1. B

    Use VBA to Create Clipboard Message with Clickable URLs

    Good morning, I am trying to figure out how to use VBA to put a message with text and clickable URLs into the clipboard. To further complicate matters, I use a PutInClipboard workaround (which works fine) because PutInClipboard does not work for me unless my file explorer is closed. Below is...
  2. R

    Programmatically pressing WinKey + V to display the Windows (10) clipboard

    No luck with Sendkeys, so I've tried the code below, which sort of works, except that the Windows clilpboard flashes up then immediately disappears. The Const VK_LMENU &H5B appears to work (I've tried and discarded &HA4, because when I call this function in the VBE with &HA4, it just brings up...
  3. R

    Doing copy/paste operations in VBA without using the 'real' windows clipboard?

    Hi all - I run VBA macros all the time that take 20-30 minutes in some cases - I generally run them on a secondary machine, not my primary machine. However one issue I've had is that since newer 'remote' solutions like the windows 10 version of Remote Desktop and VMWare Horizon/Blast share the...
  4. YetAnotherDave

    Question about pasting specific cell information from clipboard using VBA

    Everyone is familiar with the "Paste Column Widths" command that will take information from the clipboard and use it to transfer the column widths of a copied range to another range without including the actual data from the cells that were copied. Thus, it seems to me that when a range of...
  5. C

    Multiple Excel sessions and clipboard issue

    I am running multiple sessions of Excel with macros running and find that I am unable to effectively use "Copy/Paste" in another workbook while a macro is running in another session that is using copy and paste as part of its routine. Is there any way to have isolated uses of the clipboard for...
  6. E

    VBA Excel close Word. Word Clipboard Question

    Hi. I use this code in Excel vba: Dim wdApp As Word.Application wdApp.Documents.Open "E:\Download\planeringsmote.doc" wdApp.Documents(1).InlineShapes(2).Range.Copy wdApp.Documents.Close wdApp.Quit The problem is that Word don't close because Word popup a messagesbox that ask...
  7. D

    Need macro/VBA/Sub... that will paste data from the clip board into a single cell

    This macro/VAB/Sub... needs to be able to paste data into a single excel cell. The copied data may be one word or multiple paragraphs from a word document. Either way it needs to be pasted into one single cell. The code needs to pick up from this point: ' Paste info from clipboard starting at...
  8. C

    Paste Contents from Clipboard to MS Query Parameter

    I have a spreadsheet with multiple queries linked to it. When the user wishes to refresh the queries, they press a "refresh all" button I have provided to them which just saves them the time of having to utilize the built-in menu options simply because they never remember where to find it. The...
  9. A

    Applications blocks Subroutine from continuing

    I want to automatize the following procedure: I want to attach an email after sending it to a document in SAP, but as soon as the "select Files:" windows appear my code is blocked from continuing bc this window belongs not to the SAP application itself (I don't know if these are the correct...
  10. V

    Copy variable to clipboard

    I want to copy a variable to the Clipboard and I have used this code in the past and it worked. Now it just returns ?? Any help would be appreciated. Sub test() 'Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library is referenced Dim MyData As DataObject Dim strClip As String strClip = Range("J" &...
  11. Johnny C

    VBA clipboard going wrong when File Explorer open

    I've got this code attached to a button on my QAT. it copies the file path, filename, sheetname and selection range to the clipboard so that it can be quickly pasted into the sheet or emails. It mostly works fine. However when File Explorer is open, it usually just puts 2 ascii 10's into the...
  12. M

    PasteSpecial macro not working after cut

    Hi, I am trying to cut a range in workbook1 and paste it using a PasteSpecial macro in Workbook2, but I am getting an error. The PasteSpecial macro works fine when I copy the range instead of cutting it. In macro 1, I use the following code to cut a range into the clipboard: Range(Temp...
  13. I

    VBA to copy to clipboard on MAC?

    I have Excel 2019 (16.29.1) I do not see an option to insert a userform or enable object library 2.0. Is there a way in Excel for Mac to setup a macro to copy cell value to clipboard? Thanks for the help!
  14. D

    Mouse Without Borders -- causing bad Excel Lag, esp w/ copy-paste

    After troubleshooting why my Excel 2007 seemed to be unnaturally sluggish, especially with copy/paste functions, I traced the problem to Microsoft's "Mouse Without Borders" app (which lets you share a single mouse/keyboard with two different computers, and glide from one desktop onto the other...
  15. L

    Saving a variable into clipboard

    Hello guys, i have a file that i only want to be editable by user forms. For that result i protect the sheet and unprotect it only when running the macro. But users are still able to browse through the data, copy it. Most of the time they will edit specific places by copying and searching via...
  16. rediffusion

    `Insert Note` ··· Clipboard.GetImage - how make it work?

    ? Cross-post!I have «Microsoft Office 365 2019». ? I have <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 1px 5px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; font-stretch: inherit; line-height: inherit; font-family: Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, "Lucida Console", "Liberation...
  17. danhendo888

    Macro error when copying pasting from clipboard

    Trying to copy a column and paste using the clipboard on the Home ribbon. When I do this it usually converts the text values to numbers (for numbers that I copied and pasted externally) Run-time error: 1004 Paste method of worksheet class failed Sheets("Sheet2").Select Range("K2").Select...
  18. danhendo888

    Format Painter: Clear All in Clipboard not working

    In the Home tab, when I click "Format Painter", it opens the Clipboard. Sometimes there is an item there called (preview not available). I will hit Clear All but it doesn't get cleared. Also, when I Copy my selection in order to add to the Clipboard, nothing happens. Anyone know what is the issue?
  19. B

    error message due to cell being blank

    Hi, What do need to add to this piece of coding so that the it doesn't stop if no information is inserted in cell Q5 theString = Range(" Q5").Value 'cast to string theObject.SetText theString theObject.PutInClipboard 'copy from cell B2 to clipboard...
  20. B

    Creating a Word Document from an Excel spredsheet - formatting

    Hi, I presently have coding that will create the word document but I was wondering if it is possible to have coding that will help with the formatting of the Word document and the removal of bookmarks that are no used (no information in the corresponding cell in excel) the person fills...

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