colouring cell

  1. D

    Colouring Cells based on Date

    I am currently using a piece of code (within a bigger piece) that colours the dates in two columns based on how close it is to the current date. It works fine but sometimes the sheet it is looking in has over 3500 rows so it is taking for ever (well over 6 mins) The code is Sub ColDate()...
  2. R

    Mail merge coloured cells

    Hi Please can you tell me is it possible to mail merge coloured cells If yes > what is the switch? If no > How do I copy across coloured cells to other excel spreadsheets using vba? many thnaks R
  3. Dave Punky

    Conditional Formatting Help?

    Hi all, I'm trying to use some conditional formatting and I'm not sure how to code it, as I can't seem to get it to work. Basically what I want to do is if there's a 1 in a perticular cell, a set of cells in the row underneath change colour, if there's a 2 then two rows worth change colour -...
  4. S

    cell colour

    sir, if i select g8 or any cell in work sheet it should colour vertically and horizontaly as we select.

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