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    Combine (Merge) multiple excel files (.xlsx) into 1 file (Same columns stack 1 another)

    Hello all experts : ) I would like to Combine (Merge) multiple excel files (.xlsx) into 1 file (Same columns stack 1 another) Below are some screenshots from the files I would like to merge, there are 130 files. Let's start with smaller sample, I would like to combine file 117 and 22...
  2. D

    Data consolidation with permanent cell and IF statement

    Hello, im having trouble with coming up with a formula for the following case: We have sheet with data about different products: Product Quantity Location Product 1 5 1-1-1 Product 1 10 1-1-1 Product 1 5 1-1-2 Product 2 10 1-1-2 Product 3 5 1-1-2 Product 3 10 1-1-3 Our...
  3. M

    Combine data from different cells to one cell

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how I can get from table one to table two with formulas or some easy VBA. As you can see I want to make one row for John and one for Jenny, instead for two as it is now. The date should also be combined so that the first start date and the last end date shows. E.g...
  4. C

    Combine worksheets from multiple workbooks

    Good day experts, I'm attempting to combine one sheet out of multiple workbooks into the sheet where my module is located. The workbooks are located in the same file on the network, but I don't want all of them. The sheet name is the same in each workbook. I found a code that works well at...
  5. B

    Power Query - Combine, transform and track data

    Hello All, As a reasonably seasoned excel user, im embarking on learning power query to try to achieve something which could quite well be impossible :) So hoping I can get some clarification from the real experts! Situation: I have a CSV file provided to me every day detailing a list of...
  6. R

    Combine mutliple file in one PDF through VBA

    Hi All, I want to combine multiple files into one PDF. I found one code which is working fine if my all files in PDF format. Here my concern is, I have PNG files as well and the code is not able to combine PNG file however if i am combining manually then it combines all the PDF and PNG files...
  7. H

    Combining 3 x INDEX MATCH

    Hi All, I have a column with INDEX/MATCH formula, but the match value could come from 1 of 3 possible columns. Could you help me combine the below into one formula please? =IFERROR(INDEX(admin!$C$4:$C$100,MATCH(C4,admin!$B$4:$B$100,0)),"0")...
  8. J

    Combine a single list of unique parts with a list of 35 components that belong to each part

    I have list of unique VINS. I also have a list of 35 parts that belong to each VIN. I need to combine these list so that i have A VIN, then 35 parts, then ANOTHER VIN with the same 35 parts, then a 3rd VIN, etc. Seems like it should be easy . . . but stuck. A macro would be nice . . . but...
  9. G

    Combine Nested Funtions

    Need help combing these function into a single cell This formula recalculates the date based off a value in column P =IF(OR(P16="A - Svcbl(w/o Qual)",P16=""),(AM16+450),(AM16+90)) This formula determines the amount of days between today and the new date =ABS(AN16-TODAY()) This formula enters...
  10. J

    SUMIFS multiple criteria

    Hi, I have two SUMIF formulas columns G, and F in sheet "Order details" are numbers and so is value in D2 but Column F in "Orders" contains dates. The following formulas work by themselves but I need to combine them. =SUMIF('Order Details'!F:F,D2,'Order Details'!G:G)...
  11. S

    Power Query: Combine Files, delete row1, promote row2 as headers

    I'm trying to combine files in PQ that have an extra row above the headers. How would I combine these files by deleting Row1 and promoting Row2 as headers? <tbody> Count 5 ID Action Date 11111 INP 18-Oct 22222 INP 19-Oct 33333 INP 20-Oct 44444 CLOSED 21-Oct 55555 INP 22-Oct...
  12. V

    Combine 3 spreadsheets

    Hey! I need to combine 3 spreadsheets into a big one but I dont know how long each one will be. What I have so far is a short macro that merges them together and then deletes the blank rows between each other, but his seems very clunky. Anyone has a quick fix for this? Thanks!
  13. F

    Combine three bar charts into one, with stacked bars..?

    Hi Everyone, I got this problem, where I have answers from a questionnaire, and I have calculated results in percent. I would like to show them in a stacked bar chart. In the attached file, I just made a example. I know the charts are two different types, but how do I combine them into one...
  14. T

    combine 2 formula

    Hello I am trying to combine 2 formula but have difficulty as i do not understand excel that well, these are the 2 formula below 1st =IF(IFERROR(VLOOKUP(TEXT(B3,"dd/mm/yyyy"),Holidays!A:A,1,0),0)=TEXT(B3,"dd/mm/yyyy"),"off Peak" 2nd...
  15. S

    Combine two vba code snippets

    Hello all, I have a rather big area (A1:CJ311) with some cells having Borders on all sides, some cells collectively have a thick box border etc. Most of the cells have formulae in them. I want to copy the whole range("A1:CJ311") to another location with just the bordering formats of the cells...
  16. K

    Concatenate with rows and primary key type scenario?

    I have a range of participants who all have unique identification numbers and they have taken multiple speaking series classes. These classes are listed on an excel worksheet with different rows. I want to concatenate them all together using the primary key as the unique identifier so that they...
  17. V

    Macro need Help

    to combine multiple sheets from one workbook to another worbook. I have one SHARED workbook "Tasklist" with mulitple sheets (all sheets have the same data) and another workbook called 'Master". I would like to combine the all sheets starting from Row 2 and display it on A5 onwards in Master...
  18. T

    combine data from one column into one cell based on a criteria

    I have a column that has comments and I would like to combine those comments into one cell which =concat does but how can I add a comma and space between the comments from each line Column 1 = Topic Column 2 = Comment Not every row has a comment though Your help would be greatly appreciated
  19. V

    Excel not responding when run macro on the shared workbook

    Need help on below. Basically, I want to combine all the data from worksheets into one worksheet. And this workbook is shared and will be used by multiple users at the same time and save the files before combine. However, when run the macro, it is not responding. Code: Sub Combine() Dim J...
  20. H


    Hi All, I'm looking to do a countifs formula with one of the criteria being a cell length of 9. I've done some research and found the following: Can you help with how I can combine this with my countifs: Many thanks :)

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