1. P

    Linking Tabs to Cells Error

    I have a worksheet that has a link to a folder. I also have a cover sheet that has values 1-38. I would like to create a link to those numbers to a tab that the value is referencing. For example, #2 is referencing appointments. I have an appointments worksheet that has a link on the page...
  2. ChuckDrago

    Detecting the address of an active range

    Hi everyone, I am trying to build an app where the users can select a group of cells (row wise). If they click on a specific cell, I can get the row address by using ActiveCell.Row. However, they should be able to click on a cell and drag the mouse down to "activate" any number of cells. In...
  3. M

    VBA Double Click Heading to Filter/unFilter

    Hello - I have a table labeled "Conf". When I double click on a column heading I want it to filter that column to only show rows with x's in them. When I double click again I want it to unfilter so I can do the same with another column. I appreciate your help!
  4. N

    Disable shape as button

    Hi, I would like to disable a shape as button to run macro after first click. Is this possible? Thanks
  5. Z

    Change UserForm Label Color on click...code shared with multiple Labels

    Hello, and Thank You in Advance. I have an excel user form with numerous labels (from the form tools). When you click on the label, it initiates the code below and cycles through three colors. I have used this in the past and a friend of my had simplified the coding to pull from one location...
  6. N

    Group by rows

    I am trying to group by rows. I did it before, and it worked. Now its not... I have nothing hidden, nothing filtered... I select four entire rows, click Group, check Rows...nothing happens What am I missing???
  7. P

    hyperlinking the whole area of a cell ?????

    I currently have hyperlinks (within a large number of cells) that link to places within the same document, but the cell sizes are, by necessity, quite small, and the hyperlinked letter inside each of the cells is even smaller, therefore very hard to click on quickly ... usually I'll miss the...
  8. I

    Select first entry in drop down ;list NOT the last +1

    Hi, When i click on the drop down arrow to then show me all the customers in my drop down list the row after the last name is selected each time. Is it possible so when i click the drop down arrow i see it either at the top or the first entry.
  9. Nelson78

    VBA and Excel: navigate web, looping in a table and click the relevant row

    Hello everybody. I'm surfing a web site and grasping data. Now, I'm tinkering with a table. Its name is: id="tbl1" The body is structured as follows: <tbody> <tr class="Row" id="tbl1__0"> <td align="center">A1</td><td>xxxx</td><td>66</td><td>0</td> </tr><tr class="AltRow"...
  10. L

    ByRef Array Button Click

    Hi, I am trying to pass an array generated on one button click to a subroutine button click. For example Private Sub Retrieve_Attendance_click(ByRef LArrayDatesOfPay() As String)Dim todays_date_from As Variant Dim todays_date_to As Variant Dim rowNumSubmit As Range 'Dim LArrayDatesOfPay() As...
  11. I

    issues regarding codes not working all of a sudden

    Morning, I noticed this yesterday & happening again this morning. I have a workbook with say 8 worksheets in it. On certain sheets there is a code where when i click a cell that active cell is one color & the row is another. Also when i fist open the worksheet a user form will open. Neither of...
  12. P

    Click a macro button twice

    Hi again I'm pretty sure that this is doable but I'm having a hard time with the macro. I'll make it simple for you Excel gurus out there. Say I have only one button that executes a macro. Say the macro puts a one in Cell A1. Then when I click on the same macro button, it puts in a zero in...
  13. P

    Vlookup/index match or something else?

    I'm looking for a formula that will break out all values associated with a specific reference. Below shows a single reference ID but I believe I'll be using 2 for this project. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. ******** language="JavaScript"...
  14. M

    outlook vba help

    Not sure if this is the place but I see a lot of google searches with replies with help for outlook vba coding, with some answers that are not, I think, relevant to my needs, I have 0% to 0% of vba coding So here goes I have a set emails sent in the same format from my website, all have the...
  15. S

    Select Radio Button Using vba on a web site

    hi , i have a radio button with below elements . i want to click one of them on a web site i try >>doc.getElementsById("datey").Value = 9710 but it just select 9710 value i want to select and click or click on value 9710 , what code i must write? <select size="1" id="datey" name="datey"...
  16. G

    Clicking cells from VBA

    Hi clever folks, Just a very quick query, is it possible to click a cell rather than typing in the cell ref? Rather than typing in: Range ("A1") I would like to type Range(" and then click the cell in excel to fill in the range details. I know this is lazy but I have a lot of very small...
  17. N

    Click cell to run a code

    Hello, I have a code that runs with a Command button. Is it possible to modify the code so that it runs when I click a particular cell? This is my code: Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim c As Range, a Set c = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1") c.NumberFormat = "@" If InStr(c, "/") = 0...
  18. T

    Pictures not working with slicer

    Hi All, I am making an excel dashboard about players performance. I have inserted a slicer (with the names of the players in it), so when I click on it, the different graphs show for this person. But I also want to have the pictures of the players inserted in the dashboard when I click on their...
  19. M

    VBA Double Left Click Error

    So I used to work with a co-worker who used this excel macro to do his daily checklist and he sent it to me a long time ago. I never had the need to use it till now, when you double left click it timestamps the cell with the initials of your logon username and the date which is perfect for my...
  20. D

    Autofiltering a worksheet by clicking in a cell on another

    Hi I have been wracking my brains and have come to a dead end. The idea is to click on a cell on Sheet 1(eg C7) and this will filter the second sheet based on the value of A7. I have managed to do it for a single cell, and can click on any of the numbers in column C, but this filters the sheet...

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