1. D

    Excel notifications by email/warnings inside the program

    Hello everybody, My current excel-file looks like this: I would like to create a macro that, once I click on it, checks if the quantity is less than or equal to the minimum stock. So in the photo, for row 2 where material number "6046100" has a minimum stock of "1" and the quantity on the...
  2. D

    Create macro that sends out emails when quantity is less than or equal to minimum stock

    Hello everybody, My current excel-file looks like this: I would like to create a macro that, once I click on it, checks if the quantity is less than or equal to the minimum stock. So in the photo, for row 2 where material number "6046100" has a minimum stock of "1" and the quantity on the...
  3. D

    Convert Excel to PDF before sending out automatically by email

    Hello Everybody, I am currently trying to create an Excel macro that converts my excel sheet into a PDF file and then sends it out by email. My current macro can do this, but it cannot convert it to a PDF file. I tried to merge my current VBA formula with the one here: to convert my excel...
  4. G

    Code for inserting 300 rows

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me develop a code to insert 300 rows after a specific row. For example I would like to add 300 rows right after row 80 000 in my data set. :) Hope someone will get back to me soon !
  5. G

    Conditional Formatting (If cell value in row column A = 3 or 5 or etc... then cell value B = 1 or 2).

    Hello, I was wondering if I could tell excel to insert a value (1 or 2) along all of column B, based off the values that are in column A. For example If A = 1 or 3 or 5 or 6 or etc... Then values in column be should be 1. and If A = 2 or 4 or 7 etc... Then values in column B should be 2...
  6. N

    VBA Code

    Hi All, I have 58 workbooks that I need to be put into one table on a separate workbook. All the workbooks have two sections i need to copy: A11:Y24/25 and A28:Y41/42 As they are all have the same headers, I would like to put them all into one table automatically Could any one help me...
  7. S

    VBA Coding to select cell under Headings when using filter

    I am using a filter to show all "BB" transactions and delete the rest of the rows that are not "BB". Here is what I recorded when I did it: 'Set autofilter on Column E for "BB" and delete all other rows Range("A1").Select Sheets("PPDR_BB").Select Rows("1:1").Select...
  8. S

    VBA Coding for Excel File Path

    Hi, I have prepared a excel template file. i need to put a coding path however the fie can be opened only on my path named. Thanks Santanu
  9. Z

    Add coding to check day of the week

    Hello all, I have a coding that adds appointments to the outlook calendar. The situation is that i have a date in a cell. The coding would then make an appointment 90 days from the date entered. The issue is, what do i add to the coding so in case the 90 days falls on a Saturday or Sunday, it...
  10. C

    Calendar Coding Using Conditional Formula With A Color Code Of Users Choosing

    I'm having trouble learning this "loop" feature in vba, or even if it's the correct way to do what I'm wanting. I'm looking at changing the day's background fill, or the "interior". I figured out how to do it one box at time, but it seems as though that probably isn't the BEST way to do it and...
  11. C

    VBA - Delete rows with certain data

    Hi all, I have some coding that I have developed over time - but I'm stuck at one particular point. In 'column B' I have a list of dates, they are all in the same format (UK). What I want is some coding that deletes any row that has a date from the current year (I'll be using this code going...
  12. T

    please help with vba coding

    Ok, so what i am trying to do is to use a vb form to view ranges on a worksheet. i dont want to change anythin but i do want to scroll through to the last row that has data. that being said, i have literally tried everything i can think of short of just writing a java script and doing what i...
  13. K

    VBA Coding Help please

    Hi I have not done any coding in a very long time but I need to work out how to create a code for the following; I want to enter information on to the first worksheet, then the code to copy and paste the data to the selected hospital and ward entered in the cells on top of the worksheet. Each...
  14. S

    Custom or Conditional Column to Copy data to Null Cells

    I am trying to go through a column (CC) and when it finds a number (such as 120199999), I want power query to copy that number to the "Null" areas above it then find the next number in the column and do the same thing, and so on. In VBA the coding would be: 'Copy cost centres in column A to...
  15. S

    VBA coding help

    Hi all, Below is my coding that helps me search for a word/name in a certain column and return data that relates to this word/name. The values are returned in a neat userform. The only issue I have is that the text I search for may not be unique. There may be 2 or 3 other instances of this...
  16. K

    Code for inserting a row automatically based on a value in a particular cell

    Hi all. I have a spread sheet which is completed using production data. my issue is that when a machine runs more than 1 product only the info. for the one product is collected. What I want to do is enter a figure in column "E", its either going to be 1 or 2. If "2" is entered then I want to...
  17. R

    Personal file not displaying

    My personal file appears in the project window of VBE, and accepts new coding, but the spreadsheet itself does not come onto the monitor. Any suggestions, please?
  18. M

    VBA Coding + Emailing Attachment via Outlook

    So I am fairly new to VBA Coding. Basically what I am trying to do is send my current workbook as an attachment via Outlook and I am wanting to have the subject line of the email be a specified cell range like I want it to be E3+D9. And also when sending the workbook as attachment is there a way...
  19. B

    HELP! Button to Increment a Value in a TextBox

    Good Day Ma'am's and Sir's I am currently trying to make a working system for sales and inventory. I need some help coding for which i have a userform which has 1button and 1textbox, which when you click the button the textbox display a number 1 value, and every time i will click the button the...
  20. A

    How to define this workbook and active workbook

    Hello, i need some coding in VBA which can define this workbook & active workbook in any example. Thanks Amit

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