1. L

    VBA to copy rows where Date is greater than mentioned in cell

    I have a excel file with two sheets. Secon tab stored all previosu data and in the first tab I am adding new data every day. I need to comapre dates in column from 1st sheet and 2nd sheet and then copy from 1st tab only those lines where date is greater then in second tab (of course copy and...
  2. D

    Compare two sheets using Key cell

    I know this has been asked a thousand times, but my case is a little different. I have a workbook with a master sheet and then a sheet where people make updates to the data provided from the master sheet. Sometimes they add rows and some times they remove rows, change data in row cells etc. the...
  3. G

    Compare Two Workbooks and Display Discrepancies in Another Sheet

    Hello! I am trying to create a "user-friendly" method of comparing two workbooks and displaying the results in a new sheet. Every month I have to reconcile our employee deductions against our vendor invoice. Currently, I am using Excel with Power Query and merging the two using the employee...
  4. S

    Looking to compare 2 Column and find closest match then sort

    hello , I have this 2 list ,and I want the same word to be in the same row ( Ex : row 1 contains : "Service 351" in A1 and "Service 82" in B1 ) , please help and ty ♥
  5. R

    Problem with Excel VBA comparing code not working

    I'm trying to run a compare though multiple sheets but i keep getting an error "Runtime error 9 subscript out of range" The code I'm trying to run is Sub Comp_TEST() Dim ar As Variant Dim var() Dim i As Long Dim n As Long Dim Last_Row As Long Dim WS As Worksheet For Each WS In...
  6. T

    VBA to insert rows based on cell value compared to array

    After commenting on this thread, I was advised to post a new question. I am writing a macro to insert rows in a sheet based on whether the first part of the value in colA corresponds to a certain value in an array. Initially, I had the array fill into G3:G15 as text, then the sub compared the...
  7. S

    Advanced return values that don't match and highlight cells

    I'm looking for formulae that will compare Sheet1 and Sheet2, searching Sheet2 for cells that don't match columns C-E for the associated ID and Date (columns A & B) in Sheet1. Further, I'd like to highlight in Sheet1 whatever cells in columns C-E that don't have matches in that can be found in...
  8. F

    Compare cells, if true, result in another column

    Hi all, See attachment for example My students makes a exam. I want compare two columns and return a result in an another column. Example: B5 result: M5 result compare with O1:O223, if true compare it with P1:P223 and that's the result =SUM(C5:L5) result 19 . Searching 19 in column O and...
  9. S

    Comparing rows on two sheets with ID.

    I have two sheets with information like in the picture. (sheet 1 and 2) Sheet 1 is old information and sheet 2 is new information. Column A is the ID of the row. What i would like, is a comparision between the two sheets, where it would check for added and removed ID's (Column A), or if a row...
  10. R

    Copy named rows based on new sheet based on text comparison of two cells

    Good day everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. So here's what I'm trying to do...I need a VBS that will loop through a workbook of multiple worksheets and look at columns C and D for differences as long as the text does not match "Default settings" or "Configurations settings". If there are...
  11. A

    How to find usual credit card amounts by each day of the month?

    [having trouble uploading sample data] The credit card period runs from the 6th of month 1 and ends on the 5th of month 2. Then, the payment is due on the 2nd of Month 3. Then, the 6th of month 2 runs to the 5th of month 3. etc. I am trying to find the typical credit card amount for each day of...
  12. S

    Comparing two sheets. All columns?

    The code below are for comparing two diffrent sheets in one workbook. it compares rows in column A, and it works excelent. Do anyone know how to make it compare rows through all columns (A-M), and not just A? appriciate any help. Sub Compare() Dim LR As Long Dim x As Range Dim xr As Range...
  13. Q

    Compare two columns and add missing string + value to two different columns vba

    Hey you! I was trying to tweak the code provided by mumps in this thread: Find missing values between two columns with VBA With 0 success and I'm super desperate, however, I need to have this solved today in order to go to bed peacefully. The workbook is used to have an overview of Product...
  14. D

    Compare and Combine Columns into One Column

    Hello All, I have 3 columns, all using different Vlookups to find me the Internal ID of a product. I've used Vlookup against, SKU, MPN, and Vendor Code hence the 3 columns. I want to combine all 3 into 1 but first compare them. At first, I tried to use 'Concat' but if the value exists in 2...
  15. B

    Spreadsheet compare - Error opening workbook. This workbook may be password protected. But isn't.

    I'm trying to use spreadsheet compare. Sometimes it works fine. Sometimes I have that error message about the file being password protected. I'm usually trying to compare an autosaved file - when I'll open Excel 365, I get that box on the left 'do you want to save this'. I can't tell if the...
  16. H

    How to compare columns using conditions

    Can anyone tell me if this is possible at all? I have a sheet which keeps track of my horse racing results. The number of runners in the race are recorded in column F and the finish position of the runners is recorded in column AC I want to determine which races do NOT have the same number of...
  17. J

    Reference list of truck routes to roster

    Hey guys, I need to make a formula that compares the list of truck routes in column F to the days of my roster, and spits out the missing routes from roster (ideally a list under each day). The roster is normally sorted out alphabetically by surname, but sometimes by truck routes.
  18. H

    Compare Dataset Counts Using Multiple Parameters

    Hi everyone, I'm migrating data from a legacy source information system to a new information system and want to confirm a variety of counts of values from the source data against the counts of the same values from the migrated data to ensure the counts match as a way to verify the records...
  19. X

    Simplest way to compare tabular data for two dates (preferably using PIVOT)

    Hi. I'm looking for the simplest way to analyze data stored in a tabular format in an excel sheet and make comparisons (text as well as value fields) using dates as columns. To clarify, I have data for five days spanning over 20 different columns stored in an excel sheet. For each day, the date...
  20. R

    Compare two files and highlight differences

    Hello, I need to compare two files (File A and FIle B) and highlight the differences (in File A). The two Files may have different columns but I only want to compare two of the columns with the same name. See below for Column info: Identification Number...
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