1. T

    VBA - decimal separator issue

    Hi, I have a data set in the html page looking as table containing numbers, dates, times, strings etc. each in separate column. I'm trying to copy this data set to excel and format it as I want with VBA. The only problem I have is that the source data set is using DOT "." as decimal separator...
  2. D

    VBA Highlight Duplicate comma delimited cells in a column

    Hi, Is there a way to highlight duplicates in comma delimited cells that are in a column, I want to compare all comma delimited text values in every cell in a column and highlight the cells that contain the duplicate text, Can someone help with this please
  3. L

    Using Excel Filter to Search for text containing a comma & displaying all records that contain one

    I have a list of Email Addresses in an Excel File along with other columns. I Filter the email column to search for mistakes, like double periods (..) which works fine in the filter. But when I search for a comma (,) it's not allowed. Sometimes people type a comma for the period (by accident)...
  4. K

    Value in column B corresponding to column A listed in column c separated by a comma

    Looking to list out all values for Column B that correspond to column A listed out in Column C at change in value of column A separated by a comma <tbody> Column A Column B Column C 100001 35 100001 64 100001 45 100002 64 100002 72 100002 74 100002 68 100002 59 </tbody>...
  5. C

    How to include a string character with wildcard reference to cell - Countif

    I need to include a Comma plus 1 blank space to come before a wildcard reference to a cell content with countif/countifs Here is how the formal looks without the comma and blank ", " added =COUNTIF(ref_name,"*"&$A1&"*") Is this possible?
  6. A

    VBA: How to remove multiple duplicate values in excel cells in multiple column if found

    Issue: Multiple duplicate values in excel cell. I have multi column data A to AA. In some cells I have multiple duplicate values in each cell (contains numbers and alphabets and special characters) separated by comma. How to remove multiple duplicates and keep only the unique values in each...
  7. danhendo888

    Text Formula to show commas only when > 999

    Suppose I have two numbers 8170.5999 618.111 Is there a formula that shows them as: 8,170 618 That is, show a comma when over 999 I used TEXT with "$0,000" but this shows the comma even for numbers below 1,000
  8. K

    imported comma seperated data

    I have a sheet that i want to import data to (sheet1 B2) this data is seperated by a comma i want to seperate and create it listed in a single column on (sheet 2 B2, B3, B4 etc) can someone please help with a formula thanks in advance
  9. I

    adding comma to string value in Range

    i have 6000 rows in my range, i want to add a comma to the 7 character location from end. i have this formula that i tested in a single cell and it works BUT when I try to apply it to the entire range using a With Range, the syntax is off (get mismatch error) can anyone assist with proper...
  10. A

    splitting 2 cell values by comma, then sumproduct

    Need help..... I have 2 different cells having values separated by "comma" (,). result should appear in third cell as sumproduct of these two input cells. e.g:- 5,10 200,100 2000 (=+5*200+10*100) 1,2,3 50,100,150 700 (=+1*50+2*100+3*150) thanking you in advance,
  11. C

    Decimal signs "," & "." - causing issues

    Hi, I have a template that calculates costs for services per month based on input from managers. I have set dot/"." as default decimal sign whilst everyone else have comma/"," (applies to all excel files you open). Due to this, they can not see the calculated costs for rows that contain cells...
  12. I

    PLACE TEXT RIGHT: place a character to the right in same place

    I am trying to put asingle text character al the way right when using "courier new" itlines up in he same place. The setup is: Name cell: Last, First Group cell: can be character two, three, or fourcharacters, and will be listed first Using FIND to get just the LEN of Last nameand comma...
  13. T

    VBA to find/replace a character in string and remove text before or after select character

    Hello. I'm attempting to write code that will copy and insert-down rows of data based on however many times a "," appears in a string. I've already written a succesful 'Do Until' loop that copies and inserts down. I now need to go back to the newly inserted data and remove text before or after...
  14. B

    imputbox change decimal value dot to comma

    Hi, I have been searching without success for the following: I have a imputbox to receive euros, if the user wants to insert for example the number 55.20, afterwords I will use that number to do another calculation, but is giving me an error because its inserted with a dot as a decimal...
  15. B

    Formula seperators

    I have just upgraded to office 365 for Business All my formulae now contain the semi-colon symbol instead of the comma symbol and I have to capture a formula now using the semi-colon. Is this a setting I need to change to continue using the comma? e.g. vlookup(A15, A7:C14, 3, false) now shows...
  16. Sean15

    I want to extract text before a comma, or space or just the first name from a string

    I want to extract text before a comma, or space or if condition 1 or 2 is not met return text in cell: Example: James, John Jones Tom Lily Expected result: James Jones Lily =LEFT(A1,(FIND(" ",A1,1)-1)) extracts text before space =LEFT(A1,(FIND(", ",A1,1)-1)) extracts text before comma...
  17. N

    Comma Seperation issues: Numeric values are completely displayed differently

    Hello OMG What i face now is when values displayed in formula bar as 200600 it displays as 200,600 in cell instead of 2,00,600 ie incorrect comma placement Following values 4,14,180 to display as 4,14,180 it displays as 4104,180 3,18,600 to display as 3,18,600 it dispalys as 3108,600 17676.40...
  18. L

    Formula to Combine Range on row to One Cell Separated by Comma

    Hello, Is there a formula to combine cells on the same row (A2:H2) with each value separated by comma and one space ignoring any blank cells? Thank you
  19. G

    Simple copy formlula required.

    Hi I wonder if anyone could help me with a simple formula to copy all/or part of Cell (A) contents to cell (B). In column (A) I have several hundred rows containing random length alpha numeric text strings which may contain a comma. I would like a formula to copy all of the cell contents to to...
  20. W

    How to add comma to my concatenate formula?

    Hello. I am seeking how to add a comma to this formula {=CONCATENATE("and ",SUM(S2:S500)," in total Media Value")} so that a comma separates the thousands place in this result {and 1862943 in total Media Value} Thank you in advance for your help on this.
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