compare lists

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    Highlight entry based on list

    I have a list of 5,000 contacts created for an email blast that includes email address, first and last name, and company name. I have a separate list of company names I do not want to receive an email. I want to create a formula (or conditional formatting?) that would compare the 2 lists and...
  2. G

    Matching Columns

    All, I have a spreadsheet with 10 lists on all displaying the top 10 numbers/users from a master list based on various criteria. What I need to do Is search on all of the lists and see if any users appear in more than 1 list. So in this example for instance in Cell J1 I want the first name...
  3. M

    Matching students to teachers based on set crteria

    I am looking to match students from the students table to teachers in the Teacher Table. The criteria is the following: A teach can only have one student Student should be matched with a teacher based on the following : Their preferred area in Column N with the Teacher Area in Column C...
  4. F

    VBA - Comparing two lists with multiple columns and returning mismatches in another range

    I have the following problem that I need to solve with VBA: I have two lists in the same sheet with 3 columns each with multiple rows (about 100). I would like to compare both lists and return the mismatches in another range in the same sheet. The second list is the master list and the...
  5. R

    Compare 2 Lists to Generate List of Updates

    Hello Gurus, Working in Excel 2007. I'm attempting to compare 2 lists located on separate sheets of the same workbook. The comparison should be based on columns A B & C on both sheets with one twist, from this comparison I would like to generate a new list, to be located on a third sheet, of...
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    VBA - Compare Two Lists on seperate sheets

    Hello everyone! :) Thank you for all the great solutions I could copy/paste from here to use for my own projects. Unfortunately I do now have a rather simple task, which I can figure out to work. I've tried several attempts, but did not get a satisfying result. The situation is the following: I...
  7. A

    macro to compare 2 different lists and update what is missing

    Hi,I would like to ask if there is one way to compare macro 2 different lists and update what is missing, something like the following post which works nice, but I have a special need, column A...
  8. J

    Compare two lists and paste content if match is found

    I need to search the content from one list (List A, Column A) for the mention of items from another list (List B, Column A), and if any matches are found, I need to publish in Column B of List A the data from Column B of the associated matching item of List B. Can anyone help? Tables below to...
  9. L

    Compare data over time - need to form a list of leavers and joiners on a monthly basis

    Hi I have 12 sheets (one per month) containing standardised data of employees. On a commentary page I would like to show leavers and joiners (i.e. they weren't in the previous months list or they are no longer in the list although they were last month). My first though was a vlookup, but...

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