combo box

  1. M

    Filtering data in listbox using two combo boxes

    I have a userform listbox where I want to filter data using two parameters - ALL, Parameter1, Parameter2. With the code that I have written I am only able to filter data using Parameter1 not Parameter2 or All. By default, 'All' is selected which should show all records in the listbox. There are...
  2. N

    VBA help needed

    Hello, I'm trying to make a ComboBox selection text copier. In code i wrote what is the answer of each question if its YES or No selected. Can someone help me how to write a code if there are not all the questions selected but copy only the answered questions text. I dont want to write all...
  3. S

    [MAC] Issue with MatchEntry in userform combobox on MAC

    Hi, I have a userform with a combobox which I built in Windows (Excel 365). The combobox autocompletes nicely in Windows. I have set MatchEntry = 1 - fmMatchEntryComplete. However on the Mac the MatchEntryComplete isn't working correctly. My combobox is linked to a range of cells in a worksheet...
  4. G

    combo box to populate text box vba

    I have the following code. I have a drop down list in my combo box. But when I select a value (text) it does not populate the text box. Private Sub Combobox1_change() Dim i As Long, LastRow As Long, ws As Worksheet Set ws = Sheets("Sheet2") LastRow = ws.Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row...
  5. D

    Combobox Selection

    Trying to select values from mutable combo boxes. How can I change my code to select values from mutable combo boxes? If Model_Type.Text = "Transit" And WBase.Text = "L3" And Vehicle_Cab_Type.Text = "Single" Then
  6. T

    Refresh Table Data Based On ComboBox

    Hi, Sorry in advance if this doesn't make sense! I am hoping someone can assist, I am currently building a Microsoft Access Database for my workplace to keep track of employees and their movements (e.g. Team Changes). I am trying to create an Employee Details Form like in the Student \ Time...
  7. A

    VBA Listas dependientes con Combo Boxes no acepta valores

    Hola a todos! He descargado el siguiente archivo, el cual contiene un listado de articulos. El archivo contiene un Userform el cual despliega una lista dependiente en cuanto el puntero es ubicado en cada una de las casillas (Muy útil) El problema resulta cuando dicha tabla o información de...
  8. A

    VBA Cascading Dependent Drop Down Lists does not accept values

    Hi all I have downloaded the next file. It has a userform that makes a dropdown list for each column and it filters the results (Which i belive it's very cool) The problem comes when i perform some changes to the database, in where i put some values for the last column, as you can see in the...
  9. I

    How do I add an independent combobox in a dependent combobox vba code?

    I have created a userform with 3 dependent comboboxes and it works well. Can anyone please tell me how I can add another combobox (with items) within the same code, but is independent from the rest of the comboboxes. Here's the code I used. Thank you @DanteAmor for posting the code somewhere...
  10. X

    Populate multiple comboboxes with the same listfillrange

    So i have multiple comboboxes in a worksheet. Is there a way i can fill all of them with the same listfillrange? The code for that for one combobox would be: Private Sub ComboBox1_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean) Set col =...
  11. P

    Using named range as list for an ActiveX combo box.

    My Set Up I use Microsoft Office Standard 2013. I have a Table that self populates and formats itself dependant on value selected using an ActiveX Combo Box. I use a Named Range as the list for that ActiveX ComboBox. My issue - making any change...
  12. P

    ActiveX Combo Box drop down button - inside/behind!

    The image shows an ActiveX Combo Box On clickin the drop down the button does not present the linked list, instead it presents another drop down button inside the list area which when clicked presents the list required. Not all persons in my team have the issue. Changeing the combo box...
  13. A

    ComboBox not displaying added values

    Hello, I have a sheet with time stamp values in column B. They are formatted as DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS. I am trying to make a combobox to use as a menu to select a MM/YYYY for further calculations. My issue is: I have 2 subs, one to make the combobox: Sub make_box() Dim pos As Range Set pos =...
  14. D

    Can`t make my combo box fill in with only filtered values and unique values

    Afternoon all Much value any help on this This code below shows only 1 value returned there are 24 plus values it should return?? Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim i As Long, Lastrow As Long, x As Long With Me.WBase Set ws = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Quote...
  15. dss28

    Copy data from userform to a sheet multiple times as per combobox value

    i have a userform in which i want to copy textbox1, 2, 3 data multiple times as per the combobox1 values to sheet1 as follows: combobox1 value = 1 - copy textbox1 values in cell C3 , copy textbox2 values in cell C4 , copy textbox3 values in cell C5 combobox1 value = 2 - copy textbox1 values...
  16. A

    How can I filter a pivot table with two combo boxes and subsequently open the corresponding PDF file?

    Hello everyone, I'm working on a dashboard on Excel 365, in which I would like to learn how to add two combo boxes which should filter a Pivot Table, named "Notes" and placed in a Sheet also named "Notes"... Basically, this pivot table shows the name of the products, their respective operations...
  17. G

    Type mismatch error while filling ComboBox ( Run-time error '-2147352571 (80020005)')

    Hi, I have a userform that needs to output the names of suppliers ("Fornecedores") and banks ("Banco") from a table in the respective combo boxes, FornecedorBox and BancoBox. For that I used the following loop and it has been working perfectly until I migrated the file from my personal computer...
  18. J

    Array combobox list display, showing the value you are introducing always in the top and see the subsequent values below

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to figure out how to change the display options of a combobox list. As it is now, the actual combobox list goes to the bottom when starts to match with an existing value while you are in the process to introduce a new value. In this example I start to introduce the...
  19. D

    using 3 combo box outputs to find a matching row and display data

    i have a work sheet that im trying to build a user for in, that will take the information selected in 3 different combo boxes and use it to find a row that matches that information and then display the information it the columns to the right of it. i can make it return the information im...
  20. A

    Return values from three combo box's

    Hello All, I am trying to return multiple values based on information in three combo box's. When I run the code I only get the values returned on the first two combo boxes as it looks for the first model which fits two critera but doesn't pick up the third? Any help would be greatly...
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