1. R

    Fancy lookup required! :)

    Hi, I need a formula that can identify when the Employee in column A leaves the business. This can be seen from the -1 in the respective months. For example Employee 1 leaves the business in P03. This is populated below the data and this is where I'd like the formula to work from if possible...
  2. J

    Hide rows in range when value in COL A = 0

    Hi All, Need some code to do the following. For a range of rows from Row 10 to 50000 Hide any row where COL A has a value = 0 Many thanks....sorry for such a numpty question. James
  3. C

    Conditionally insert rows

    Dear MrExcel, I need to insert rows based on certain numbers and I need your kind help and assistant to help me out. I have 2 columns, A & B A is containing value (string) B is containing value (number) If the value in column B = 1 then no inserting rows But if the value in column B <> 1...
  4. H

    Formula to be copies from sheet 16 onwards

    I have the following formula's on shets16 onwards in Col 1 =IF(A25="","",VLOOKUP(A25,'New'!A:AL,COLUMNS($A:AL),FALSE)) =IF(A100="","",VLOOKUP(A100,'Used'!A:AQ,COLUMNS($A:AQ),FALSE)) I would like a macro to insert the first formula in Col I row 25 and copy this up to row 98 from sheet16...
  5. P

    I want to pick other columns based on col 'Name1"

    Hello and good weekend to all, Would like a result set of Name1, Data1 and Data2 when the name in col Name1 matches the name in col Name2, is that done in vba or in which area; Name1 Name2 Data1 Data2 Al Bain Win Vung 800-777-7777 Sue Reed Al Bain
  6. G

    Reverse VLOOKUP....Is it possible??

    Hi, I would like to find a data which is in the left side column of the lookup data. EXAMPLE Col A Col B Col C XYZ 123 12.3% ABC 345 15.2% EFG 105 10.3% I would like to pick up the data in col A for the maximum...
  7. A

    Sumproduct Average

    afternoon all. Just chasing some feedback on a sumproduct average style formula I have; Col A - Supplier Col B - Month Col C - Income I'm wanting to average Col C based on certain criteria from A and B i know this isn't it - however similar to. =sumproduct(--(A:A="Supplier...
  8. N

    Numbering fixed amount of Rows

    Hey team, I have a worksheet that has rows numbered (in col A) from 1 - 77,757. In col B I want to number each group of rows in deciles. So Rows 1 - 7,776 should show me "1" in col B. Rows 7,777-15,52 should show me "2" in column B and so on. Is there a quick formula that can help me...
  9. J

    VBA to find next empty row in worksheet isn't working!!!

    Hi guys, i'm not amazing with VBA but can take stuff and change it to suit my requirements, although this code isn't finding the next empty row, it's just pasting data on top of data, so instead of getting 20 rows of data, i'm just getting 1 and it's really infuriating!! I have a multitude of...
  10. C

    Pulling data

    Hi, I am trying to pull data from various parts of a spreadsheet to combine into one so it reads as a whole notice. I am very new to excel and when I try I keep getting error notices. I could not add an attachment so this was the best way i could do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  11. bobkap

    Delete column change counter

    This seems ridiculously easy, but I cannot figure it out after many tries. Scenario: I have approx 35 columns (and rows of course) of data. I want to sequence through each column and delete any columns that meet a certain condition. Here's one of my many attempts that do not work. Example of...
  12. B

    how to do this sumproduct calculation?

    I'm guessing this can be solved with a sumproduct but I really don't know for sure. <tbody> 0-5KM 50% $5 5-10KM 15% $10 10-15KM 15% $15 15-20KM 10% $20 20-30KM 5% $25 30-40KM 5% $25 </tbody> Here's a table which shows how much we charge (col C) for various distances. Col B shows...
  13. willow1985

    VBA Run-time error '13': Type Mismatch

    Hello, I have this code that I am not sure how it works but it appears to to a certain extent. What I am looking to do is insert a row at the end of a table. I have other data right below the table starting in cell C22. This code seems to work, it will insert a row just below A21 without...
  14. H

    VBA apply conditional formatting to another cell base on

    The conditional formatting is base on Col F to change colour. But due to Col B is not in a range so i cant use conditional formatting. Possible to use VBA apply conditional formatting base on Col F to Col B, without change any Col B data?
  15. P

    Adding Hours to a Date

    I need to subtract hours from a date/time value using a formula. The results I have tried dont seem to work. What i've tried: Using a formula in B2 like =A2-4/24 to reduce 4 hours doesn't work. It returns #VALUE ! I have also tried =DATEVALUE(A2) and it returns #VALUE ! I have also tried to...
  16. B

    parsing lists

    Hi, It has been some time since my being into developing vba code in Excel. I am [beyond] rusty in my skillset. I receive a report generated in Excel and need it parsed correctly, and the report appended each time I update it. (Until I figure out--LEARN--syntax, I would like the append...
  17. H

    VBA draw table line borders every 18 count

    I not sure if it possible? VBA draw table line border every 18 count from col T to AF <tbody> COL T COL U COL V COL W COL X COL Y COL Z COL AA COL AB COL AC COL AD COL AE COL AF ROW1 A B C D E F F G H A D D G ROW2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ROW3 12 10 19 ROW4 1 2 3 7...
  18. M

    Number of instances in column depending on other columns

    Hi again all Hopefully I can explain this properly. Worksheet is a large manpower spreadsheet. Column D (starting at Cell D9 is text of job titles drawn from a drop down list - where the data is held on worksheet Data. Column M (starting at Cell M9) can be either "Yes" or blank. In another...
  19. D

    Calculating NETWORKDAYS considering leaves and holidays for each employee

    Hi, I have some data where the networkdays to be calculated for each activity. Also, the leaves of each person and the common holidays are to be considered in the calculation. <tbody> Row Col A Col B Col C Col D 1 A B C Common Holiday 2 3-Sep-19 19-Sep-19 16-Sep-19 9-Sep-19 3 13-Sep-19...
  20. A

    Use a specific set of numbers x times to equal a set value

    Hello Please could someone help me to do this (I have searched the internet and found nothing or more than likely, am not using the correct terminology :eeek:) ... I want to use the numbers in Column F the D2 number of times to Equal C2 (or at least as close to it as possible if the actual...

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