1. J

    Can I send event to a class from a UserForm in Excel vba?

    Hi! In the sheet I have a table with members, and it is possible to Add new member, change member, delete member amongs others. To reduce code in modules, my intention was to have a class to control all actions going on in the member sheet. In 'Microsoft Excel Objects' Sheet4 (Top section in vba...
  2. FilleFrella44

    C#, Python, Java in Excel

    Hello, I've seen some options to use Python, Java and C# in Excel. Wondering if anyone has tried it and if they are considered "safe" to use. Saw this: Excel-DNA where I could build classes in C# and call them using the "=" inside cells in Excel. (Perhaps this is also possible with VBA?) Felt...
  3. Rijnsent

    VBA & Classes - how to fill values?

    I'm trying to build some geographical classes in VBA. Am rather experienced in VBA, but do get stuck here. What I would like to do is set a geographical box, based on 2 coordinates (e.g. North Eastern point and South Western point). The coordinate-class is set up and works fine (named latLng)...
  4. T

    Styles of programming in VBA

    I have come to the conclusion there appears to be two distinct styles of programming in VBA. 1. Those with no prior experience of programming. 2. Others who are already conversant with Java, C#, etc. I have seen VBA code such as: Function MyFunc (somearg As Burger) As McDonalds and then...
  5. K

    Student Choice

    Hi, I am trying to make a process a little easier at the school I work in. 1 hour a week we have an enrichment time where different activities are offered to the children on a 6 week basis, they pick their preferences on a slip, then 2 staff members sift through all the slips and allocate them...
  6. Collington

    Look for B1 value in another workbook, then see if somewhere in that row the value matches A2

    Sorry - no idea how to explain this, let alone do it! Think it's an index/match combo but just can't get it to work... Anyway what I'm trying to do: On sheet 1 we enter all of the entrants names and some other details in A-D, then in cells E-Z you can type in what classes they're entering...
  7. K

    Beginner help - making class assignment

    Hi, I feel there should be a way to automate this, I'm just not seeing it. I have a list of participants, each have chosen 5 out of 8 possible classes. Classes are offered multiple times over 2 days, 4 classes at a time. I have the class times and schedule. My goal is to assign 'students' to...
  8. R

    Simple Class module example required

    Help Can anyone provoide me with a very simple Class module example that captures for example peoples first names in column "A", Surnames in column "B" and loops through that column and adds them to a collection. I think if i had a bog standard example i might actually get it! Then I can build...
  9. C

    Excel Classes

    I was wondering if anyone knows of "hands on" Excel classes on Long Island; Nassau County, New York. I have taken a number of classes, however they fall short of continuing the education to "Master Level". Thank you for any help....
  10. DRSteele

    Reverse engineer prices in an Insurance Plan

    Can some math genius please help me? I wish to reckon the base prices for extended healthcare plan. There are three classes in the plans: Health, Dental and Prescriptions. Each of those three classes has three available variables: A, B and C. By clicking through the co's website, I was able to...
  11. N

    Dynamic Row copy (Create 1-4 copies of row based on count of items in a table)

    Hello all, Looking to make a dynamic tool which can take a static list and copy it 1-4 times (also inserting data from a small table) I have a list of 30 student names in column A. In columns C:E I have a small table with the following data: C: Class name D: Instructor E: Credits <tbody>...
  12. D

    Linking cell to table data

    I have a spreadsheet that on the first sheet shows a list of classes down the right column and a list of instructors across the top row. X's are placed in the corresponding cell for instructors that are qualified to teach that class. Second sheet has a table of classes, instructors and their...
  13. Z

    looking up data in a table that has duplicates with different values that are both being reported

    I have a spreadsheet with classes that fulfill certain requirements and all of the classes are listed in a column with their requirements beside them, however their are duplicates as some classes fulfill 2 requirements. I have a table on a separate sheet that has the classes with the duplicates...
  14. V

    Argument not optional - Dictionary and Classes

    Hello everyone! I'm fairly new to VBA, and I'm currently experimenting with Classes and Dictionaries. However I encountered a problem, that for once, I was not able to solve using the infinite amount of ressources available on the internet. Whenever I run my macro, I get the "argument not...
  15. A

    Complete repeating data down empty rows

    I have a sheet with student details across 7 columns and then in the 8th are their classes. The classes populate down for however many rows there are classes (different for groups of students). What I need to do is have the student details data repeated for every class they take up until the...
  16. A

    SUMIFS question

    Hi everyone. I just registered to ask the gurus here for some help. I'm trying to make a system to record the attendance in some classes. These classes can either be in group (most common) or individual. When a student misses a individual class and attend one in a group (exceptional) in a way...
  17. L

    how many classes in vba

    Hi How many classes in excel vba? is there any site/doc that lists all these classes. Thank you.
  18. T

    Comparing Lists Not Working

    Hi again - So I am trying to compare lists. I have 3 workbooks that I am using. #1 - Has Mandated Classes with staff names #2 - Has training records for all staff (current and retired) #3 - Is a master reference workbook What I'm trying to do is In #1 - create a formula that will look...
  19. P

    VBA Classes

    Hi! Is it possible to get and let data between classes, and if yes, how? delclaring as follows resets the information in the class despite that the class has´nt been terminated and I have´nt figured out how to calling it in a other way Dim x as class1 Set x = new class1 Thanks!
  20. M

    Primary Teacher Needs Help please

    Hi I am hoping that someone can please help me. Our schools spends hours every year calculating how many students should go in each class. We are given teachers on the ratio of students to teachers. Unfortunately, the students never fall evenly in the classes so we have to put some students from...

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