1. M

    Help Finishing this VBA Code

    I Have two parts of code i need to put together and add too i need help with making at all work. The first part of code selects cells D10 across to K10, copies it to another sheet i am using as a database in the last line of the sheet, then clears the original data i have copied from the sheet...
  2. reasem

    VBA Worksheet_Calculate Help

    Hello all, looking to create a VBA Worksheet_Calculate code that will copy cells based on criteria (the cells that are changed) and paste them to a new sheet one after the other. It is a calculate and not a change event since the cell value is changed via a formula. I have a data dump file that...
  3. D

    Medical Procedure Database

    Please excuse any wrong terms I may use when attempting to ask my question - I'm new to the community :) My goal is to set up an excel spreadsheet that can serve as a database from where I can pull information, in any combination, to perform research, evaluate procedures, etc. Many of these...
  4. J

    Macro for creating a folder

    Hi I have below code for creating a folder in the same directory as the active workbook. The folder name should be the content of the selected cells when I run the macro. However, I get an error "Bad file name or number (Error 52)" on this code line when debugging: If Len(Dir(ThisWorkbook.Path...
  5. P

    VBA code to reset drop down list

    Hello. I am in need of some help here. I have 2 drop down lists on my spreadsheet. what I need is so when I select an entry in drop down list #1 for the other drop down list #2 to clear. Vice Versa I also need the same code to clear drop down list #1 when drop down list #2 options is...
  6. F


    Hi, I have a table were I need to paste numbers from external archives, not from my workbook, the thing that I have these columns: # -B UPC - C Cant. -D Descripción - E Cod. SAP -F Cantidad -G...
  7. V

    copy and paste till 25 times

    Hi All, we have the following sample data ABC1Test2testTesttest30%040%050%0607Test8testTesttest90%0100%0110%012013Test14testTesttest150%0160%0170%0180 we want to copy column ABC at once and after that paste it in coming column till 25 times, help pls how can we do that
  8. F

    Vlookup in database for multiple cells

    Hi, its me again, I have another problem, the thing is that I want to find the name of multiple Stores, I have the store id and I have the Stores Database in another worksheet, the the thing that I want is to run a macro that search me automatically every code that i put in a extensive...
  9. V

    Data from Second column to previous column if condition meet

    Thanks in advance, we have the following data:- xl2bb.xlamABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS1idS.No.CATEGORYBOOK TITLE (Roman)BOOK CODEBOOK PRICEAuthor name EnglishLanguageSUBJECTBindingPublisherStockStock/Out of stockPage No.Length (CM)Width (CM)Height (CM)Weight239789389668TestingHow to...
  10. C

    Normalization in excel

    Hi guys I want to build VBA code for normalization if the data is populated in excel like this( 4 columns) a h o v b i p w c j q x d k r y e l s z f m t a g n u b i need to rearrange the data like given below a h a h b i b i c j c j d k d k...
  11. V

    VBA/macro/code for combined the name from multiple row

    HI All, Thanks in advance, we have the following sheet in excel and there is names in two or three rows, we want to combine them. For example Code No. 763 (row 10) name in three rows, we want to make in one "UGC-Net/JRF/SET Teaching, Research, practice, numerical, 100 mock Aptitude (General...
  12. P

    Macro to save copies of 2 sheets with current with current filter and attached to email

    Hi, I am having trouble with a macro to export two sheets and attached to an email. I have two tabs that I need to attach to an email to number of email address' (addresses' can be in cells A1,A2,A3 etc.). I can have the tab names to attach also in cells if needs be. Ideally I would the sheets...
  13. F

    Deleting rows based on a variable in 1 column

    hello, I have created some code that will delete an entire row based on if the value 1 is in the column or not. The code works but takes 40 minutes to run on 300,000 lines. Is there a better method to make this work? Sub Delete_Rows() Dim i As Long Dim LastRow As Long...
  14. V

    Only three minor Changes in VBA Code

    want to make some changes in below code, need only 3 changes, help pls we have added the number in code where we need to change................. 1. Selection.AutoFill Destination:= it will select range E and last range of E will be till last filled data in D 2. range("E14:E1779").Select =...
  15. W

    Macros code to return a list of numbers according to Specific Conditions

    4 numbers are to be picked at random from a bag containing numbers 1 to 20 For convenience purposes, said numbers are grouped as; 1 - 5 6 - 10 11- 15 16- 20 Numbers chosen in the Number Pattern (2101) means 2...
  16. V

    Remove Column if Blank

    Hi and thanks, pls check the following sheet, want to remove all the blank column Excel 2010 32 bit BCDEFGHIJKLMNO 1NameAttend 1Attend 2Attend 3Attend 4Attend 5Attend 6Attend 7Attend 8Attend 9Attend 10Attend 11Attend 12Attend 13 2JohnPPP 3PPP 4PPP 5 6RaghuPP 7PP 8PP 9 10MattyPPP...
  17. D

    Loop VBA and increase values in the code

    Hi there, it has been a few years since I last posted. Is there a way that I can loop the following code 27 times, and each time it loops I want to increment every instance of DirectDebit in the code, i.e. DirectDebit01, DirectDebit 01n etc - loop - DirectDebit02, DirectDebit 02n etc - loop -...
  18. E

    VBA Target.Address for multiple cells

    Hello, I have the below code that works perfectly if you enter/copy data one cell at a time. But I copy/paste multiple cells all the time, at which point the code below gives me an error. Is there a way to adapt the below code to work with multiple cells changing at the same time? Private Sub...
  19. V

    Declare a variable to a cell

    Hi everyone! I've been stuck with declaring a variable to a cell value and need some help. Situation: I have a code that filters a table and transfers the filtered data to another sheet. The filter could be the date value but I can't set it properly. The result is always Error 1004. I've tried...
  20. S

    Including LastRow within a formula

    Hi All, I have some code which creates a "score" line within my spreadsheet. I need this formula to change each time I run my macro, as the number of questions it relates to is variable. I have the formula: Range("B" & LastRow + 3).Value =...

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