1. R

    Formula to work out commission structure

    Hi, I require a formula to work out a sales commission structure as a lot of online templates seem to be different structures. In a nutshell, when looking at the picture, I will require 5 of the same formulas which I can replicate which need to go into the cells in yellow in G2, G3, G4, G5 &...
  2. F

    Formula for Sales Milestone Payments 2022

    I am trying to write a formula that pays a specific milestone when cumulative sales are greater than a certain number. There are multiple tiers where this applies, but each milestone can only be paid once. Below are the milestone thresholds and amount paid when each is passed. Does anyone know...
  3. J

    Need a tier based commission calculating formula

    For a company, a salesperson gets paid the following way entirely in commission: 11% on all sales up to $100,000 12% on all sales $100,001 - 175,000 13% on all sales $175,001 - 250,000 14% on all sales $250,001 - 375,000 15% on all sales $375,001+
  4. L

    Excel Formula to Calculate Values

    I have a Excel Document with two tabs. The first tab is a commission log where I calculate the amount of commission payable and the date it was then paid to the person. I then have a second tab for the statistics so it counts how many orders were generated in a particular month (formula...
  5. B

    conditional formatting

    is there a rule I can setup so that the account number in column B highlights in red if I have a word in the description column I that would make it jump out as the incorrect account? like bonus payments go to 6950 and commission payments to 6955. I sometimes accidentally post them to the...
  6. M

    Help required with formula

    Hi, I need help with a formula that works out a commission based on the number of sales you get. The ount of commission you get is tiered dependant on number of sales 1-4 sales = £5 each 5-9 sales = £7.50 each 10+ sales = £12.50 each I have tried using a formula with IF statements but that...
  7. V

    Multiple IF commands

    Hello Freinds, I'm working on a data were in B columns I'm having "Recharge" Or "Transfer". I'm using IF formula to calculate the Transfer commission. If " Recharge" Is there, then the commission should be "0". Can anyone help to get this formula.
  8. J

    If query

    Hello, I would like to know how to create an IF query for multiple criteria. Basically I need to calculate commission based on the following criteria, brand type min margin if the type is used, then look at the sell price the answer to all of these will then need to look to know if what...
  9. R

    Is Power Query what I need?

    I perform a monthly analysis using source data that is over 400K lines of data. Each line contains information like transaction total, commission amount, and commission percentage. Currently, I have to manually remove any lines that fall within certain criteria. For example, if a line has a...
  10. C

    Splitting commission

    <tbody> <tbody> M N O P Q R S I put staff no. in here I have a formula in here when it generates sales person name after entering her staff no. in column M - formula is =INDEX('Staff info'!$a$3:$a$22,match($Q2,'Staff Info'!$G$3:$G$22,0)) Formula in here for single sales...
  11. R

    salesman commission calculation

    Dear Friends, Calculating Commission: Main sheet: Cells A1 to H5 <tbody> SALESMAN SALESMAN NO BILL NO BILL DATE SOLD AMOUNT PAYMENT RCVD BALANCE DAYS JOHN 20 AF-001 02-04-2018 1000 1000 0 10 JOHN 20 AF-042 14-04-2018 2000 2000 0 20 JOHN 20 AF-050 29-04-2018 3000 2500 500 12 JOHN 20...
  12. K

    Backwards - calculate required sales volume from desired commission amount on tiered commission structure

    Hi there, sorry if this has been answered somewhere else but the closest thread I could find was this one and it's not quite what I need. Real estate agents for a brokerage are...
  13. S

    Excel if formula

    I have a row in excel that calculates commissions. Once the total gets to $8,000 (B6 in the below example), I want the formula to no longer calculate commission. Commission should be zero. What formula do I put into the B column? Whenever I do an IF formula, I get a circular reference because I...
  14. A

    Sliding scale commission formula

    Hi all, I am not an advanced user of Excel by any means and am struggling to create a formula for calculating sliding scale sales commissions. I'm the manager of a real estate office and require a formula to assist with automatically calculating the commission payable to an agent based on their...
  15. L

    SumProduct calculation

    So I have a convoluted calculation that I need assistance with. I am trying to calculate commission for hair stylists and additional commission for products that they sell. I have no problem with the calculation that I am using for calculating their commission. Here is an example of what I am...
  16. L

    Interesting Commission Tier Calculator Wrinkle

    I've been looking through multiple posts and am familiar with utilizing SUMPRODUCT to calculate commission tiers that pay out different rates based on sales thresholds. As an example: Pay 10% from $0-$99; 15% from $100-$199; 20% from $200-$299 We have a new wrinkle in the comp plans this year...
  17. M

    Tiered Commission Structure

    Hi Community! I need some assistance please. I am trying to create an Excel file that will help me calculate my commissions, but there's an error in the formula I created. Here's our structure: <tbody> # of Members Commission Per Member 0-10 $3.50 11-30 $2.00 31-100 $1.00 >100 .50...
  18. P

    Auto Populate one table from another

    Good Morning I hope you are all well. I'm looking for some help on on designing commission sheets for my sales team. We have a master file for 2019 that lists every commission our company earns in roughly this format Date / Month / Salesman / Invoice No / Customer / Comm £ Each day new deals...
  19. C

    Calculating a tiered commission

    I have tried and tried many ways and cannot get a formula to work. PLEASE HELP! I am setting up a spreadsheet to calculate sales commissions. The tiers are: $0-$40,000 @ 50/50 $40,001-50,000 @ 60/40 $50,001-$60,000 @ 70/30 $60,001-$70,000 @80/20 $70,001 & up @ 90% It is cumulative...
  20. A

    Vlookup / index over multiple tables

    hey everyone! Having trouble wraping my head around a formula.. i have 3 tables; <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col span="6"><col><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody> Best Great Good 1 Year 3 - 6 Years 7 Years 1 Year 3 - 6 Years 7 Years 1 Year 3 - 6 Years 7 Years Quote...

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