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    sheet to sheet value comparison.

    Hi, I have code below to check if column F and D values are in other page, Column E,G,H should be in other page as well. So I have code below. This code is not working correctly it ignores the comparison from other page. Private Function rowLast() rowLast =...
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    Formula for comparing two lists

    I have two lists that I want to compare. I have numbers in both lists, one in column C, the second in column H. I then have information in column I. I want to compare the list in column H to that in C. If a match is found between the two columns, I want excel to put the information in column...
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    Help me for search and compare

    Hi I have a vb script which compares two worksheets in two different work books. Life is green as long as it finds the same row on both sheets. If a row is missing in target my compare fails every data from that row onwards. I have 60,000 rows of data from Colum A- R see below example...
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    problem comparing rows and copying result to another sheet

    i have a problem with macro that compares rows here's how it should work if row starts with t76 then comapre row t76 with other rows (t75, t74), i want the macro to compare like follows : if Connector1 and Connector2 from t76 are the same Connector1 and Connector2 from other families...
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    problem comparing two rows

    hello guys i'm using a table like this one: A B C 1 value0 | value1 | value2 2 value0 | value1 | value2 . . n value0 | value1 | value2 i want to compare value1 and value2 two from rowX with value1 and value2 from rowY for examp, if they aren't alike -> delete rowX and rowY. thanks in...

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