1. J

    VBA to compare rows in two different sheets, if match highlight cell

    Hello. New to this board. I found some code that compares two worksheets (sheet 2 with sheet 1) to determine if there are any differences in the rows. The code works perfect for highlighting the entire row. If there is a difference in the row on sheet 2, it is highlighted in red. Instead of...
  2. F

    If Column is X, display text

    I have a list of names and all the countries. Column 1 is filled with names and the following columns represent all the countries of the world. In each row, there's an 'X' under the country that person has visited. On another tab, I'm listing some of these names using the formula FILTER. In the...
  3. J

    Copy Columns from one sheet to another using macro/formula

    Hey guys, As the title says, i have two sheets named A and B. I import excel data from a report into sheet A with columns going from a - z, what i am trying to do is set up a formula or macro on sheet B that will automatically fill data from specific columns in sheet A to sheet B. IE Sheet A...
  4. B

    Expand existing Copy-Paste Loop: Loop through specific Columns based on Cell Value - Questionnaire

    I currently have multiple excel spreadhsheets that look like this: The table is a questionnaire with answers from column C-F, C is the "worst" (letter N as in Not good), D the "second worst" (letter T), E the second best (letter W) and F the best (letter G as in Good). To the right of this...
  5. F

    Fill Uneven Records Across Columns

    Hi All, Could you please help me find a way to fill in the blank cells that should start from the LastRow + 1 in Col B and go until LastRow in Col C? At the moment the data is just being pasted over the lastrow in Col B. Loop in question is the last one, rest is just used to show more or less...
  6. B

    Selecting a particular column from a table and finding a figure equal or nearest to another figure

    I have a table of figures with several columns. I want to select a particular column and find a particular figure equal or nearest to another figure. Then I want to know the row number of the figure selected. The example is as follows: I want to select column 10 and find a figure equal or...
  7. M

    Combine data in columns (A-Current portfolio, B-buys, C-sells, Result-resulting portfolio)

    Hi all, I have a series of current investments in columns (fields = InvestmentName, Units, Value). I then have a series of newly acquired investments in columns (fields = InvestmentName, Units, Value). These may be additions to the current investments or new investments. I then have a series...
  8. D

    Making sheet from 2 different tables

    Hello My Macro problem to solve is like this I have a One Sheet with name " Input_Sheet " list 4 colums wide Col1 (A) Defines name "PeterE" up to 50 names Col2 (B) ( DefineType) GG or YRK I have 2 TemplateSheet "GGTemplate and YRKTemplate and i need excel to make copy of the sheet for...
  9. Leicester City Fox

    Working Out: Working Age (18yr - upwards & Old Age Pensioner (65yr - upwards years)

    Hello There I am looking for the simplest and shortest formula that will give " Working Age" (18yrs-aove) or " Old Age Pensioner Age" (65yrs Above) in a Colum. I already have Colum which states their age to workout if they are 18 or 65 years above. I am looking for the simplest shorts...
  10. N

    autofill formula's and paste as value

    Greetings I'm a vba beginner and trying to make a macro for my monthly Excel tasks. Every month i get a report. I add a colum but can't do that with vba cause the report has a merged cell in the first row over half of our sheet. So i solved that with adding cells. Got 3 sheets open while...
  11. G

    EXCEL Sheet and blocks

    1. In excel 2013 , can you scan a barcode so that that barcode takes you to n spesific block A1 on a specific sheet. ? 2. In the first sheet i have in colum A serl. no.s , in colum C a bar code no.s and in colum D a Name.In another Sheet i scan items in RANDOM BARCODES , I want the name and...
  12. W

    Why does this not work? Search row 1 report colum 2

    I want to search a colum on another workbook for a variable "VND" and if found return colum b from that locatin, and if nothing is found default to "MTS". I get errors on set b. Workbooks.Open ("\\JAXentitive.xlsm") 'open book name with vendors lr = Range("A1").End(xlDown).Row ' Last...
  13. H

    Replace part of a URL in Excel 2013 with the contents of a cell

    Hi There I'm stuck...Please help..:eeek: I'm a request fulfilment manager, and I have an Excel sheet which is an extract from our Helpdesk system. It's 70.000+ rows. Here is my challenge: In colum A I have a unique number for the specific Request i.e. RFxxxxx and in colum B I have an URL that...
  14. Y

    Extract all cells from a column that meet criteria

    Hey, I have a colum A (in sheet '2174') that have this kind of data: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 1335001410 1335003990 1341000930 1341001790 1341001930 1341001990 1341002930 1341002990 1341003930 1841060182 1841060471 1842200760 1842201840 1842202841...
  15. W

    New tabs based on content

    Is it possible to search thru a colum, say "E", and for each matching entry cut the entire row for each entry and paste them to a new tab. So if colum "E" had ten entires with the word "Ball" all ten rows would now be moved to a new tab called "Ball", then the same for "BAT", "Glove" etc for...
  16. S

    Return multiple values within value range and color cells.

    <tbody> <tbody> 198.87 </tbody> <tbody> 768.0E-9 </tbody> <tbody> 25.32 </tbody> <tbody> 9.4E-5 </tbody> <tbody> 356.7 </tbody> <tbody> 128879.20 </tbody> <tbody> 300 </tbody> <tbody> 146.11 </tbody> <tbody> 967.8E-9 </tbody> <tbody> 18.60 </tbody> <tbody> 9.4E-5...
  17. A

    Transpose data along with header row.

    I want to transpose data (shifting data from row to colum) but I wants header row along with every colum (while I have transposed data ).
  18. M

    Subtract Progammatically

    Hi, I'm a newbye so please be patient. I have two colums with several values (wattage usage in the day and wattage usage in the night). I need a third colum which should show the daily variation between the sum of the previous day. So, for example I have in the colum A (5,12,4) and colum B...
  19. J

    Need SMALL with Multiple cratirias help

    I admit I am a bit stupid on this subject... I have a table with 7 different colums I need on colum H to retrieve the lowest value from colum G - as long as this is the lowest amongst the relevant rows Coloms A, B & C are the filtering colums, they all have to match I tried making colum H my...
  20. W

    worskeet transpose ****

    I have a several workbooks that i would like to choose 1 column and transpose the information to another spreadsheet. Ideally I would like to take all the sheets in a workbook and be prompted for the Colum and the @ of rows to copy. Can this be done?

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