1. S

    How to use conditional formula to change color when a field is less than other and contains Name

    Hello, I need help using the conditional formatting colors on Close Date. When Close Date is less than (270 days, 180 days , 120 days, or 60 days) from As of Date from the NAME (e.g., Introduction, Meeting Scheduled, Meeting Confirmed, and Sales closed) I want the close date cell to change...
  2. A

    edit textfile error

    I have this code in my workbook open and workbook close events. When the workbook opens, the code is to edit the second entry (which it does exactly what it is suppose to do), however, when I close the workbook, instead of editing the second entry, it enters duplicate entries. The code is only...
  3. B

    Basic Array/Sorting Question

    I try to keep my formulas as simple as possible. Here is my current formula for finding a match in two columns: {=SUM(IF(F$24:F$43=F44,$D$24:$D$43))} The issue with this is that it sums instead of just reporting the value. Which is a problem if the results are not numerical. I tried this...
  4. T

    Close A File That Is Open Where You Only Know Part Of The Filename

    Hi all, I am trying to close a file using VBA which in itself is quite simple however the file name changes so I only ever know a part of the filename and its location. Location: P:\Public User Area\Purchasing\Suppliers\National Tube Stockholders\Price Review\ The section of the filename that...
  5. S

    Excel close on Userform Termination

    Hi, I created a utility for data retrieval/input and it is meant for customer use, therefore I designed it to only show a userform when the workbook is opened, and close the excel application when the userform is terminated. However, this makes it so I now cannot access the Visual Basic editor...
  6. darrenmccoy

    VLOOKUP Help: if value is found, or if value is not found

    Hi Experts, Could you please help me complete this formula? I am looking up a value in one sheet, and if it is found then display it, if it is not found, then lookup in the second sheet, if it is found display it, and then so on and so forth. The example I have so far is...
  7. C

    Displaying a userform using Application.onTime

    Is it possible to display a custom userform message at two different times on the same day using 1) one userfrom 2) not being available to close the earlier form ? The earlier userform time to display blocks the later userform display from displaying. What I want is to be able to show BOTH...
  8. A

    Conditional Formatting Stopped Updating

    Hello all, I am having an issue with conditional formatting not updating in my cells. It was working this morning and at some point stopped. However, if I save the file, close it, then reopen it, updates show up just fine. But, if I do that and start working in it again, the cells don't update...
  9. A

    Userform Show Modal

    I have two userform (Userform A - ShowModal=True & Userform B - ShowModal=False). When I minimize A, B appears. When I close B, A also closes. I want A to remain showing. How can i make B remain open when I close A. ( apologies)
  10. J

    Movable Macro button

    I have a macro that takes you to the next open line in a series of data. I would like it to follow the current row you are in, so If I am in row 567, I would like the button to be somewhat close to that row. Any ideas?
  11. Z

    Closing Code Causing Major Lag

    Any idea why these lines of code would be causing my computer to lag and the excel sheet to freeze when closing the sheet? Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean) Dim f As Long Dim j As Integer For f = 1 To Rows.Count If Cells(f, 1).Interior.ColorIndex = 37 Then...
  12. A

    Keep a text in TextBox(on UserForm) after i close the Workbook?VBA

    Hello Everyone, What can i do to keep the text in TextBox after i close the workbook? Im preparing a table where one column is describe as "See comment", When i click on on each cell belong on this column: UserForm will be show with the Textbox on it, That was easy to do, But each time when i...
  13. L

    How to close currently opened folder?

    An excel file and folders including folder "Scan" is currently opened. How to close only "Scan" by VBA?
  14. M

    Closing ActiveWorkbook but not ThisWorkbook

    My program opens a spreadsheet. I want to close this one using the x symbol without asking me if I'd like to close all other spreadsheets. I have this written in my ThisWorkbook coding section. Public swb As String Private Sub Workbook_Open() Application.ScreenUpdating = False swb...
  15. H

    Power Query Result to specific location on other sheet?

    Hello all, I've got several query pulling out unique subsets from my main data set. This is all in the same workbook. When I do my PQ, I always close & load to new sheet. But, I want the result to come into the new sheet down a few rows, like maybe in cell D1 or so. This leaves me room for...
  16. M

    VBA Help Needed - User form closed when other excel workbook is closed

    So I have a form where its workbook is hidden. The user opens a file which generates a separate open workbook. My problem is when I close this other workbook, excel prompts me to save/unsave my userform too... I've included some code in the ThisWorkbook module that allows me to close a separate...
  17. M

    VBA Help - Want to close one excel file but not the other without prompt to save

    My User Form opens another excel file. I want to close this newly opened file when I want, but not have excel ask me to close my User Form interface. I have the below code in my ThisWorkbook VBA script window, but it still does not allow me to keep my User Form open after trying to close the...
  18. D

    Form disabled worksheet

    Morning all, I have an file I open(file defaultsd to cell C2 which Must be filled in.) with a click box in a form. when the workbook opens I can't edit the fields. the cursor is a thin lined cross , when i click it turns to a plus sign then back. when I try to close I get my message to fill in...
  19. A

    Close workbook "excel window" on open

    Hey what I need is simple buy I am not able to perform it I am using the following Vba code: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Workbooks("close opened.xlsm").Close End Sub I need the window which contain the workbook to be closed totally not only close it at the same window I have made .bat...
  20. C

    Use VBA to run/terminate Shell command and save file

    Greetings! I have a shell command that uses curl to capture live audio output from a port on our call server. Sub RecordAudio() Call Shell("cmd.exe /S /K" & "curl > i:\voicetemp\voice.wav", vbMinimizedFocus) End Sub What I would like to know is; 1) how can I stop the...

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