compare 2 worksheets

  1. L

    Stuck: Compare worksheet value and output to new file with unchanged AND changed values

    I've just started this job, and I know this can be done easier than it is right now. Currently, it takes days to manually locate changed data in a newly submitted file (WB2) and update the master spreadsheet (WB1). I've used the Compare worksheet function in Excel 2016 which has provided me...
  2. A

    Code was working fine then Runtime error

    I have a workbook in which I will import the current month's worksheet and run a code to compare with the previous month and return the differences onto a third worksheet. I was using the following code with no issues, then suddenly out of nowhere I get a "Runtime error '1004...
  3. S

    compare two workbooks for differences in a few columns of names

    good day everyone, I need help to compare a few columns in one workbook to another few columns in another workbook. vba or just simple conditional formatting, doesn't matter to me. the following is what I am working with. book1: is a name list with position number. column A has position...
  4. 1

    Compare 2 spreadsheets and highlight differences

    I did a search for compare threads and there are numerous posts but I didn't manage to find one of the more simpler tasks covered - I'm sure they are hiding in there somewhere! If you can point me towards one that meets my needs or if you can suggest a solution via Reply post I'd be very...
  5. A

    Excel: need to identify unique values across two sheets with multiple columns, need help ASAP please

    Hi, I was hoping to find a way to identify unique values across two sheets in excel. However I want to do this with four columns grouped together, so it would compare four columns in sheet 1 against four columns in sheet 2 to discover if it is a unique value within the entirety of the list. This...
  6. J

    Comparing two excel sheets and eliminates entering if values will not match

    I have two sheets i.e DATA & RAW DATA For example sheet DATA <tbody> A B C D E JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL TV 10 0 20 30 MOBILE 55 0 65 88 LAPTOP 0 85 55 60 </tbody> In RAW DATA sheet I am manually entering everything. For example in Raw data sheet A2 i have entered TV...
  7. C

    VBA - Compare cell against matrix with conditions

    Hi, I am scratching my head with this one and hoping to receive some useful insights/help.. Presently I have two datasets, for the purpose of this example let's call them "GPS Data" and "Routes". GPS data will list every stop a particular truck will stop at throughout the day (i.e. Super Mall...
  8. E

    VBA Compare Tool

    Hi, I would like to use a macro to do the following: I want to know what the differences are between sheet 1 & sheet 2 and list them up in sheet 3. Sheets 1 and 2 only have data in 1 column (Column A). The number of filled data should be variable. can somebody help me with this please?
  9. S

    Find unique Value and Count

    Hi all, This is my first time posting here after having read a lot of threads, but i'm currently facing something i cannot seem to solve. My situation is as follows: In one worksheet (A) of my Excel file I have a list of entries divided over four columns (A,B,C,D) and 8000 rows. these are...
  10. B

    Compare two sheets with columns/rows inserted

    Hi Everyone! I've been working on this problem for a while and I still can't figure it out. Essentially I will be taking a snapshot of data, and then comparing it to new data months later to find out what changed. I need a VBA code to highlight these differences even when rows/columns are...
  11. P

    Compare columns in 2 sheets

    How can I figure out what is in column A of sheet 2 that doesn't exist in column A of sheet 1.
  12. M

    How to compare and combine two Excel sheets? (mac Excel 2011)

    Hi guys, I've made a couple of example tables to explain my problem (see tables below). I'm struggling with the following: I have two sheets. Sheet T1 and sheet T2. I want Excel to take the data from column C from sheet T2 and put it into column D of sheet T1 to form sheet T3. So Excel...
  13. oldeirish

    VBA To Copy Data Particular To Separate Worksheet Based On Cell Value

    Hi, My workbook has contains two sheets that are used as follows. The first sheet (Current Data Source) downloads data from a remote database into 6 columns of data. The next week, I transfer this data (using VBA code) into another worksheet, with same six columns called Previous Data Source...
  14. D

    Compare Two workbooks and copy values

    I am working in Excel 2000. I have a main workbook named Pramon.xls which has 200 rows and columns A to P with data. I have other files which may have from 150 to 250 rows and columns from A to H. I wish to compare values in Column D of Pramon.xls with D column values of the second workbook...
  15. J

    Comparing Two Data Sets

    Hi all! I am working with two different data tables. Data Set A has 2 columns and Data Set B has 4 columns. The 2 columns in Data Set A are the same information as the first 2 columns in Data Set B. I am looking for some guidance as to how create a macro that finds exact matches between A & B...
  16. L

    Comparing cells of text in two different sheets to find and highlight differences/updates

    This is my first post - I've been lurking for a long time and it seems I always need an answer right away, so I've never actually tried this, so here goes! I'm sorry if it's lengthy... I see how frustrating posts are without enough detail so I may overdo it a bit. My Specs: Excel 2007, Windows...
  17. S

    Compare two sheets and copy match value to new sheet

    Hi, I am new to macros and am trying to solve a problem where I have some data in sheet1 and sheet2. Data on Sheet1 is as follows: #Unit test Maths History Science 1 70 55 95 2 60 64 52 3 50 85 33 4 75 60 62 5 65 70 94 6 40 55 86 7...
  18. A

    Macro Needed To Compare two list and copy data to another Sheet

    Hi Guys, I need a macro which can do following thing. <colgroup><col span="17"></colgroup><tbody> Sheet1 Sheet2 Results in Sheet3 Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E Column A Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E AA X X X...
  19. T

    Match cell on sheet 1 with another sheet 2 and paste value of cell directly underneath first sheet

    Hi, I am having a doosey of a time, familiar with excel and newbie to VBA. I know that the format of my first sheet is not up to recommended specs, but had to do it this way for ease of entering for the user...... They have windows 7 64 bit and are running excel 2010. I use a macro to search...
  20. A

    Random Row comparison in two worksheets

    Hello Guys, I have two excel sheets and i need to compare the rows and highlight them, the problem is the rows are random and even the columns are not even. Below is the sample data Ex: Sheet 1 Members Test1 test2 test3 test4 Key 2 3 4 Sheet2 Members Test1 test2 test3...

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