1. iosiflupis

    Merging/Combining different columns from different worksheets

    I have five (5) different files that have .csv files in them. The five folders of information have five different columnar layouts. Is there a tool/trick/workaround in Power Query or Power BI where I can pull the different columns into one worksheet/table that has all the columns that I would...
  2. D

    Combine two index match formulas into single formula

    Hi all I have these two formulas which work but I need to combine into one formula. I tried a few things but unsuccessful and given up. I could create helper columns but rather use single formula. =IF($A11="","",IFERROR(IF(INDEX(PDA!$B$2:$B$1048576,MATCH(TRUE,ISNUMBER(SEARCH("*"&"Code...
  3. T

    Function that will collapse 4 rows of data into one row based on the first two columns information.

    Hi All, I am currently working on making a workbook that takes data from a data base and consolidates it down to a easier read. I currently have a system that shows when people call into our system, the problem is that this system creates a row of data for each entry and I would like to take...
  4. E

    Convert Columns Data to Rows Data

    Hi everyone! I have a spreadsheet to convert the (attached picture) in green to rows in yellow. Is there possible formula or code to create the remining data from rows 7 thru 24 to columns L thru V) ? Here is steps example for manual input (to convert green row 2 into yellow rows 2, 3 and 4)...
  5. B

    How can I combine these two formulas into one

    Hi, So I basically wanna do two different things in the same formula. I got a working formula for both but I don't know how to combine them. I have a column full of sentences and what I want to do is to uppercase the first letter of the sentence and remove a . at the end of the sentence (if...
  6. U

    HELP how to stack multiple columns into one column. Using (formula or vba code)

    Hi masters, Can anyone help me with a formula for stacking multiple columns data into one column. wherein it copies per column not per row. sample here: I hope anyone has an idea using excel 2016 here..please help me
  7. F

    Combine 2 Rows then remove duplicates

    Hello, I have 2 columns with customer numbers, some of the columns have the same account number, I would like to combine the columns then remove all duplicates.
  8. G

    Combine Rows With the Same Unique ID but Keep Them Separated by Month

    I have employee data broken down by employee name, id, deduction month, deduction code, and deduction amount. I want to use VBA to combine the rows with the same employee id, list the deduction codes, and total the deduction amount. I want to do this but leave it separated by deduction month...
  9. B

    How to combine columns from multiple workbooks?

    I am working on a Classroom Files. Where i have many files containing report of each test like Test 1, Test 2, Test 3... I have to make a Master workbook that will contain the Mark Columns from All the Test Files I tried the PowerQuery ( I am very much new to PQ) but failed as it was...
  10. R

    Combine information and transpose information?

    Hello, I need to find a way to take an excel sheet that has employee names listed several times in Column A and then it has several earnings codes in column b with earnings amount in Column D with different data and find a way to combine all the data also in the other rows together so I don't...
  11. P

    Combine subs in Excel VBA

    Good Afternoon, I want to create an Excel Spreadsheet which automatically closes after a certain time of being idle as multiple users need access to it. I have found coding for that but unfortunately for it to work Macros need to be enabled. I have found what I need which works separately but...
  12. J

    Concatenate with line break but only if text exists

    Hi, I am trying to combine shipping address information but some cells are blank e.g. some addresses have a company name, some don't which leaves an empty line. I am using the below formula. =A2 &CHAR(10)& B2 &CHAR(10)& C2 &CHAR(10)& D2 &CHAR(10)& E2 &CHAR(10)& F2 How can I make it so if a...
  13. Y

    Combine based on certain criteria

    Hello I found this example (function) that makes all possible combinations of different ingredients, I want to add a condition that every ingredient can only be used in certain position ( column)... Any help would be much appreciated
  14. K

    Combine rows, add values in spec. column

    Hello, I have just started with VBA and I need your help. I've attached a picture and I will try to explain my problem. In "lastat"-sheet, I will add stock/pallets that I will move to another warehouse. With "Move"-button i move numbers to "Lagersaldo"-sheet. This warehouse will use...
  15. T

    Combine overlapping dates and find non-overlaps for multiple unique ID's

    I have a very large spreadsheet with headers (180k+ rows) with unique ID's in A, start date in B, and end date in C. There are multiple rows per ID and the start and end dates overlap in a messy way. I need to find any gaps in the date ranges for each ID. I've written a few different formulas...
  16. O

    Multiple Private Sub Worksheet_Change

    Hello, I need help with combining these two codes into the Worksheet_Change sub, I can get them to work on their own but can't combine them properly. In the first sub I am ensuring users enter a date in the date field when entering data in other columns in the row: If Target.Cells.Count > 1...
  17. L

    Power Query - Append Grouped Rows based on specific columns AND row values

    Hi! My data set has 117,000 rows and 14 columns. It is at an item and week level. There is a week column, an item description column, 11 columns of characteristics that describe/classify the item, and finally the value column (cost). Is it possible, via M code or otherwise, for me to group by...
  18. N

    Combining multiple Password Protected workbooks into a single workbook

    Hi All, I will be having around 85-90 password protected workbooks. They all will have different passwords. I shall collate them in 1 folder. I will have a list of the workbooks name and their passwords (preferably in sheet2). I need a macro or code which will open the workbook with the...
  19. M

    Macro to combine data sets with a ratio

    Hello, I am looking to create a macro where i can combine two sets of data based on a ratio. I am pretty good with macro's but i cant seem to work this one out. I want to start with an easy ratio of 1:1, so i have two data sets 'MLA' and 'PLA' and i want to combime them on a 3rd tab in the...
  20. N

    How do I merge tables with common ID values without having value repeat ?

    Hi, I have three tables showing Plant, Material and Labour quantities from each of my crews on site, The tables are linked by unique identifiers or "Shift Report Numbers", however, multiple items assigned to each unique identifier. For example: Shift Report Number Date Job Code Labour...

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