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    Cloning Custom Object from Array - Excel Crashes

    Hello everyone. I have some custom defined VBA classes and no idea why they keep causing Excel to crash. My classes define objects. I use instances of those objects in dynamic arrays. I can't use collections because I need to edit the objects in the arrays and swap out the entries in the...
  2. M

    Simulate same cell selection in 2 or more worksheets

    Can someone help me with this one please :confused: I have a spreadsheet with 2 tabs (worksheets) Tab 1 and Tab 2 I would like which ever cell I have selected in Tab 1 to be the same in Tab 2. So as I move around to different cells in Tab 1 the same thing happens in Tab 2 Is this possible? Many...
  3. P

    Clone your XL document

    Hi All, Is there a way to clone your document, where if the user is working with your file and they accidently delete it that it can be restored in using its clone? Thank you, Pinaceous
  4. J

    Create a new worksheet from a sheet

    Hi, I have several sheets in Workbook ("Avalia"), like sheets("CP1"), sheets("CP2"), sheets("CP3"),.... sheets("STC1"), sheets("STC2"), sheets("STC3"),... sheets("CLC1"), sheets("CLC2"),... all with data. I have also a form_Export with commandbuttons one for each sheet in Workbook ("Avalia")...
  5. N

    Cell shading dependent on other cell

    Hi, I have a problem that is really bugging me. It sounds really simple but I can't get it how I want it: I have a project with 2 sheets: "sheet1" and "sheet2" If I change anything in a specific cell, lets say cell A1 in "sheet1", I want a specific cell in "sheet2", lets say B4, to be an...
  6. C

    Charts are duplicated up Save

    My co-worker experienced this issue a few weeks ago and now I have experienced the issue in one of my spreadsheets. Background: - My excel file has numerous worksheet tabs containing weekly data. There are formulas and values in each of the tabs. - I have one tab that contains summary data and...

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