1. F

    Overflowing menu bars

    This macro was available online, it shows FaceIDs in a toolbar. If the number of menu items is more than screen height, there's and overflow. Is it possible to remove overflow and have items on more than 1 column. Option Explicit Const APP_NAME = "FaceIDs (Browser)" ' The number of icons...
  2. J

    Create Custom Pop-up Menu w/Icon in VBA

    Hi, I want to be able to put my own custom icons in Excel. The code below works nicely, but instead of FaceID, I want to replace it with my own icon or image. Can someone help me with this problem. Public The_Menu As CommandBar Function CreateSubMenu() As CommandBar Const pop_up_menu_name =...
  3. Jaafar Tribak

    Shapes Context Menu

    Is there a way of adding a new menu entry to a shape right click commandbar ? Regards.
  4. E

    Picture of the user logged in on the CommandBar

    Good afternoon everyone, Would anyone know if it is possible to select the name and image of the current user, which appears in the CommandBar, from office 2010? Thank you.
  5. B

    Disabling CommandBar Controls in Excel 2016 for Mac

    For several years I have used the following code to disable/enable commandbar controls, but since updating to Excel 2016 for Mac it no longer works: ' Controls the enabling/disabling of all controls with the specified Id. Private Sub EnableControl(pintCtrlId As Integer, pbooEnable As Boolean)...
  6. J

    Sharing Custom Menus

    I am building a custom menu in VBA. This process pulls data from a SQL DB, which takes some time and a connection for each item in the menu. Now I need to have this same menu on each open Excel workbook so the user has access to it no matter which workbook they are on. The more workbooks that...
  7. Devin

    Shortcut Key Launch Short-circuits Macro

    I have a bit of code that will work when launching via the ribbon (or from VB), but not will not work when launched via a shortcut key. The activate tab box will pop up when launched via the shortcut key, but it won't go to the tab selected. This is for the box that pops up when there are more...
  8. V

    Customize Excel Ribbon using VBA and RibbonX

    How do i customize the particular menu which comes when you right-click on the Ribbon in Excel ? It has options like: "Add to Quick Access Toolbar" "Customize Quick Access Toolbar" "Customize Ribbon" "Minimize Ribbon" I have code to customize the normal context menus in Excel 2010 using...
  9. T

    Issue with userform pop-up menu

    Hi Everyone, Using Excel 2013 (32bit) to build an add-in for my workplace. Done lots of this sort of thing before but new to Excel 2013. I have a userform with several controls on it, one of which is a TreeView. This TreeView control is used to display and interact with structured data from a...
  10. J

    Excel VBA Pivottable command bar and TableFieldNames will not disapear

    I am using following 2 lines of code in a subroutine, which creates a pivot table: Application.CommandBars("PivotTable").Visible = False ActiveWorkbook.ShowPivotTableFieldList = False After these lines of code have run, both the command bar and the Field List are still visible, but...
  11. I

    Enable Alt+F to access File Menu

    Hi All, While working on a macro I had to made my File menu invisible by Application.CommandBars("File").Visible = False. After completing my task I made my File Menu again vishible by making the same condition True. However, in the process I have lost my access Key (Alt +F). Now I don't see...
  12. Roopher

    CommandBar Organizing / LineBreak

    Hello Excel Experts! I have filled a custom CommandBar in Excel 2007 with like 10 control elements. However, these controls are positioned in a single row by Excel on CommandBar creation. Is there a way to wrap the line of controls at determined positions? I have tried the .Width property of...
  13. Roopher

    Save new workbook name in BeforeSave event?

    Hello all! I have an issue with a command bar whose buttons shall work only when a certain workbook is active; this also when it has changed name due to an 'Save as...' operation. For that to work, a global variable needs to be updated every time when the workbook changes name. The problem...

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