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  1. J

    Using Listbox to alter data in the worksheet

    Good Afternoon everyone. I have a worksheet that monitors peoples favorite snacks, see image. I have a combobox1 in a userform which displays a list of all names. When the user selects a name, the preferred choice of snacks appear in the listbox on the userform. Combobox2 has a list of all...
  2. J

    VBA Combobox options to be filtered by three other comboboxes

    Hi All, I have spent a few days searching / trying to make this work, but its just not working. This is the first time I have posted, so I hope this makes sense. I have four comboboxes in a userform. The first one looks through "Column A" and lists all individual items. Combobox2 lists values...
  3. O

    Populating a combo box based on the options of two other combo boxes

    Hi all, Sorry if this is confusing at all but I could do with some help. Drawing Type Type Drawing Number - E - Exist -E301 'Electrical proposed drawing - M - Prop -M101...
  4. S

    Combo box - only include column headers with certain data type

    Hello all! I have a form with various combo boxes that users can select. Currently I'm populating each combo box with every column header in my data set (not my data set is variable). Here's the code I'm using: For i = 1 To Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(sh.Range("1:1"))...
  5. C

    ActiveX ComboBox Default Value changeable

    Hi, I've been struggling with this problem for awhile. I've made a form out of ActiveX controls, vba codes etc. I am almost zero knowledge about vba. I've made a combo box, named cmbDate. ListFillRange of the combo box is Q11:Q13, where there are formulas in this cells: Q11...
  6. M

    Print all items in a combo box

    Hi, I have a combo box in cell B2 with a list of names. Is there a Vba code to loop through the list, update the sheet from the combo box and print the worksheet. I have over 100 names in the list and would like to run though the list updating the sheets and printing all. Thanks
  7. D

    UserForm within Macro

    I am constructing a macro to perform sorting on different selected named ranges provided by a user form which has a combo box and I do not know what best practice is: Call the user form from within the macro or call the macro from the user form. I would appreciate any advice and...
  8. A

    VBA comboBox to delete items from inventory

    I've made database and now I want to delete any item and from the database and shift the cells up.
  9. T

    Making a Field Mandatory based on a Combo Box Selection on an Excel Form

    Need some assistance please. I have created an Excel Form that has a combo box field - cboCallType. One of the options in the combo box field is 'Other (Please enter details in the Notes Field). What I would like to do is to make the Notes field - txtNotes - mandatory only if the user selects...
  10. S

    Change Userform Combobox Value from Combobox Column after additem has occurred

    I have ComboBox1 and CheckBox1 Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() With Me.ComboBox1 .Clear .ColumnCount = 3 .ColumnWidths = "50;0;0" .AddItem "Hi" .AddItem "Bye" .AddItem "See Ya" .Column(1, 0) = 1 .Column(1, 1) = 2 .Column(1, 2) = 3...
  11. M

    Combo Box List - Suggestion as I type (not just beginning matches)

    Hello, I'm relatively new to access so thank you for providing any insight you can. I have a Combo box in a Form that lists a bunch of names. I have the source of this dropdown pulling from a table called 'names'. When a user clicks the dropdown in the Form and then begins typing - it...
  12. A

    Drop down Box to filter page

    I have Customer Manager worksheet that I am am trying apply a drop down box to filter my sheet by. I had it previous set up with buttons and just recorded macros for each filter, but that was far too many buttons. I'm hoping there is a way to apply the same filters with a drop box. I have...
  13. I

    Search for ALL records in a form

    Hi everyone, I've been looking all over the internet to get my form displayed all records when a selection is made from a Combo Box, however, I haven't found the solution. Below is the table "tblCap_NDT" which I used to create form "frmCap_NDT": <tbody> Company Name NDT A Radiographic B...
  14. L

    ActiveX ComboBox Issues

    I have a ActiveX ComboBox and the box is showing one of the items the list of items. When i try select from the box it flash another box and does nothing. In design mode i can see and select items in the ComboBox object which then changes the ComboBox. Why can't I just select from the...
  15. U

    User Form Combo Box Not Filling?

    Afternoon all, As a VBA beginner, I'm currently having an issue with my user form where the combo box isn't populating with the options "I Shares" and "S Shares". I suspect that it may be an issue due to the start of the code in terms of the userform_initialize? If I'm being honest I'm not...
  16. T

    Combo box issues

    Hi All, I have a searchable combobox that works perfectly. However i have been having some issues where the search box remains open. If ComboBox1.Value = "" Then Exit Sub ComboBox1.ListFillRange = "nameSearch2" Me.ComboBox1.DropDown end sub The above is the code that i have. When i...
  17. G

    User Form ComboBoxes and CheckBoxes are blank

    Hi All you Guru's! I am having a little trouble with my use form. The form has 5 combo boxes and 12 check boxes. All my links work and everything seems fine with the exception of when I open the user form all the boxes are blank. So If I select 5 check boxes and then close it and then reopen...
  18. tlc53

    Multiple Password Linked to Combo Box

    Hi there, I currently have a Combo Box that when a name is selected from the dropdown option, a password is requested. If the correct password is entered (12345) the date will be entered in the corresponding cell. However, it is not quite working right. Currently it is one password for all. If...
  19. C

    VBA User Form Combo Boxes Dependent on a category

    Not sure if I use a list box or combo box but I want a macro to call a userform which has a list of the categories in this table. It places the major category in a cell, then another message comes up asking for the item which is dependent on the category. Say for example, if the user selects...
  20. C

    hide and unhide rows based the selections in my dropdown list. Please help

    I am hoping someone can help me. I am creating a form in excel using the active x combo drop down option. I am trying to hide rows based on the option they pick. I added the active combo box in cell B3 with options A, B, and C. Based on what they pick I need the following to happen... If...

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