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  1. S

    VBA Clear Cell if

    Hello, I'm new to VBA and need some help. Im bascially trying to say - look in column C, if the value is "State ID" then clear contents <tbody> Sub ClearRowWith_ID() Last = Cells(Rows.Count, "C").End(xlUp).Row For i = Last To 1 Step -1 If (Cells(i, "C").Value) = "State ID"...
  2. S

    Userform hiding fields, "Method or data member not found"

    Hello, Still learning VBA, trying to make a UserForm's fields show/hide based on an initial selection. What it should do: In the useform, the first Combobox selection hides and clears the third combobox and two checkboxes. These elements are held within a flat frame that is shown or hidden...
  3. J

    Seek 'n Destroy 20M Cells: "Find All" - "Clear Contents" - blank cells - "Not Responding"

    Problem Working with various in-congruent data tables of 100+ columns & 200-500k records, "Clearing Contents" of 'blank cells' takes*: "Blank" Cells Defined - A1:B10; C15:E25; BB2200:BC300000 Ranges contain "blank" cells that Excel counts in Pivot Table summations. - LEN(ranges) = 0 Various...
  4. P

    Select unlocked cells in a protected sheet.

    Me again. A slightly more challenging one this time. I have a worksheet with multiple formula some on hidden rows, all nicely laid out and formatted to make an easy to use standard report. I have the sheet protected from accidental editing by well meaning colleagues. All good! I want to...
  5. andrewb90

    Code clearing the fill color of cells?

    Hello All, I have a macro that clears data from a sheet and gets it ready to start a new week, but a few merged cells keep getting their fill color cleared. Now, I can always just have my code fill the gradient colors back in, but I'd rather try to fix what is causing the issue...
  6. V

    Macro to select & clear (not delete) #REF errors.

    Hello, I feel like I am so close to this but I think I am not adept enough at macros to get it right enough to work. And, I have searched high and low and found everything but what I am looking for. I also tried to use the macro recorder but as I have learned it won't work for this. I know how...
  7. andrewb90

    clear cells with vba based on selection

    Hello all, I have a code that I am using to clear cell contents and formatting, however what I need to do is also clear the contents of whatever is in Column B of the same row(s) that are selected and having the contents deleted. Here's my code: Sub Clear()With Selection...
  8. L

    VBA Code to Clear Contents of Cell based on Another Cell

    Hi, I need help writing a code that will clear the contents of cells D10:G10 & I10:M10 if the contents of cell C10 are deleted. I need for the corresponding rows down do D33:G33 & I33:M33 & C33. I am able to make it work for the first row but not sure how to include the additional rows without...
  9. B

    MACRO HELP!!! I Need A Macro That Will Clear Contents On All Unlocked Cells On A Sheet (excel 2010)

    I have about 85 sheets in a workbook that are all very different in which cells are locked and which are unlocked. I need a macro that will "Clear Contents" on all unlocked cells on a sheet. The sheets are (or will be) protected. Can someone PLEASE help me!!!
  10. H

    VBA newbie - need help with code to delete certain cells, rename sheets and ignore master sheet

    Hi there, thanks for reading - I'm a total newbie to VBA so this is a steep learning curve for me. I am working on a file for person identifiable information to be collected, but the file needs code to anonymise the information before it can be returned to me. Essentially I have a "Master" sheet...
  11. bs0d

    Clear Contents of 2nd Column to Last Column of Data

    What's the most efficient code to clear the contents of all row data from the 2nd column through the last column? This is what I use to clear everything: With Sheet("Sheet1").Cells .ClearContents End With But how can I do the same and exclude the first column?
  12. B

    VBA: Clear Contents of active cell with form control button

    I am needing some code to Clear contents of what ever cell is selected at the time. I would like this to be where I select a cell then press a form control button to clear whatever cell is selected. Thanks as always....
  13. V

    Assign name to use in macro

    Hello, I recorded a macro to select a range of cells and then clear their contents. When I ran the macro, I got the error message "Compile error: Argument not optional"--I believe the string specifying the cells may have been too long. Following a suggestion on this board (#4 on this page), I...
  14. S

    Using Macros to delete cells & rows based on specific criteria

    Hello, Each week I run a report that produces over 2,000 rows. I have to manually go through and delete things, by the time I am done, there may only be 320 rows left. I would apply a recorded macro, but the report is not consistent each week. There may be more or fewer rows depending on the...
  15. A

    Clear cells on adjacent cell change

    New to VBA but feel that using it is the solution to this question: I have text in column F (cells 20 to 199) that changes automatically based on pre-determined time constraints (this is done via an IF formula). I want the 4 cells adjacent to F to clear contents when the text in F changes...
  16. M

    Clear Contents Function

    Hi All, Is it possible to create a function that clears the contents of a cell when the criteria is met? For instance, if A1>0 then Clear Contents of A1. Cheers, mem
  17. K

    Multiple List Clear

    I have a list on sheet3 that is generated by a user and a list on sheet2 that is automatically provided. What I would like to have happen is when when a macro is run on sheet3 it goes down the list (could be variable in length) item by item and clears any identical values in sheet2. For...
  18. B

    VBA: Dependent Drop Down List (Clear cell)

    Greetings, I need help clearing cell (B4) when the value in B2 Changes. :confused: I'm Stumped. . .
  19. K

    Clear columns VBA

    I would like to clear my data in columns A,B,C in 7 of my worksheets in my workbook. I need help creating a VBA for that? Any help is appreciated.
  20. M

    if cell equals x then clear contents from another cell macro

    Hi, I am trying to code out the following scenario for a macro: If cell A# contains "total reconconciled portfolios" then clear contents of columns B# & I# Essentially I am trying to clear the N/A's from columns B & I in the specific rows where column A includes that phrase. I can't clear...

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