1. R

    Macro to refresh workbook, clear sheet, refer to path and import columns

    Hi, In my worksheet, I would like to add a macro which does the following at once: 1) refresh the active workbook, 2) clear the contents of a specific worksheet, 3) import columns data from a closed workbook, 4) refer to the path of the closed workbook based on cell data in the open workbook...
  2. A

    Want to pull data by searching for the column name into another sheet

    I want to be able to drop information into sheet 1, and automatically in sheet 2 it searches for the column name and inputs the data below that? In more detail, I want to be able to drop multiple different invoices into sheet 1, the problem is they are never laid out the same. I'm hoping to...
  3. O

    Matching concatenated values across columns VBA

    Hi there! I am trying to write VBA code to execute the following (visual screenshot attached) If the concatenated store and zip code value (ex: Walmart98101) is repeated in any of the columns (ex: columns C, E and F), I need to ensure the value of row 1 is the same in each instance of the...
  4. B

    How to combine columns from multiple workbooks?

    I am working on a Classroom Files. Where i have many files containing report of each test like Test 1, Test 2, Test 3... I have to make a Master workbook that will contain the Mark Columns from All the Test Files I tried the PowerQuery ( I am very much new to PQ) but failed as it was...
  5. M

    Redesign excel format

    I have the following spreadsheet with about 2000 rows, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO1Ref No(s)TitleEff DateATAComments2TEST 1B737 ADVERTISING PLACARD INSTALLATION25Referenced By: TEST3ParagraphMethod Of ComplianceRLifeLast ComplE/D O/RideLimit/ IntervalF/ LNext DueRemain4Initial Issue...
  6. A

    Copy multiple columns from one worksheet to another with different rows in each worksheet

    Hi, I'm new to the board and a newbie to VBA. I tried different approaches found online but seems none of mine works. So here is my questions: I need to copy 5 columns from Worksheet A to Worksheet B. The columns in worksheet A and B have different rows: let's assume wsA has 20 rows and wsB...
  7. M

    VBA code to extract unique data across multiple sheets and multiple columns

    Hi everyone, I'm searching the web but I only found one code that kind of works but I need to make it more complex. Let me explain. My issue is that I have an Excel sheet with multiple worksheets, which all contain the same kind of information but are copied weekly by me. So every week, I will...
  8. A

    VBA / Compare two columns and show differences in a third column

    Hello ? I would like to compare 2 columns populated with a lot of text in each cell, and then have inserted on the right a third column that would mark the differences between the two selected columns. For example, I have some outdated text in column A, and some newer, amended text in column B...
  9. I

    Mirroring Cells from Hidden Columns into New Column

    How can I mirror filled cells into column P? I would like to hide columns J-O but make only the filled cells pull over vertically into column P.
  10. A

    Two identical columns in pivot with different data

    Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have on my issue here: I have column ("times,") formatted as time (XX:XX:XX AM/PM) that has times in it. I have a second column ("times round,") that is referring to the first one and is ROUNDING (down) those times to 30 minutes (and formatted the same)...
  11. U

    VBA Auto delete unwanted Columns

    Hi Masters, can anyone help me create a VBA code that can help remove unwanted columns start from column H.. I want a VBA that I can enter just the column header that I want to remain in the sheets. Sample: I want to enter " Tea " in the input box then all other columns with different...
  12. K

    Concatenating Row Contents Until Certain Value is Reached

    I am trying to output concatenated content into defined columns. There are 6 pre-defined columns (see the image below): Requirement Text, Requirement Rationale, Requirement Guidance, Requirement Lessons Learned, Verification Rationale, Verification Guidance, and Verification Lessons Learned...
  13. A

    comparing 2 excel columns and filtering duplicates

    Hi, I have two sets of data, one is a column with a certain set of numbers, lets say 11111 33333 55555 Then, i have a second set of data, that is partially made up of this first set of numbers. Each number is matched up with another column. it looks like this: 11111 abc 22222 def 33333 ghi...
  14. K

    Question: Merging two columns; only overwriting blank cells

    Hi, I was search online and found old thread Merging two columns; only overwriting blank cells with the solution below which works great but only if I type in the =K7 formula in each cell. I will have 1000's of blank cell after I do a Xlookup. Is there anyway to get the formula to auto fill all...
  15. B


    Hi guys! I'm wondering how to build a macro for the following repetitive tasks: 1. Selecting a specific cell, 2. Goes to the last row with data, 3. Selects all the row, since the 3rd column until the end, 4. Cut all these cells 5. Pasts on the column A of the first blank row below the...
  16. S

    Easier Array to arrange columns VBA/Macro

    Hi all! I have a code to sort columns of data based on the value in row1 of the column. Its a fairly large code and I was wondering if theres an easier version? Basically I want it to sort 1-200 in ascending value, with X values moved to the end. This macro is run using a shape/button. Thank...
  17. G

    how to limit rows and columns with VBA?

    I have several sheets that have hidden rows and columns but on occasion I need to unhide them. This usually results in a freeze/crash of the sheet due to the volume of columns being unhidden. How can I limit the number of both rows and columns to something like 15 and 50, respectively?
  18. J


    Can anyone help me with this code that I have problems doing for the last 2 days. What I need to do is find the last column in that particular row starting from column H onwards, if there is any text that shifts down the row in column G and repeat the action; when it finds the text in a cell it...
  19. C

    Dynamic Columns

    Hi, I am new to Power Query (like just started yesterday new), and I have a question. Do the queries I create and update have to have the same number of columns? I have these financial reports I receive every month/quarter that requires a lot of clean-up. But there is a column for each...
  20. M

    If statement....

    So I have a list if things in a sheet. In the A column there are names, B column has a date, C column has a number and the D column has another date which is 5 days from the date in column B. I want to be able to come up with something that when someone's name is written into column A and if the...
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