1. T

    ClearContents VBA is clearing my Conditional Formatting

    Hi there, I'm trying to figure out a way to clear cells without clearing the applied Conditional Formatting rules from those cells. Here's my code: Sub WipeSheet() ' ' WipeSheet Macro ' Wipes all entries in the sheet besides formulas ' ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+W ' PopupPrompt =...
  2. Agnarr

    Lagging problem.

    Hello everybody and you all do an amazing work. I need your help please and i apologize in advance for any mistakes (English is not my native language). I wanted to make a log where you type a code and have it replaced by the name of a client. The brilliant bebo021999 gave me a quick and easy...
  3. M

    How to automatically delete cell contents in excel after a week and after a day

    Good day! I would like to have a code that deletes the contents in B7 every 12AM sunday and deletes the range M3 to M23 every day at midnight. I dont have any knowledge on macros. Thank you
  4. M

    Clearing calculated cells with VBA: a tip or reminder for the beginners and novice users

    Good morning community, As a novice VBA programmer I was fortunate enough to discover quickly enough for my project that the correct way to clear/reset cells which are calculated in a formula is not to set the value, ie: Range.Value = "" Do not do this if cell is referenced in a formula...
  5. Y

    Clear content of cells outside area of interest

    Hi all, I am looking for a way to clear the content of all the cells outside my area of interest (designated by the orange oval): Close up, it looks like this: I would like to clear the content of ALL the cells that are not encircled, and including those coloured in orange. How can this be...
  6. J

    ClearContent in range instead of EntireRow row

    I need some help to fix this code to copy and clear content only in a range instead of copying and clearing the whole row. What the code does now, is that if column "I" is greater than column "J", in row 2-14, it copys the rows and PasteSpecial from row 16 and onwards. I want to copy only...
  7. dommmm

    Clear contents down to last row but not header VBA

    Hi, I'm having a little problem. I'm trying to determine the last row based on any data in column J and then delete the contents of cells A2 to AZ* on that last row BUT if the sheet is blank apart from the header (ie the last row is 1), then I want it to stop as the code is deleting the column...
  8. E

    Clear Contents two cells to the left if input date is <

    Attempting to modify a MACRO that deletes rows based on input box date < criteria - that works great! Now need to just clear contents of cell two cells to the left and not an entire row. Not sure what needs to be done on this line: ActiveCell.Offset(0, -2).ClearContents - not working. Dates...
  9. G

    Help to ClearContents by Columns based on cell value

    Hi all, What i am looking to do seems simple enough but i just dont have the expertise to figure out the VBA for it, any help would be greatly appreciated! I would like to evaluate a cell (B7) where if the value = "SUN" or value = "SAT" and then clearcontents of range B9:B37 if that value...
  10. K

    ClearContents of the row if finds all 1's in it.

    Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Sheet1 show the data in the columns C:P are filled with 1's in it. But the row 6, 7, 8, 9 has in it X or 2 filled, is it possible ClearContents (do not eliminate the rows) of the row in which has only 1's in it (for example row 10 to 22 row) </SPAN></SPAN> Note: filled row...
  11. C

    Simple ClearContents not working

    I can't figure out why this won't work. Can someone take a look? Private Sub ClearContents() Worksheets("Costing").Activate If Cells(7, 5).Value = "Other %" Then Cells(7, 7).ClearContents End Sub
  12. L

    Run Time Error 438 Object Doesn't Support this Property or Method

    Hello, I'm getting the error above when I try to run a macro to clear a report and reset things for the next time. Specifically it is supposed to unhide a sheet, turns off the advanced filter so the contents can be cleared, and hide the sheet again. I am running Excel 2016 on Windows 10. The...
  13. E

    Clear cell after 60 seconds vba

    Hi all, I want to clear cell "I15" after 60 seconds. I will be calling this sub within another sub. Probably being stupid but can someone see why the following isn't working? The cell is being cleared instantly. Sub ClearTimer() Dim StartTime As Single StartTime = Timer Do While Timer -...
  14. M

    VBA ClearContents changes formatting?

    OK for some reason while using a bunch of named ranges to clear out the data the borders get changed to the heavy border. So after a bunch of playing around with it I see that if I run the sub with nothing in the cells to clear it doesn't change any formatting. But I type something in the top...
  15. B

    Quick way to ClearContents of UserForm TextBoxes?

    I have several UserForms with many TextBoxes. To quickly ClearContents I've tried this which produces Object required error. Any suggestions? For i = 1 To TextBox.Count TextBox(i).ClearContents Next I
  16. W

    ClearContents Macro based on cell text value AND satisfy conditional formatting FORMULA

    I have extensive conditional formatting for an area on a (sheet) named "Data". I need to learn "how to", leave the conditional formatting alone, and on-demand... run a macro to ClearContents of ANY specific cells within the Range("AI101:AM" & lastRow) BUT ONLY when TWO conditions are met...
  17. V

    VBA Code Created In Excel 2016 Running Slowly

    Hi Guys, I m new to VBA ode and created a tool where I have code linked to a active x control button that clears certain cells in my xslm workbook. The problem I am having is the tool is running slowly once the button is clicked. Private Sub CommandButton13_Click() If MsgBox("Do you want...
  18. P

    ClearContent for drop-down fields

    Hi, I havecreated a template for my staff to use. I've written code that generates aunique sequence number and saves the file but I am having trouble when it comesto removing any information that may have been pre-existing on the form. I amcurrently using the ClearContents command but I've found...
  19. S

    Empty cell values when another cell value changes in Table environment

    Hi I have a Named Table "T_1" that follows the pattern below: <tbody> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 3 Header1 Header2 Header3 Header4 4 Val1-a to empty when val1-a changes to empty when val1-a changes to empty when val 1-a changes 5 Val2-a val2-a1 to empty when val2-b...
  20. K

    Clearing Named Ranges Clears Entire Sheet

    I have a series of named ranges on a sheet. I want to clear the contents and not the formulas. When I run the below, it clears the named ranges and then clears the entire sheet. Also, if I have no constants, it gives me an error. Help! TIA. Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() On Error...

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