common values within list

  1. M

    What function to find the most common values based off certain criteria?

    Good Afternoon All, This might seem easy to some, I just cant figure it out and I am not sure what keywords to enter if this was answered already. I am the manager of an appliance retail store and I have a lot of new employees who are making simple errors. I was hoping there was a function I...
  2. Tommy2Tables

    Where did the traveling salesman get the flu?

    I want to find what person is most likely to have infected my salesman. I have two tables, one of sick salesmen and their customers and the well salesmen and their customers. The customers overlap. I want to find the most common customers that might have made them sick by subtracting out the...
  3. G

    Match text and numbers from two spreadsheets based on common value

    Hi, I have one spreadsheet with two columns, with the headers: ID number and Chemical name. I have another spreadsheet with six columns: ID number, Chemical name, TEP 1, TEP 2, TEP 3 and TEP 4 (TEPs are numeric risk scores). I need to know what the TEP values are for the chemicals in the first...
  4. C

    How to chart frequency of values within a data set

    Hi everyone, I have a long list of numerical values, many of which are like. For each value, I want to figure out how many instances of that value exist within the list. For example, there are 14 0's, 18 7's, and 22 162's in this list. I counted these by hand, but I'd like to perform the same...

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