1. M

    Combine data in columns (A-Current portfolio, B-buys, C-sells, Result-resulting portfolio)

    Hi all, I have a series of current investments in columns (fields = InvestmentName, Units, Value). I then have a series of newly acquired investments in columns (fields = InvestmentName, Units, Value). These may be additions to the current investments or new investments. I then have a series...
  2. D

    Making sheet from 2 different tables

    Hello My Macro problem to solve is like this I have a One Sheet with name " Input_Sheet " list 4 colums wide Col1 (A) Defines name "PeterE" up to 50 names Col2 (B) ( DefineType) GG or YRK I have 2 TemplateSheet "GGTemplate and YRKTemplate and i need excel to make copy of the sheet for...
  3. L

    Working Out: Working Age (18yr - upwards & Old Age Pensioner (65yr - upwards years)

    Hello There I am looking for the simplest and shortest formula that will give " Working Age" (18yrs-aove) or " Old Age Pensioner Age" (65yrs Above) in a Colum. I already have Colum which states their age to workout if they are 18 or 65 years above. I am looking for the simplest shorts...
  4. N

    autofill formula's and paste as value

    Greetings I'm a vba beginner and trying to make a macro for my monthly Excel tasks. Every month i get a report. I add a colum but can't do that with vba cause the report has a merged cell in the first row over half of our sheet. So i solved that with adding cells. Got 3 sheets open while...
  5. G

    EXCEL Sheet and blocks

    1. In excel 2013 , can you scan a barcode so that that barcode takes you to n spesific block A1 on a specific sheet. ? 2. In the first sheet i have in colum A serl. no.s , in colum C a bar code no.s and in colum D a Name.In another Sheet i scan items in RANDOM BARCODES , I want the name and...
  6. W

    Why does this not work? Search row 1 report colum 2

    I want to search a colum on another workbook for a variable "VND" and if found return colum b from that locatin, and if nothing is found default to "MTS". I get errors on set b. Workbooks.Open ("\\JAXentitive.xlsm") 'open book name with vendors lr = Range("A1").End(xlDown).Row ' Last...
  7. H

    Replace part of a URL in Excel 2013 with the contents of a cell

    Hi There I'm stuck...Please help..:eeek: I'm a request fulfilment manager, and I have an Excel sheet which is an extract from our Helpdesk system. It's 70.000+ rows. Here is my challenge: In colum A I have a unique number for the specific Request i.e. RFxxxxx and in colum B I have an URL that...
  8. Y

    Extract all cells from a column that meet criteria

    Hey, I have a colum A (in sheet '2174') that have this kind of data: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 1335001410 1335003990 1341000930 1341001790 1341001930 1341001990 1341002930 1341002990 1341003930 1841060182 1841060471 1842200760 1842201840 1842202841...
  9. W

    New tabs based on content

    Is it possible to search thru a colum, say "E", and for each matching entry cut the entire row for each entry and paste them to a new tab. So if colum "E" had ten entires with the word "Ball" all ten rows would now be moved to a new tab called "Ball", then the same for "BAT", "Glove" etc for...
  10. S

    Return multiple values within value range and color cells.

    <tbody> <tbody> 198.87 </tbody> <tbody> 768.0E-9 </tbody> <tbody> 25.32 </tbody> <tbody> 9.4E-5 </tbody> <tbody> 356.7 </tbody> <tbody> 128879.20 </tbody> <tbody> 300 </tbody> <tbody> 146.11 </tbody> <tbody> 967.8E-9 </tbody> <tbody> 18.60 </tbody> <tbody> 9.4E-5...
  11. A

    Transpose data along with header row.

    I want to transpose data (shifting data from row to colum) but I wants header row along with every colum (while I have transposed data ).
  12. M

    Subtract Progammatically

    Hi, I'm a newbye so please be patient. I have two colums with several values (wattage usage in the day and wattage usage in the night). I need a third colum which should show the daily variation between the sum of the previous day. So, for example I have in the colum A (5,12,4) and colum B...
  13. J

    Need SMALL with Multiple cratirias help

    I admit I am a bit stupid on this subject... I have a table with 7 different colums I need on colum H to retrieve the lowest value from colum G - as long as this is the lowest amongst the relevant rows Coloms A, B & C are the filtering colums, they all have to match I tried making colum H my...
  14. W

    worskeet transpose ****

    I have a several workbooks that i would like to choose 1 column and transpose the information to another spreadsheet. Ideally I would like to take all the sheets in a workbook and be prompted for the Colum and the @ of rows to copy. Can this be done?
  15. W

    set specified colum to upper case

    What is the best way to set column "J" to upper case?
  16. M

    Countifs more than 30 days old but less than 120 days

    I have a date in a cell on a table and I want to use countifs. I want to say count the number if records where the date (in date and time format DD:MM:YY HH:MM) where the date is over 30 days ago from today and less than 120 days ago where the status of the customer (colum M) is Sale completed)...
  17. M

    Macro to sort (first by cell color and then by time in hours)

    Hello! I have a problem with an excel sheet for work. Hope you can help! I have to order employees by their entry time to work, and also by their role inside the company. So, for example: <tbody> Colum A Colum B Colum C 1 Matt (regular employee) 07:00 15:00 2 Philip (supervisor) 07:00...
  18. O

    Vba starting

    Hey all, trying to understand vba and it’s a bit hard for me :/ I have a question, I want to make a macro which move on each colum and take all the data in it, check how much there is specific numbers (countif I guess) (1-2,3,4-5,6,99) and then make it into a graph on new sheet then move to...
  19. W

    Auto formatting

    I would like to insure that when ever a workbook is opened it would automatically: Sort all the entire workbook small to large in Colum a, retaining the headers? Thanks -Eds
  20. F

    find duplicates in a column and sum

    Hi guys, im new here and have a question. I have a table with 14 colums. In colum D are costumer numbers. I want to check with a VBA if a costumer number inside more than one time. In colum C are order quantities. If the costume numer dublicate i want to sum all of the order quantities from...

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