1. V

    row to column - vba or code or formula

    we have the following data and we have copy the sheet1!B2:C2 and pasted on Sheet2!B2 and transposed it, again we have copied the data from Sheet1!B3:D3 and again pasted on Sheet2!B3 we will copy the data and check last filled row in sheet2 and paste transposed data in sheet1 data may be long...
  2. V

    Split in row and auto insert row as per requirement

    Hi, we have the following sheet where we want to split in row wise instead of column wise, can we do this from macro or any formula, its a large database query sheet...
  3. V

    VBA code - copy, paste and delete on entire sheet

    help please, We have the following data where in data sheet we have multiple entry, we have also recored a macro and want to it will run in whole sheet, help please we are copying the data Sheet1!C3:C6 and pasting as transpose on Sheet1!C2 and after that copying the Sheet1!G6 to Sheet1!G2 and...
  4. V

    Excel VBA - formatting the bulk data

    Hi, we have the following sheet, where we have some data and want to format them in a fix problem is that, there is two type of questions, one have four option and other have some statement and after that option, please check and update Data ABC11Supreme Court of India ba2(A)Examine...
  5. S

    Need some help with a Macro

    Hi all, I am a completely new user to Excel Macros! I have sourced myself a code from this site, that goes a little something like: Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Dim LookupRange As Range Dim MoveToRange As Range Dim MoveDay As Long Dim ClearRow As Range Set LookupRange =...
  6. B

    VBA Code for comparing two sheets and copying non duplicates

    Hello All, I am having trouble, I hope you can help. I have tried a few different versions of code with no success. Example of what I require: Compare ("Sheet1") Range K4:K1000 with ("Sheet2") Range K4:K1000 and if there is a duplication, copy the "non-duplicates" from ("Sheet 1") Columns(B:O)...
  7. brendalpzm

    Fill a form with listbox and range infomation

    I will explain step by step so I can explain more clear I have this form The data is extracted from this range when I click in the list box value it shows the following form with the values filled but some values are not in the listbox, some of them are in the sheet range I'm using...
  8. L

    Button to import data from another workbook

    Hello helpful people! I am trying to import specific cell data from Workbook1 to Workbook2. This needs to be an on-demand action so a button would be best to simplify matters. The button should be on Workbook2 as Workbook1 will change every time. I have never written code nor even looked at...
  9. P

    Select First Cell In Range Relative To Last Cell In A Different Range

    Hi, Below are the requirements: 1. How do I select A4:A5 dynamically so that it'll take into consideration whenever a user deletes or adds a row? For example, if a user adds a row within that range, the code needs to recognize that and select appropriate range of cells. 2. Put the sum of the...
  10. P

    VBA inserting in wrong sheet

    Hey guys! I have been working on a project for a while to automate a task for my work. Final steps now, but for some reason my code is not working as it should, even if I try different versions. Sub InsertColumnsAndLabel() ' Select the "YT" sheet Sheets("YT").Select ' Insert 4...
  11. E

    Replace Subtotal to Sum Formula with VBA Code

    Hi everyone, Is there an excel VBA code that allow you to replace part of a formula after cells selection ? For example, after selecting multiple cells, select the code to replace SUBTOTAL(9, with SUM( Some formulas examples: =SUBTOTAL(9,EA10:EA12) change to =SUM(EA10:EA12)...
  12. Chris_010101

    VBA Code to auto sort specific cells

    Hi I can't XL2BB as my work won't allow it: I need a VBA code on workbook open to sort these three columns (not the total) by days lost > highest to smallest. A small caveat here is that the VBA will need to first unprotect the workbook (with password) before sorting the data and then...
  13. R

    VBA code for splitting table data into new workbooks

    Hi im looking for a vba code that will separate the client and applicant solicitors onto new workbook and save them atm i have to filter client sol copy and paste ona new sheet then filter app sol then copy paste that on a new sheet , i need all Test law to go onto a new workbook from applicant...
  14. brendalpzm

    Copy and paste formulas from a workbook to another without reference with VBA

    I have 3 workbooks, one of them (wb1) has a vba code that copies some formuled cells (a1:c23) in a worksheet from wb2 and copies them in a worksheet in wb3. The thing is that the formulas copied in wb3 are referencing the wb2 instead of wb3, how to copy without this reference?
  15. H

    Help with VAB unprotecting sheets

    Hello My code is set to wipe a workbook based on a date Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim ws As Worksheet ' Check to see if specified date is passed If Date >= DateSerial(2023, 7, 6) Then ' If it is, loop through all sheets For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets '...
  16. Chris_010101

    Filter Data?

    Hello, I track the whole company's absence on a single excel tracker (excerpt below). At the end of each week, I am required to provide an individual absence report to managers in each location. There are currently 62 in the business across 8 locations and this is hours of work on a Friday. We...
  17. B

    VBA Code to add a sheet after another errors out...

    I am attempting to add a new sheet after a specific sheet. Best I can remember (it has been some time back), it worked in standalone mode in a short test macro but now that I have integrated the code below with the rest of the macro code, it is not working. It compiles fine but at runtime, it...
  18. Jyggalag

    Help me fix a SUM formula please

    Hi all, I have this formula: =IFERROR(SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF($A$2:$A$101=A2;IF($D$2:$D$101=D2;IF($H$2:$H$101=H2;MATCH($I$2:$I$101;$I$2:$I$101;0))));ROW($A$2:$A$101)-ROW($A$2)+1);1));"0") It checks the following sheet (please note that A2, A3 and A4 have the same value): ' I want the formula to...
  19. Chris_010101

    Amend Small Macro

    Hello, I have the below assigned to filter buttons which automatically filter a list, based on the criterial. For "office" I also need it to filter "call centre" in addition. So when the "office" button is pressed, it also filters call centre with office. Sub Office() ' ' Office Macro ' '...
  20. M

    VBA for copying files from folders to another folder but exclude folders with specific name

    Hi! I have been using a VBA code for copying .pdf files from a folders (please see code below). I want it to skip folders with "working" or "~superseded" on the folder names. I've read about the InStr function but I can't figure out where to place it in this code. Thank you so much for your...

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