1. L

    Using INDEX...SMALL...IF...ROW and COUTNIF in order to match multiple peoples names to single email for mail marge

    Hi there, I have found some old posts on this topic but nothing that seems to solve my issue. I am using the below formula in order to pull a list of individuals names that have correspondence through the same email address. For example if Mr John Smith, Mrs Jane Smith and Miss Janet Smith are...
  2. K

    Deselect from Multiselect Dropdown / with vbNewLine / for 2 columns

    I am new to vba, and for two columns I am trying to create a multi-select drop down lists using with vbNewLine (rather than being separated by a comma), but now I want to add in the capability to "deselect" items. This is my current code, as I do not know how to add in the "deselect" code part...
  3. N

    use same VBA code in a different column

    Hi, I have a code which runs on column A, but i need the code to ignore column A and start working from column B. Sub transpose_in_place() Dim rw As Long, cl As Long With ActiveSheet For rw = .Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row To 2 Step -1 For cl = .Cells(rw...
  4. D

    List.ContainsAny within same column

    I'm trying to check each list if any of its content matches any other lists' contents, and then flag them if found e.g. for each List in Time if List.ContainsAny(Current List, Any List from time column) then flag repeat for all...
  5. K

    VBA 'if/then' Code Error

    Hello! Today is my first day exploring VBA coding, and I'm having trouble with the below 'if/then' VBA code (also attached a screenshot). In short, what I need is for data in Column E to automatically populate according to what is in Column D. For example, if any rows in Column D read...
  6. D

    Create column of all dates in a month (Power Query)

    = Table.AddColumn(Source, "Custom", each {Date.From(Date.StartOfMonth)..(Date.EndOfMonth)}) I am trying to create a custom column but I keep getting this error:
  7. J

    Queryname or table name als column in Query

    Bye all, I would like to add the query name as a column name in my Power Query. For example, the query name is "Cost1", so I would then like to have a column cell with the data "Cost1" at each row. Or is there any way to add the table name as the column name Is there any particular formula I...
  8. R

    Randomly pick string element from array

    Hi, I have the following code which creates an array "Ary" with string elements from a table column that match value "x" from another column in this table. I would like to have cell E6 display a randomly picked string element from this array "Ary". How would I have to alter the VBA code? Sub...
  9. E

    Comparing two comma-delimited lists and getting unique values

    Hello! A set of data was gathered where it consists of name of certifications and those who have completed such certifications. Required certifications (certs to shorten) needs to have a 'Yes' filled out . What I'm trying to figure out is returning a list of what certs that are required against...
  10. Woozypictures

    VBA Code to copy specific rows from one sheet to another, based on cell value

    Hi All, I've been using this fantastic forum for previous VBA issues I've had, seeing other peoples posts and using the brilliant answers people have provided, however It seems Im going to need the extra help on this one! I have a workbook that I use as a report for Aged Debtors, with a query...
  11. J

    Change Column Position by Input

    Hello guys! I need a help with VBA code to chnger order of columns when I click using drop down list I have data of 12 stores, with 12 columns, each column consisting of stocks for each stores. What I want is, I want to specify the columns (each time it is going to be different) to be in what...
  12. H

    Auto coloring in the same row

    Hi, I want your help. I try to make a VBA macro that it will be searching TRD from column B and auto coloring in the same row on column A the corresponding number.
  13. N

    Data from API into Excel sheet shows "[List]" How to expand values in spreadsheet

    I pulled data into excel from an API. However, it shows as list then record. I need all records expanded when I close and load, but can't figure it out. A few screenshots to help see what I'm trying to work with: I need the values: id, ticket_id, user_id, reason, and created_at. I do not...
  14. Z

    How to loop over all indice in a filtered column

    Hello, I want to loop over all indices in a filtered column & do something for each indice each time, how can i do that please ? Thank you in advance :)
  15. G

    Select and copy Multiple Column at the same time and past.

    Hello, I need some help, I want to know if it's possible to select mutiple columns from one row until down : for exemple select A5, B5, C5 until down and copy to paste it on a other sheet. For the moment I use this type of code which move between sheets column by column 🤕 : Public...
  16. P

    Why is my AE column not updating?

    Hi everyone, I am very new to VBA and have been learning it for work. I am trying to create a macro button that will help me update the the value in the AE column to "N" if the value in the same row of the H column is "REPO". I am not sure why my code doesn't work properly and just seems to...
  17. Jyggalag

    Write offset formula reference in VBA code

    Hi all, I have this formula: Essentially, when I fill in ANY data or make ANY changes to cell D2, i want the VBA to automatically update the current date/time in cell B1, so I can see the last time I made any update to cell D2. I can do xOffsetColumn = -2 But this will show the date in...
  18. T

    Resetting Row Counter Loop?

    I have this code here that copies, and pastes from one sheet to another if the match is not found. However, I cant seem to get the row counter to reset to the top of the row. Once it is done looping through a row, it should reset to the second row (as the first row will be a header row)...
  19. Y

    check if there is 13 columns if not add one

    clients sent me a sheet that have a table from Week 1 to week 13 (13 column) some clients doesnt, for exemple just for 12, 11 weeks i want a macro to check if there is 13 column if not add new column in specific place any idea ?
  20. Jyggalag

    Have formula data appear as text, maybe VBA solution?

    Hi all! I currently have this setup, please note that I have hidden all the nonrelevant columns however: The formula I use is this (thank you @RoryA !) =IFERROR(INDEX(INDIRECT("'"&H504&"'!$U$3:$U$73"),MATCH(1...

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