I have an interesting one for you all. I have a master workbook I made for a gradesheet and put it in the public folder. When a new class starts the instructor will make a new folder for that class and copy the master book into that folder. It is still in beta mode, so as the classes have...
  13. B

    What are Class Modules

    Hi, I am new to MS Access and have never used Class module in Excel VBA either. My question is more regarding Access, can anyone please help me understand what are class modules. How they are different from regular modules. What are the advantages of a class module or why and when should we...
  14. S

    Referencing class variable(s) from another class

    I have two simple classes shown below for several userform textbox and spin button controls. Userform_Initiliaze event basically adds any such controls to relevant collections to manipulate later using events. What I want to achieve is to pass text from textbox class (clsTextBox) to spin button...
  15. D

    Advanced Query or VBA Code

    I have a spreadsheet that contains over 3000 rows of student data. The last two columns contain Staff Code and Class. I am looking for a way to add the staff code to the class (sometimes we have two or maybe three teachers). What I normally do is use the concatenate function. I sort the...
  16. A

    Class Not Registered Error?

    Hi, I have an Excel Workbook that is using Power Query to take 3 excel files and append them into one report. I have a VBA code that opens those 3 excel files which are connected to a SharePoint site and refreshes them to capture any modifications made to any of the entries. The issue is, the...
  17. C

    Prevent delete based on date condition

    <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-weight: inherit; line-height: 12px;">Hello, I have a delete routine below that works great for my purpose. I am trying to stop users from deleting class after a certain date. I have the date field (ExpiredDate)in the tblClasses...
  18. D

    Search highest value code in list

    Thanks in advance for your solutions to my problem. I have a long list of codes which looks like this : <tbody> E001 E002 E003 Q001 RW01 RW02 E004 RW03 Q002 RW04 </tbody> Where each code is the same length (4 digits). Where each code is unique. Where each...
  19. C

    Registration form - Ideas

    Hi.. I am looking for suggestion / guidance on the best approach. I have a user form that users can register for classes. They select they name and class they want. They can also go in and delete entry later if they decide not to take class. This works great. I want to make some enhancements...
  20. K

    Student Choice

    Hi, I am trying to make a process a little easier at the school I work in. 1 hour a week we have an enrichment time where different activities are offered to the children on a 6 week basis, they pick their preferences on a slip, then 2 staff members sift through all the slips and allocate them...

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