1. A

    Copy Comments to new comment sheet, create hyperlinks in source sheet to comment sheet

    Hello, sheets and/or workbook shall not be protected. If the name of the source sheet consists of blanks this is no problem for the running of the macro, but the name of the new comment sheet shall not consist of blanks and shall not be too long. The macro asks for the name of the source...
  2. G

    Opening a MSGBox if a word is click in the Comment vba

    I'm not sure this is possible, but I am looking for a VBA to open a Message Box if the word "HERE" is clicked in a comment, this could linked if necessary. The comment is located in cell R4. I'm not sure where to start with this VBA, but I'm sure someone has dealt with this before.
  3. R

    Can a Button affect the code of another sheet?

    Hello, I have a very large workbook of sheets that contain macros that causes it to run very slow at times. However, only certain sheets need to be used at a time. I am wondering if I can make a button that when selected hides certain sheets and also comment blocks the code in those sheets so...
  4. K

    Worksheet_BeforeRightClick - run macro automatically when right click on cell and select "New Note"

    Dear Guys, I have an older macro which ran well in earlier versions: when I right clicked on a cell and selected "Insert Comment": a macro ran automatically: of course I added following code to the appropriate sheet Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeRightClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As...
  5. G

    Hiding rows with Threaded Comments

    I am using Excel 365 and have a worksheet with a threaded comment. I wish to hide all rows from above this comment to the bottom of the worksheet. If this were a normal comment, now called "Notes", I could format the comment to move and size with cells and this would allow me to hide the rows...
  6. K

    UserForm textbox to textbox in sheet

    Hello there, I'm pretty new with VBA and I am trying to make a Userform to add comments to an excel sheet. I have a combo box with initials (of the person making the comment) and a text box where they will write the comment. Now if the person clicks the OK button I want it to start a new line...
  7. C

    Comment or Note: Auto Fill with date & time

    WITHOUT doing a VBA is there a way that a note/comment can auto fill the date and time as well as the person's name? Thank you :)
  8. S

    VBA auto email

    Hi all, We have a tracker for stock waiting to be booked in. When our warehouse has booked in the stock, they enter 'Closed' into a particular cell, add a comment, and the line turns blue. How can I set the spreadsheet up so when the warehouse enter 'Closed', an email is created with the...
  9. G

    VBA code not working in a Range

    Hi Guys, I have the following code to add a comment each time a cell value changes, however if I change the Range to "N25" everything works perfectly, but if I want to have the code to cover all rows in column "N" I don't get any comment appear when the value changes. Private Sub...
  10. T

    Copy Active Cell Comment to next empty row on another worksheet

    I am trying to find a way to automatically copy any cell comment from worksheet1 in range H7:H5 as text to the next empty row on worksheet2 Is there any way to do this?
  11. T

    drop down list for comment

    is there anyway to have a selection list to choose from instead of writing a comment in the comment box? Here is what I would like to do: If any cell in range H7:H37 , J7:J37, L7:L37 (which are populated by a validation list) is less than 5, then a comment box would pop up offering the...
  12. A

    number to word

    HI is it possible to see the number/amount in words if we hover mouse cursor on a number in excel as a comment not in any cell, it will show as a comment box and when we move the cursor from the number the comment should vanish thanks dinesh saha 9932022569
  13. A

    Formatting Data in a Text File from Exported PDF Comments

    I am trying to format a text file, that is the result of exporting PDF comments from Adobe, into a table when I import it. The text file is formatted like this, with the comments on a certain page being located beneath the page number. Summary of Comments on RandomDocmument.pdf Page: 1 Author...
  14. A

    Insert picture in comment box (through fill effects → picture → insert picture)

    I was able to insert picture in the past in my comments through insert comment → fill effects → picture → insert picture. But not anymore: the system is spooling and it tells me that I can do it through "work offline". I click offline and nothing happens. Anyone experienced this? I have excel...
  15. T

    combine data from one column into one cell based on a criteria

    I have a column that has comments and I would like to combine those comments into one cell which =concat does but how can I add a comma and space between the comments from each line Column 1 = Topic Column 2 = Comment Not every row has a comment though Your help would be greatly appreciated
  16. K

    VBA CommentThreaded 'show'

    Hi, I would like to show a threaded comment (with notes it is straightforward, we put them on 'visible=true') when activating a sheet. Is there a line of code to show those threaded comments ? I noticed there is a "show comments" in review tab but recording macro does not help. Even if I add...
  17. U

    Macro/VBA to insert a comment mandatory when selecting a dropdown option

    Is there a macro or vba code i can use so that when cell C6 dropdown is selected, a message box appears for the user to insert a comment mandatory? I would like to use this for multiple cells i.e. cell C6 dropdown 'Resource' is selected, message box appears saying 'Insert Comment'...user...
  18. L

    create comment from adjacent cell contents

    Hi, I am trying to create a comment from the cell contents in an adjacent column (offset -1) for a range. The purpose is to create a popup comment that represents a part description when you hover over the part. <tbody> Part Number Part Description part 1 part 1 desc part 2 part 2 desc...
  19. R

    Auto copy comment on new cells of dynamic table?

    Hi there. I have a dynamic table named Tabla, with two columns named A and B and I want to every cells on that columns (new ones that can be added with TAB key increasing table size) have the same comment. In the screenshot that i've attached, you'll see the first row commented (with LIMIT...
  20. R

    does comment in a cell contain a picture.

    I'm trying to determine if a cell contains a comment with a picture. While I tried this way and it failed, any which way that works would be fine. I found this code: <code>Set shp = Range("C4").Comment.Shape if shp.Fill.TextureType = msoTextureUserDefined then end if</code>...

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