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  1. RavosJ

    Action Not in Line with Coding - Sent E-mail Goes to Previous E-mail Instead of Amended/Updated Code - Code Cleaner Needed? *FINAL STAGES*

    I don´t really understand what is going wrong. I have changed the coding a bit recently and updated the e-mail address, however itkeeps sending the form to my old email that was in the original code.... Is itbecause I have stored the code under the actual macro sheet and another oneunder the...
  2. J

    Miscellaneous add-ins upgrading to Office 2007

    Greetings all I have up to now made extensive use of three third-party add-ins, while using versions of Excell up to Office 2003. In each case the add-ins had cross-version compatibility up to that version. The three add-ins to which I refer are: Bill Manville's "FindLink" Jan Karel...

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