1. L

    option control link

    Hi I inserted 4 options control (Developer-->Insert). I liked them to cell K1 1) What is the capital of USA () NY () Whatever () DC () etc When I click on first option, K1 value becomes =1 , if click on second option K1=2 etc Now I want to create a new question and insert new set of option...
  2. S

    Macro to increase/decrease

    Hi, Looking for a macro that I can assign to a button which, when clicked, will add 1 to a value in a cell. So if B2=5 when I click the button, this increments by 1 thus B2=6. Thanks Lee
  3. I

    Click on popup calendar to go to past entry dates in column?

    Hello I have downloaded the Addin Popup Calendar. Right now I can only click a cell and the popup calendar will fill that cell with whichever date I highlight in the calendar. What I would like is to click on any date in the calendar, which then looks up and locates the relevant info entry...
  4. M

    Saving a CSV File To .VIZ Extension

    I am trying to save a .CSV file to .Viz extension as per the instructions here: But if I click on the file it says: altman watchlist.viz It is still an CSV file.
  5. K

    Web query Script error while pulling data from web , And returned with no data

    While i am trying to pull data from this site "" gave me this massage "an error has occurred in the script on this page" i entered "yes" more than 30 times and finally gave me this massage "This Web query returned no data. To change the query, click...
  6. L

    UserForm name

    Hi I created a UserForm and in properties window, I changed its name to "bigform" . Now when double click on bigform, excel will open the form but the are 2 titles (names) 1) Book1 -bigform (UserForm) 2) UserForm2 When I right click on the form name in project window, a white editor will open...
  7. D

    Clicking different cells to open files

    Hi guys. I have a spread sheet with multiple options on there. Previously I had used hyperlinks to link to word documents for the shipping labels but people are clicking by mistake a making a right hash of things so I am now looking at adding VBA code where you would double click a set cell and...
  8. tryingcake

    How to get rid of the calendar template pop ups?

    This pesky pop-up message shows up every single time I click a cell. It's the same info over and over. How do I make it stop? It is in the way when I want to click the cell under it, which is often. This causes me to double my clicks. Thank you. [/URL]******** async...
  9. R

    Source of Excel File

    Hello All, How can we know whether the excel file is opened from a batch file accessed through Command prompt Or manually by double click. Need to call different functions based upon this condition. Thanks in advance. Thanks, Rahul
  10. C

    Interactive area on a cell is smaller than normal

    My personal computer has a weird quirk where the area of a cell border that I can interact with to drag-and-drop or autofill is smaller than on every other computer I have used excel on. On other systems, when I click on a cell, I can easily click the border and drag the cell contents to...
  11. M

    Excel leave existing date in cell (calendar VBA)

    I am using VBA calendar to input dates in my workbook. I have added code to my worksheet to call calendar on double click of cell. So basically when I double click cell in range I get calendar form, where I pick up the date and then it is inserted in double clicked cell. The problem is if I...
  12. S

    Dbl click is taking me to WRONG cell!

    Omigosh I'm about to lose my mind. Why is Excel taking me to the fifth cell in my formula instead of the first?! All that mattes here is that I want to go to CA325 if I double click or ctrl +{ (YES, "Allow directly editing in cells" is OFF) =(CA325*0)+...
  13. M

    Assigning a value to a msforms.frame object.

    Hi everyone I have several frames within a form I'd like change the attributes of depending on the click of a button so, I have declared an object in module one Public frametochange As MSForms.Frame in Form1, I have many frames I'd like to change if a button is clicked. in the button...
  14. M

    help clicking link in VBA no ID

    Hey guys Im trying to write somehint which fills in a webform for me from my excel file, I amamanaging to get the data i want into the fields however im struggling to click two buttons as the dont have an ID The first one is: input type="submit" name="terminal_group_search" value="Search"...
  15. Z

    Workbook opening but with unreadable content

    I have a macro that opens a shared workbook, renames it and saves it again in a different folder, then creates the file again in the original location for that day's work. This macro is run by different team members each day, and none of them are tech-savvy. This has been running very well for...
  16. M

    creating a variable on initializing a form.

    High everyone. First post :). I'm working with a form that has many checkboxes. Because of the interaction between these, I need to not have the checkbox code execute when I click another checkbox that changes the value of the first checkbox. So I've created another variable and test it...
  17. G

    Copy module VBA

    Have a module in VBA Project. How can I quickly copy the whole module and create a new one with a different name. If I right click the module their is no copy option?​
  18. P

    change macro only runs when I move cursor up page

    I've inserted the code below, I change the value in cell F9, which should trigger the second sub below I hit enter and my cursor goes to F10. Macro doesn't give expected result. I hit enter a few more times and cursor continues down the page. No expected result. I click those cells moving...
  19. Drofidnas

    Command button not working after becoming visible

    Hi I'm developing a game in Excel. I have two hidden buttons for "yes" or "no" answers which become visible when a shape is clicked. However, when they do become .visible=msotrue they don't work. Yet if I click another command button that has always been visible, they both become active...

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