1. K

    Worksheet Stops Working

    I'm having the same issue in different files in different computers. The worksheet is letting me add data and then all of sudden it stops letting me insert, delete, edit etc. It starts with having the double click in the cell is order to add data, and then stops letting me do anything at all...
  2. J

    Argument not optional in "Cell Menu" - OK in Ribbon

    Hello - I am at a loss. I have an Add-In I created some time ago and recently used Andy Pope's RibbonX Visual Designer in order to add it to my Ribbon. By the way, AJP's RibbonX Visual Designer is AWESOME!! Anyway, I decided to add a couple of the Add-In commands to the cell menu. Now, when I...
  3. Dan Wilson

    Worksheet size control

    Good day. I am running Excel out of Office 365 on Windows 10. I have learned how to change the size of a worksheet on my screen to be able to see columns beyond AL11. In my macros I have also included commands to scroll up or down on an existing display. I notice in the macro that commands...
  4. L

    Help with multiple formulas

    I am after some help please on the following if any of you kind people wouldn't mind. I have this formula in a cell working fine =IF(OR(Q27="",Q27="Yes",Q27="N/A",N27="Yes",J27="Gap",P27="Yes"),"",T27-TODAY()) but I want to add another function if possible which would be If V27=Fail...
  5. B

    How to execute 2 commands in a cell

    I need to execute 2 commands in N but don't see how I can do that. The value in K is from another program using DDE and is continually changing. When M is >= F I want to Move F to N and move zero to K. I need to zero out K to stop any more processing on this row. N will be zero while this...
  6. J

    Including cell name in file path, mixing hard lines and cells

    hello friends, I wish to make it so that my company's commands automatically get saved in the right folder. I made a template for these commands and I wished to be able to include the cell name in my file path like so...
  7. B

    Restarting my computer

    I know this isn't an Excel question but something happened over the weekend where my computer won't restart. I get a message that there is something wrong with my C drive and it tries to fix it on the fly. However, I can a message that it can' be fixed and gives me some option. I do have the...
  8. M

    Power Query - does it iterate the data set for every command?

    I have a performance question on how Power Query works. I'm hoping someone has an answer rather than me having to test on my 12-million row dataset and slow laptop. If I have (say) three Table.AddColumn commands, does PQ iterate through the entire dataset 3 times, or is it "smart enough" to...
  9. L

    Macro Commands Ghosted Out on Menu

    I created several macros in a workbook. When I click View Macro and the window opens listing them, the first three I created only has the Create button available; all the other commands like Run and Edit are grayed out. I can open the VB Editor and run them just fine. Why would they be...
  10. E

    INDEX formula with another criteria

    Hi all, I am trying to use the following formula but need to add 2 separate MATCH commands The first will be look in Column B for C4 data the look in column H for D4 the return the data in column I here's what I have so far...
  11. S

    How to prevent duplicating the same data for VBA

    Hi, i'm really new to VBA. i would like to know what should i do for my VBA files if i want to prevent any duplicating data in future. What commands should i use in the macro? for example if i'm doing monthly update data. tq.
  12. J

    A template with specific commands for spreadsheet commands invisible to final user?

    Hi Guys, So we perform studies for our clients across a range of topics. I was wondering if there was a way to add features only certain people could ever see. For instance, if I wanted to include a 'reset all' button...where the template we use would be totally blanked to be used for a new...
  13. A

    Really Dislike the Keyboard Commands in Excel 2016 Query Editor

    I am frequent user of the keyboard commands in Excel 2016 such as Alt,H,AC = Align Center or Alt,H,AR = Align Right. There are hundreds of these keyboards that are usually pretty easy to remember. HOWEVER, when you go to Data, From Table or Alt,A,PT,Enter you enter a whole world of...
  14. M

    Using checkbox in userform

    Hello, I am using a UserForm for data entry with eRow commands. Within the UserForm I have some check boxes. How do I output a Y or N result from the UserForm using eRow commands or is there an easier way to output the results? I am a VBA coding novice, as in I have worked my way through using...
  15. J

    How to export macros' commands as text?

    I'm trying to devise a way to export all code in an Access database as text such that I can use CVS meaningfully when I make changes. Not just VBA code in forms, reports and modules, but also the connection strings and SQL commands for queries, and the list of commands in all macros. I've done...
  16. J

    Macro to prompt Save as Dialog when a workbook is opened

    Hi All, I'm new to doing macros but I'm picking up on their usefullness as i go... I've created a spreadsheet that will be kept on the company server in the templates folder, but to prevent people editing it I would like the "Save As" dialog box to open every time the sheet is opened, that way...
  17. T

    New to VB - Getting Frustrated with Creating Chart

    Using Excel 2007 and Windows XP So I've programmed before in C, C++, Java, Python, but this VB stuff isn't clicking with me - I know what I want to do, but finding out how to do that from resources seems very difficult. If someone could help me with figuring out what commands I should be...

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