1. T

    Weighted lottery help?

    I am trying to setup a spreadsheet that will allow me conduct and offline weighted lottery. The lottery operates as follows: 14 balls labeled 1 through 14 go into a lotto machine, and then 4 balls are drawn consecutively *without* replacing the balls between each draw. The resulting 4 balls...
  2. L

    Finding Max Value Combination with Two Constraints

    Hello, I am trying to generate all combinations of sums taking 5 values from one set of numbers, and 1 value from another set of numbers, with an additional constraint. I am trying to determine the combinations of 5 "Drivers and 1 "Team" that will generate the highest sum of 'Value' with the...
  3. D

    Combination of different cells

    Needed a help on an excel scenario I have a column of say 3 rows containing numbers, Say A, B, C I need to generate a formula / code to give me sum of all possible number combinations.i.e. A + B A + C B + C A + B + C My real life scenario has more than 3 rows (actually about 15 rows)
  4. S

    if, or, and-formula issue

    Hey All, I am scratching my head trying to figure out where i am going wrong, looking for a cell to return '1' or '0' based if certain combinations of Yes/No and Blank cells are selected for the logic. Formula i have now is below, but this issue seems to be that it is not working for the if...
  5. M

    Lottery Combinations

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need a lottery generator that can pick few numbers from each group to make all possible sets of combinations, layout can be different if require to be fit for the macro to work no problem. </SPAN></SPAN> Example.... 2num from Group1, 2num from Group2, 1num from Group3...
  6. S

    Combinations and permutations

    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. Create an excel where there are 22 players list and create all the possible combinations for 11 players team. The conditions are as below :- Create your Dream11 team by picking 11 players as per the following combinations (C1,C2,C3...) within a budget...
  7. R

    Create all the combinations with some exceptions

    Hey, i have a question for a university project: There is a sheet and i want to figure out all possible combinations if you can only pick one "Option" of A, B and C. Thats quite easy and the result will be: a1,b1,c1;a1,b1,c2;a1,b1,c2... <tbody> A B C 1 from the top open bottom 2...
  8. A

    Data manipulation help... using pivot tables?

    Hi everyone, I have a data manipulation question that seems simple but I can't figure it out! I have a large list of properties which details how (%) the rental cost (Amount) should be allocated/split between various locations (LOC). The data looks like this: <tbody> A B C D E (D*B) F G H...
  9. A

    Excel combinations from multiple columns with no duplicates

    Hi, Is there a non VBA way to return all possible combinations without duplicates with the returned values in separate columns? Example below. Data in the first 8 columns / 10 rows, results starting in the 11th column. <tbody> No No No 1 No No No 1 No No No 1 No No No 1 Yes Yes Yes 2...
  10. K

    recursive function to get all possible combinations

    hello world. i am trying to get all possible combinations of a single column array which all contain one master value. $master_value = "Z" $value_array[5] = ["A", "B", "C", "D", "Z"]so the possible combinations would be something like this (all would include the "master value") Quote Z,A...
  11. S

    List of all Combinations of Row with 10's of Millions of Combinations

    I've been working on this for days. I have lists of latitude longitude of 10 to 20 thousand entries. This results in 10's of millions of combinations....or more. Excel cannot handle much more than a million rows. I have been trying various methods which work as long as the result is within the...
  12. K

    Limit numbers for X and 2

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> The code below generate any combinations I use for example Const v& = 4 to 14 where Array is ("1", "X", "2") (3^4=81, and 3^14=4.782.969) so in the given example 3^4= 81 combinations are generated in the column A and column C & D there is a...
  13. S

    Create worksheet for All Possible combination in the same row

    Hi, how would i go about creating worksheets for every possible combination of data. but the data is in the same row, only separated by by one blank row... there are significantly more then shown below.. x1 x2 x3 y1 y2 the tabs (new worksheet) should be created is x1-y1 x2-y1 x3-y1 x1-y2...
  14. D


    Hi, I'm looking for how to create a win or lose (no ties) combination in an excel for 16 teams and 8 games. I know there are 256 combinations, but how can I have this combinations listed in excel? Thanks in advance Damien
  15. R

    Mulitple Combinations in one sheet

    Hi So, I'm not too sure how to go about this. I have 2 tables: one lists loans (amount, term, type (reducing debt orlevel) – the second list is for types of life cover amount, term,type, cost) The maximum loans is six and I 'm looking to also limit the policies to six aswell. I have...
  16. M

    Finding best poker combinations from a table between two dates

    Hi I have a table with poker combinations achieved on different dates. I need to extract the best dates between two given dates on the second table. Not sure if the image of my screenshot is visible on the post . If not, below...
  17. M

    Advanced Combination Generation

    I wouldlike to expand a combination generator I currently use. It is for use withfantasy football (or soccer). You must select a team of a set formation,specifically 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. The onlysolution I currently have is to list 20-25 players and...
  18. J

    Database - search,analysis and return results

    Hi, A query first before i put up my database for example. I want to search my database and return the value ( Profit ) for all possible combinations. ( Combinations could very well be into the 1000's ) there are 7 columns from the database where all combinations can be chosen from, in each...
  19. M

    Create summary without generating total of combinations by each sum

    Hello, I got a code to By Marcelo Branco, which generate all-possible sets using following layout under this link is superb! The summary below I got generating all combinations with the code and then counting by sum as shown in the Column H:J...
  20. H

    Formula Needed

    Hi All, Hope some one can help me. After 3 days of struggling with this i'm absolutely speech less. With virtually zero experience of excel this turned out to be even more confusing than i thought. :( My issue: I have 5 columns (Text/Number/Text/Text = Result) of the first 4 columns there is...

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