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    Compare 2 Rows in Power BI and Delete Matched Rows

    Please see below scenarios and provide your suggestions, My data source is in Oracle to power bi and as per my requirements I need to compare order no rows, if order number has .1 then I need to find order number without .1 and delete both rows. Does any one has any suggestion...
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    Compare values between rows

    Hi, Im looking to compare the price of items in a spreadsheet. In the example below, Im looking for a function for the Higher or Lower column that compares Item ID "1" with itself and identifies which is the higher and lower price of the two. <tbody> Item ID Price Higher or Lower 1...
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    Compare rows in a table and apply format to duplicates

    Hi All, I got a table and want to compare all rows among themselves. If any 2 or more rows contain same values on 7 of their columns then the second (and all subsequent) duplicates are to be formatted. I wrote the following code but it does not work well.... 1. it only works when there are not...
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    Compare data on two sheets and copy range if it condition is met

    Hello, I am working on this spreadsheet for a while and can't get it working...any help is appreciated On the first worksheet "transactions" a row contains a financial transaction. With another macro new transactions are imported when available in another file. For a new transaction on a row...
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    Formula comparing two rows of data and summing

    I have this formula (red) that I have to change manually each month. It is the sum of actuals to date plus projections for the remaining months when the actual is zero (not yet reported). <TABLE style="WIDTH: 728pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=971...
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    Identifying and Sorting Unique Entries

    :warning:PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!!!:warning: I am being very detailed in this, so I hope there's no confusion... I'm still a newbie, but I'm starting to get the hang of this though writing macros is still hard. I have a project which requires that I check over 50,000 rows of data to make sure...
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    Search 2 excel files for match and dups

    Hello friends, I am in desperate need for help with a macro (just beginning to learn to write them). I have an excel file (COMP1) which has several hundred rows (records), with 12 columns each. The other excel file (COMP2) has 20+ worksheets with the same number of columns. One or more of...
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    Compare length of two rows

    In a large sheet I have several pivottables, using a dynamic range of sourcedata. I want one empty column between two tables. Due to the dynamic range and some conditions for (self genererated) tabletitles, the cell for the next table to start can be different every time around. I therefore...

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