column header

  1. D

    VBA copy based on column header

    I've no idea where to start with this so any help appreciated What I would like to do is search through an active worksheet until I find a specific column header ("Origin") in row 1, copy the entire column contents (minus the row 1 header) and paste it to a specific cell (D50) on another...
  2. Z

    Filter Multiple Columns and List Column Headers in Array

    Hello All, I am using Google Sheets for this project. I have a dataset with many columns that have similar values. In the example below, they are "Gold," "Silver," and "Bronze." I need to filter my data by the person's "Name," and return the column headers in a list. I have almost 100 columns...
  3. S

    Looking to find the cell returning the first number greater than 1 and return the column header for that cell

    I've got my column headers as dates Column C:N and my rows 2-3 contain the numbers. I'd like to find the cell in row 2 that first reached a number >=1 and return the date in column header. I'd like to have Column T return the column header for the cell that first meets my criteria. My formula...
  4. V

    VBA to find my headers and use them instead of range

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet where the columns changed at times (more are added or some are deleted). It's too much work to edit the ranges in all my macros every time. Is there a way for the VBA to figure out what column Q certain header is in and adjust the letters in the range accordingly? I...
  5. V

    VBA to copy column based on a header matching a cell value (date). The paste formulas into another column. Finally, hard code values after copying.

    I am not great with VBA and I am trying to automate a forecasting spreadsheet. Any help would be much appreciated. In reality the spreadsheet is more complicated but in simplified terms: There are 3 sheets used to forecast Market Shares: Sheet 1: Lookup sheet which shows the latest month...
  6. S

    Locate consecutive sequence of values & return column header name

    Hi All, Background: I have used the following formula to calculate the highest sum of 3, 6 or 12 consecutive columns in my dataset = SUMPRODUCT(MAX(B2:V2+C2:W2+D2:X2+E2:Y2+F2:Z2+G2:AA2)) # this example is for 6 consecutive columns and returns the result 15, See screen shot #1 below, under the...
  7. M

    find the new column header based on the stored list in VBA

    Mark Class Grade Status 80 UG A PASS Suddenly in my report , new column header got added as below Mark Class Grade Status Name Country 80 UG A PASS John India In VBA, 1. I need a logic to catch this new column and shown as message 2. Name and Country newly added to the report 3. Pop...
  8. F

    VBA - With each table on Activesheet

    Hi I am trying to set something up in VBA where it would cycle through each table on the Activesheet and if the 3rd column header says "Start Date" then add 7 for each element on the 3rd column of that table. How would this be written in VBA?
  9. M

    Filldown when don't know Column reference other than by Header Name in VBA Macros; Excel 2013, Windows 10

    Good day all, I posted a much wider subject here: but am not getting much responses so I decided to break it down a bit with a few edits I've been working with...
  10. Z

    Return column header of first cell identified in consecutive cells that meet criteria

    Hello, I would like to be able to get the column header of the first cell from an identified event of consecutive cells that fall below a threshold. Example data is below (column headers on 2nd row). I can identify the longest consecutive event, when more than one cell has data that falls...
  11. S

    Copying Data From One Sheet to Another Based on Column Headers

    Hi Everyone, This will be my first post. I've researched this problem for hours and I can't find a solution. I have two worksheets in the same workbook. Worksheet_A - has 20 columns and Worksheet_B - has about 50 columns. I need a macro, or preferably a index/match formula, to copy the data...
  12. G

    VLOOKUP to return column header based on column index value

    Here's a fun one! I have a gantt chart production schedule (Table 1) I use to show my team the schedule. Supply Chain also uses this tool to do material planning but it is a LONG process since they have to manually look at the gantt chart to see when jobs start or end. What I'm trying to do...
  13. A

    VBA finding column header and autofill contents by creating dynamic range

    End Sub Hi all, I'm trying to write a macro where i need to find the column header 'dec-26' in row 4 and extend the date till 'dec-31', i.e. add another 60 months and autofill the newly created cells so that the contents/formulas remain intact. I wrote a small part of macro using 'record...
  14. I

    searching for header

    Hi, I'm trying to find the column from the header and using the result, to format the entire column. below is what i've writen. Dim lnRow As Long lnRow = Worksheets("ADSS").Cells("1:1").Find(What:="Party", LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole, MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False)...
  15. J

    Copy data from one worksheet to another by matching column headers

    I am using the code below, which works beautifully to insert the new column headings I need. Now, I am trying to come up with a way to look at the "N" columns inserted between column B and (former) column C as a result of the code (below)... and if this column heading also appears in row 13 of...
  16. J

    Map column headings with different spelling/naming then find/copy column from one sheet to another

    Hello, I am in a bit of a strange predicament, where the column headings on my system A generated report do not match the column headings that I NEED on my import sheet for system B. Also, the system A generated report has additional columns that I don't need. I have two worksheets... "2 -...
  17. I

    Need to return column header when a value is found in a table in different worksheets.

    I work for a B2B tech company. I have a database of business contacts with their company names, phone numbers and other contact information (Sheet 1). I have separate files which has details about companies and what each is looking to purchase technology-wise. I want to merge these files into...
  18. B

    Return column header of active cell.

    Can someone help me with a code that returns the column header only of an active cell to a message box. For example, if my active cell was AD21, I would want the msgbox to return the "AD" only.
  19. 4

    Return header for column value is found in

    Have found solutions when it is known what row a value is one but what I am looking for is searching 4+ columns in a table to determine the header of the column in which the value resides. Example(s): 9 = "Guest Circuit ID", 7 = "Primary Circuit ID", 2 = "Backup Circuit ID" Ultimately this...
  20. S

    Pulling Multiple Column Headers

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> <tbody> A B C D E F ID Name Plan Design Build Test 1 Apple LATE LATE 2 Orange LATE COMPLETE 3 Banana LATE 4 Pear LATE COMPLETE 5 Strawberry LATE </tbody> I am working with the table above and am trying...

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