1. C

    ExcelSum Column Containing numeric and alpha text

    Hi, I am trying to create a sum formula that will sum a column which contains a mixture of numeric and numeric an text entries. I am using Excel 2016 and I have a column of financial figures, which I know I can use the =sum function to calculate the total of these figures, however, some of the...
  2. M

    Need help with macro

    Hello! I am trying to use the below macro to flag an error message when a date range exceeds 7 days. I have used the below which only applies to the first cell in the column. What must I do to apply it to the whole column, I have 350 rows. Just to let you know column K is a calculation of...
  3. J

    VBA - filtering columns after inserting or deleting cells

    Good afternoon I'm looking for a way to make the field of an autofilter dynamic - for example: Range("a1:J" & LRow ).autofilter Field:=7, Criteria1:="" If someone were to add a column between B&C, the field would now need to be 8, but the code won't register this. I've thought about maybe...
  4. R

    How to find column with oldest date?

    I have a row containing formulas that will either show a date or a "". A B C D E F 6/5 6/4 6/3 6/2 Using VBA, I want to find the column where the oldest date is located in that row. So in the example above, I need to identify the column where 6/2 is located. How can I do this please?
  5. S

    Hide Scroll Bar in Sheet

    Hi, Hopefully this is possible. I'd like to hide the horizontal scroll bar in a specific worksheet. The code below does it generally for all tabs, would appreciate some help tailoring it to only apply for the "Results" worksheet Code - For All Sheets: Private Sub...
  6. W

    Requirement to show the hostname value / column heading when a cell is changed

    We keep a server list in Excel ready for any dinosaurs still lurking who want to read it. I'd like to show at the top of the spreadsheet (C2, D2, E2) corresponding column column header last modified cell (highlighted would be a nice touch)
  7. F

    SUMPRODUCT IF value equals

    Hello, could you please kindly help me with the below, to make it so that it'd only consider values for the calculation if the corresponding value in column 'A' = "XX", and instead of specifying the range, sums up all the matched values in a given column? Please also note that values start in...
  8. A

    Insert column dose not work

    Hi there I have an excel workbook and I can't insert any column in any worksheet. I will appreciate helping me on this. Here is the excel file .Excel file
  9. Emanuele

    Multiple Column and string extract

    Hi guys, I would like to know if there is a way to add more than 1 adjacent column for the presented code that I found on Internet and that Fluff helped me to modify in this Post Furthermore it's possible to apply a string extract (for example, extract the first 4 and the last 4 characters and...
  10. N

    How to transpose without replacing

    I need help please. I need to transpose the emails without replacing the existing information in the columns where the information will be pasted. I need only 3 columns per person but several rows if the person has more than two emails Moderator edit: Images removed as probably genuine email...
  11. R

    Paste date from a Named Range to previous column - VBA excel

    Hello, I have named range "H1Range" (lets say H3:H16) and in each run I insert cells before the named range and copy/pastespecial H1Range data in it. Is there a way to string the column which is in the left of Named Range? Thank you in advance
  12. W

    VBA help to match column header from different workbooks

    Hi all, I am looking for some VBA code to help me with the problems, it would be great if one can help. I have 2 workbooks, and there are multiple worksheets in each of these workbooks. In workbook2(sheetname1) I would like to find the column in workbook1(sheetname2) that has the corresponding...
  13. L

    Find Column Header From Another Workbook and Populate Column Data

    I have two separate workbooks. I'm wanting to use an Array Formula to search through the external workbook, find the column header header "Si" and populate all external column data into my local workbook. Can I use Index/Match or Xlookup for this?
  14. A

    set range

    Hi, I have hit a wall trying to create a macro to set a range using the last column with data and column "C". Column "C" being the constant and the other column always changing. Thanks for any help, Tyler
  15. A

    Using offset to copy formula down a column

    Hi I am trying to apply a formula where I need to refer to a few cells to the left of the formula cell and a few cells to the up and apply the formula down the column for quite a few rows. I am trying to achieve the result by using offset function, but I am not getting the desired result...
  16. L

    Create column with conditional

    I everyone, im new in power bi / power query and I need to know how to create a column in a table IF the value of a specific column is between a range of one of two different column values. Something like: create a column 4 where the value is the same as the value in column 1 IF this value is +...
  17. D


    I want the last cell in column L that has a number to be green if it is a larger number than cell D11
  18. G

    Data best fit?

    Hi all, If I have a range of numbers to 2 decimal places in column A, for example from -2.52 to 3.84 with intervals that are not the same -2.52, -2.49, -2.48, -2,42, -2.42, -2.41, -2.38....... 3.65, 3.69, 3.70, 3.80. In column B the number in the cell adjacent to -2.52 is 20 The number is the...
  19. W

    Sum the entire column of named range except the first row

    Hi Folks, I have a question, is there a way (a formula) that i can put in a first cell of a named column and have the formula sum the entire column EXCEPT the first cell of that same named range? This formula "=sum(index("My Named Range",,11))" results in a circular error because its trying to...
  20. reasem

    Want conditional formatting to reset after column filters are used

    Using the formula=MOD(ROW(),2)=1 to have every other row have color to make it easier to use a large spreadsheet I have. When I change the column filters the rows are no longer colored every other row obviously. Can I alter the formula at all to have it reset when filters are added? somehow use...

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