commission calculator

  1. T

    Commission Per Sale + Tiers

    Hi Guys, I was hoping you'd be able to help me with a formula to calculate monthly commissions for my team. My team are paid per sale with the amount of commission increasing at different tiers. 0-5 sales = $0 per sale 6-55 sales = $25 per sale 56+ sales = $50 per sale 55 would equal to 100%...
  2. B

    Commission Calculating Formula HELP

    Hey guys. I'm having a lot of trouble with a formula to calculate commissions for my sales team. This is how it works, we have five sales representatives in the team: Sales Rep1 Sales Rep2 Sales Rep3 Sales Rep4 Sales Rep5 Ok. So each one of them has a minimum sales goal monthly. IF they...
  3. C

    Work backwards from desired commission amount to find sales volume

    I have a tiered commission structure that is laid out as follows: <tbody> Tier 1 $1 30% Tier 2 $5,000 35% Tier 3 $10,000 40% Tier 4 $15,000 45% Tier 5 $20,000 50% Tier 6 $25,000 55% Tier 7 $30,000 60% </tbody> The commission percent is retroactive to $1. For example: If you...
  4. S

    Help with a variable commission calculator

    Hello all, new to the forum and posting a question about commission calculations. I have been using an IF formula to calculate variable commissions but this is proving to be a little unwieldy and wondered if there was a better way to generate the figures. Company has various bands for...
  5. POSProphet

    Commission Tracking

    I need help tracking commission on a recurring basis, but also on a sliding scale based on the month. I've been struggling with this for two weeks now, and have only come up with a temporary "just to get by" spreadsheet. I'm at my wit's end and now only dream in formulas, tables and...
  6. G

    Commission Rate by margin formula HELP!

    Hello, I'm having a heck of a time figuring out how i can set up my commission rate in excel for my company. Our scale is as follows: Margin % is in cell F7 Profit Dollar amount is in cell F6 under 20% margin pay 15% commission on profit 21% to 30% margin pay 20% commission on...
  7. K

    Calculate tiered commisions on commulative monthly sales

    Hi - I have done a lot of reseach regarding tiered commision formulas in excel but none of them addresses how to calculate tiered commisions on cummulative monthly sales. The annual quota is $1,200,000. There are four commision tiers 0 - 80% of quota = 3% commision 80%- 100% of quota = 9%...

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