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    creating a value based on combo box selection

    in a 'user form' I am trying to give a text selection a numerical value so i can perform a calculation with it elsewhere, my combo box has 10 entries held in a range (resourceTime) on a separate worksheet lets say ".5 day","1 day", "2 Day"etc.. When the combo box selection is "0.5 Day" i need to...
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    Displaying combobox value in textbox when combobox list is array

    Hi There. I have a combobox which I populated with a two dimensional array. Sub Test() With ComboBox1 .List = DisplayArray End With Textbox1 = ComboBox1.Value End Sub The textbox value now just contains the value in the first column of the array (the array only has 2...
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    Populate combobox based on text value in userform

    Hi I have a table with 3 columns: Products, Location and Quantity. I created a userform to add new products and the code runs fine. Still, I would like my userform to do the following: -if someone tries to add a product and that product exist in different location, I would like to view those...
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    Combo Box Take From One Row Source Or Add To Another

    I've developed a user form that's been operational for a while now but needs a change. One of the fields is a text box where users manually type the facility where a particular piece of inventory comes from. I'd like to change that input field to a combo box where users can select from a list...
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    Combobox: Could not set property

    I have a combobox on my worksheet and the listfillrange points to some data else where on the sheet. But when I try to set the text or value property, I get an error, "Could not set the Text property. Invalid property value" I'm comparing the properties of this combobox with another same...
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    Search & Concatenate using Command Button

    Hello folks :) I have the following code : Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim strcon As String Dim LastRow As Long strcpycb = ComboBox1.Text strcpytb = TextBox1.Text strcon = strcpycb & strcpytb MsgBox (strcon) 'for testing whether concatenation takes place correctly LastRow =...

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