column chart

  1. K

    How to add Data label in Stacked column chart of Pivot charts

    Hello friends, I'm tring to make a Pivot chart with stacked column graph. In where, i couldn't add data label for cumulative sum of value in Data label. Where i could only add data label to individual stacks in column graph. It found possible with normal stacked column chart without pivot...
  2. T

    How do I create a varied width stacked 100% bar chart?

    Each event section has varying lengths. In each section, X, Y, and Z can make an appearance. If both X and Z appear in the same event section, they'd share half the height of a column representing that section. This chart, however, takes away all the significance from the timespan of each...
  3. D

    Column chart: Assign/derive column colors by/from data values

    Hi, I have a very basic question about plotting data in Excel charts. My data contains two columns representing date and quantity and a third column which contains categorical values (see sample data below). I need to create a simple column chart with date on x-axis and quantity on y-axis and...
  4. C

    Column Chart and Data Labels

    I have a column chart prepared based on the pivot table which shows the daily tickets closed by each analyst. When I change the date to the current date, the data labels are not showing and default colour format. What I want is whenever I change the date, the column chart bar should take my...
  5. C

    Excel Graph Data always resets on reopening

    Hello, I have an odd situation, that I hope can be fixed vs. just an excel glitch. I have a table with data. From this data, I have several column charts created, representing the WoW data. When I go into Select Data Source, on the left (Legend Entries) I have the 4 locations, on the right...
  6. H

    Colour-coding column chart according to third variable

    Hi I am sure a lot of people will have asked this before but I have googled and am not getting anywhere so apologies for repetition- if someone could point me to an answer I'd be very grateful. I want to make a column chart showing 3 variables- 'Book' along x axis (text); 'Score' along y axis...
  7. E

    Making a stacked column chart

    Hi guys, I have a question about making a stacked column chart and it would be great if you guys can help me out. Right now, I have a huge data set in the form below: For example, Employee | Contribution <tbody> Employee Contribution A 10 B 20 A 50 </tbody> Right now, I know I...
  8. S

    Excel charts: Displaying multiple data series as columns SEQUENTIALLY

    Dear excelers, I am having trouble trying to create the following chart: I have frequency data for medications used by participants in a clinical trial (i.e. how many times a particular drug is taken by study participants). The medications are divided into subcategories of drug classes. For...
  9. S

    Unhiding next column

    Hi, I have a master sheet with Columns dated across starting from 01/07/16 in Cell B1, 02/07/16 in Cell C1 and so on across. I have charts that are connected with the master sheet and I want it to update each day with only data that is entered so that the charts arent showing loads of empty...
  10. T

    Chart: Remove whitespace from empty (non-existent) columns

    In Excel2013, I'm trying to generate a graph from this table. It turns out like this. This is almost what I need however there is an unnecessary whitespace for every blank cell. It's more obvious when you look at the ref bars. I suppose Excel is creating a column of height 0 for every...
  11. E

    How to remove blanks in column chart?

    I have a little issue with column chart. It's a report which I prepare every 3 months. Since this year my data changed. Rows a and c I got together now. And I don't know what to do with blanks on the chart. Any ideas? <colgroup><col width="64" span="6" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody>...
  12. S

    Column chart - adjustable width of every column?

    Hi guys, I made a normal 100% stacked column based on the following data. Simply select all the cells in the following table, and click 100% stacked column in Excel 2010. Because the A/B/C/D columns they have different weight when it comes to importance. Therefore, I am thinking to make the...
  13. D

    column chart in excel - fiddley alignement

    Trying to create a stacked column chart with the legend situated between the first column and the left vertical axis on the left, aligned tot he top. What I need to do is adjust the chart so as the first column starts further to the right than otherwise. I can adjust the width of the columns...
  14. B

    Stacked column with % in columns but actual value in y-axis

    Excel 2007: I have a stacked column chart with 2 numbers. I want to display the % total in the columns data labels but still have the actual numbers showing as the y-axis. Any way to do this without having to create dummy data & a secondary y-axis? Data example: Hosp Data1 Data 2 A 10 15 B 25...
  15. H

    Column within a column HELP needed

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to represent a proportion of a column made up of a second measure on a normal Column Chart. For example if a product was offered 70% of the time and 85% of these products were relevant, I would have 1 single column with a value of 70% and then 85% of this column would be...
  16. L

    Displaying the data from 2 pivot tables in a graph

    Hi I have 2 pivot tables in Excel 2007, the data from which I need to display on a single graph. 1 pivot table contains data of how many requests for something there were in each year, and the other pivot table contains data of how many requests were responded to in each year. The catch is that...
  17. A

    Help Creating a Column Graph that Denotes Time

    Hi All, I am trying to create a column graph that shows how time is spent thoughout the day. For example, I want to show the hours 9 am - 5 pm, with the top of the column representing 9 am and the bottom of the column representing 5 pm. Within the 9 am - 5 pm range I want to split the time up...
  18. F

    How do I add a straight horozontal line in Column Chart?

    Greetings all, I thought this should be easy but I'm struggling. I have a basic column chart graphing number of procedures on the Y axis by dr's over a period of 3 years with each dr on X axis. For example on the Y axis I merely have numbers say 0 at the bottom, 10,000 at the top. On the X...
  19. T

    Column Chart on 2 Axes

    I've created a column chart using 2 axes. The first Y axis has a scale of 0 - 10,000 for "Hours per Year", the second Y axis has a scale of 0-60 for "% of budget". The Categories are "Sheriff/Jail" and "County Departments". The problem is that the columns appear one in front of the other for...
  20. X

    Advanced chart

    Hi I have a column chart that feeds of a table of data, however the data changes in number or rows (X Axis) and columns (series), is it possible to automate the chart so that if there are additional columns or less columns the chart will automatically add or remove them from the series and the...

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