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  1. S

    simple report by date (last 7 days) - structure has changed.

    Morning all, I've been using a great piece of code given generously on this forum, however the structure of the file has now changed and Ive altered the code but the script keeps giving runtime errors. The file has the following user input cells: F1 = Date from H1 = Date to (so the user can...
  2. S

    Superb Excellent Macro needs minor tweaking: HELP PLEASE!

    Hi everyone, Good day to you all. A couple days ago, a kind sir by the name Mike Rickson gave me a macro to extrapolate a set of random numbers from a given range of numbers from column A:1 all the way to A:49 sitting on 49 rows. At the moment i am concerned for his wellbeing because he...
  3. N

    Enter current date by double click in one column; enter current time by double click in two other columns

    Hello,I am very new to VBA and I have basic knowledge of Excel. I have been doing some research and reading up on how to use codes in the VBA but I've run into some issues. I would like to enter the current date by double clicking cells within column A (A3:A1000). I would then like to enter the...
  4. E

    mass email i keep getting errors can some1 HELP ?? ? ? CLICK HERE !!

    i keep getting an error can some1 look at this and help me fix this code? or help me with the notes in this code Sub sendemail(what_address As String, subject_line As String, mail_body As String) Dim olapp As Outlook.Application Set olapp = CreateObject("outlook.application")...
  5. B

    Need help merging some code

    Below I have 2 parts of code I need added to the large module below. I have tried this several times an cannot seem to get it correct. I no this is a little lengthy task but any help would be great Sub save_file() Dim wb As Workbook Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.DisplayAlerts...
  6. pedie

    Please check my code. Getting runtime error 9. Subcript out of range

    sub try() Windows("trybook[2].xls1").Activate cells(1).select End Sub

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