columns to rows

  1. M

    Data to change from Columns to Rowns

    Hi All, I have a data as below. Now I need the same with Cust ID, Cust Name and 3rd Column as Fiscal Month and get the Month column to Rows and 4th Column as Amount and get those in rows respectively. Can someone help <tbody> Cust ID Cust Name<strike></strike> Jul<strike></strike>...
  2. G

    VBA column to rows table

    Hi, so for today's last question. This is something I belive is quite easy and probably asked many times, yet since English is not my first language, maybe I use the wrong expressions and can't find the sought code. My goal for the code is 1. delete last 3 rowsform the column. 2. transpose the...
  3. C

    VBA Code for adding values in 18 rows to 18 values in columns

    Hi I have set up an Excel SS (2007) to help me with keeping monthly income/expenditure accounts. I have 18 budgets arranged in columns from D to U on Sheet1. I can enter a new debit or credit using columns A, B & C (for the date, detail and amount respectively. A total balance is provided is...
  4. S

    Need formula or script to devide text

    Hi All, I have a set of First Names and Last names in my application in below format. When i am using text to columns, i am getting output as But, I need output as below : Can someone help me to get the required output? or else please let me know at least, is it possible or not...
  5. R

    Macro to transpose multiple grouped colums to rows

    I've been searching this forum to see if I could find a suitable solution, but haven't found a proper one yet, so here we go. My table looks like this: <tbody> ID Name 1 Address 1 Place 1 Name 2 Address 2 Place 2 Name 3 Adress 3 Place 3 212 AA ZZ 11 BB YY 22 CC XX 33 354 DD WW 44 EE VV 55...
  6. Q

    Transpose columns to rows and keep first column

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a VBA code to transpose my data from multiple columns to multiple rows and keeping the first column. It looks like this: <colgroup><col span="4"></colgroup><tbody> Mat Sub1 Sub2 Sub3 1032535001 A1 B1 C1 1032535002 A2 B2 C2 1032535003 A3 B3 C3 </tbody>...
  7. R

    "An Error Occured" with a copy paste macro and recommendations

    Hello, I'm quite new at this, so please forgive any lack of knowledge. I'm trying to get a macro to search for a term in a column (in this case, Camacho Services and column D) and when found, copy the row that has that data to another sheet. As I am a newbie, I modified the code from...
  8. G

    VBA to format multiple columns and rows with shared attributes into single row with subtotals

    Hello, I would like to run a VBA routine that takes a data table with unique records and creates a single list with multiple subtotals rows (and excel groupings, if possible), based on the commonalities. I bet this already exists out there somewhere, but I couldn't figure out a good search term...
  9. F

    Transpose a variable range of columns to rows

    Hi all, For my work I frequently need to transpose a range of columns to rows. The amount of columns needed to transpose is variable for each time. The data is in just one row and multiple columns and should go to multiple rows and just one column. Using the regular transpose function works...
  10. P

    Converting Columns into new rows with repeating data

    I have a table that looks like this. <tbody> DealerName DealerPhone DealerAddress DealerCity DealerState DealerZip DealerEmail BuildingName1 BuildingAddress1 BuildingCity1 BuildingState1 BuildingZip1 BuildingName2 BuildingAddress2 BuildingCity2 BuildingState2 BuildingZip2...
  11. P

    partial Transpose

    Hi all I am trying to change this table to the next. I can sort of get there with pivot, but wonder if there is a simple method to keep the file flat? Many thanks <tbody> 2001 2002 2003 2004 Area age number of people number of people number of people number of people area1 1 year old 100...
  12. C

    Ranking with Multiple Columns

    I have a project that I am unable to figure out the best way how to accomplish. I have five players on our basketball that are having a contest. Each player took 25 shots. I need to rank each player's shots individually. For instance, Andrew made 24 and 23 (4th and 1st attempts respectively)...
  13. H

    Need to increment columns in a formula while dragging down...not across

    Greetings all, Is it possible to have a formula, that references a table in another worksheet, increment the column by dragging down? The formula is =MIN(SFLD_Stats!B$3:B$26), and I need to drag it down multiple cells so that it increments to =MIN(SFLD_Stats!C$3:C$26), and so forth. The row...
  14. N

    Transpose data on multiple rows

    I have a spreadsheet which am trying to transpose data into separate columns. See example sheet below: <tbody> PolicyNo Name_Address Agent No Code Premium 11256 James Cook 2WD PXT 25.50 Line1 Line2 Town 2356 Peter Jones 56TF TDE 25.50 Line1 Line2 Line3...
  15. J

    Extract data in each column to rows in new worksheet

    Hi. I have a spreadsheet with company details in a worksheet. Each company details are in a new column. Like the following example: <tbody> company name company name company name xyz cc rdt pty ltd ggg cc contact person contact person contact person john mel kevin tax id fleet number...
  16. S

    My challenge for today: resorting & rearranging data to work in complex mail merge

    Hi everyone, We are holding a raffle and folks are buying their raffle tickets online. There are multiple items for which tickets can be bought, and you can buy more than one ticket for each item. The raw data from my online program comes through as follows...
  17. S

    Consolidating/Transposing Multiple Column Data into Common Data Columns

    Hi all, Hoping someone can assist with some data column to row transposing that I'm trying to do in Excel. It's not the easiest to describe so best to take the example data below: <tbody> Person Acc No Currency Acc No Currency Acc No Currency Acc No Currency 123456 000111222 USD...
  18. M

    Data Sorting for each row and column ---- URGENT

    Hi, I want to sort the data from Highest (Old price) to Lowest (Old Price) for each product in the row. Please remember that it should not be sorted columnar wise. The New price in each Row should intact with it's corresponding Old price. The data is given below: Version:1.0...
  19. K

    Transpose Columns to Rows (automatically inserts new rows)

    Hi, I am new here and complete amazed how macro's can make life so much easier but I just can't seem to understand the codes (no programming knowledge). I would like to have the sports column to be transposed as rows. I have provided a sample file...
  20. S

    Transpose data one column to rows

    I am trying to tranpose data from one column to rows. I can do it one at a time, but need to do hundreds of rows of data. I need every three rows in a single column to transpose to rows. Current date looks like this in a single column: A <TABLE style="WIDTH: 48pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse"...

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