1. S

    VBA - Compare Two Sheets and Pull Results on New Sheet

    Hi all, My skill in translating logic into a formula and especially VBA is very limited. Hopefully the below makes sense. Basically I was hoping for a VBA code that pulls through results on to a new sheet by using the reference column A (Order Ref) in Sheet 2 and comparing columns of the...
  2. P

    VBA strange behavior of comparison result between String and Variant

    Hi friends, the other day, someone posted an issue on the web asking why the statement "i < ActiveSheet.Rows.Count" returns False, in which the variable "i" is declared as a String and is assigned an integer value 3. I have been thinking about this problem for two days and still can't figure out...
  3. S

    VBA - Code for comparing two sheets and extracting rows based on unique column value

    I was hoping for a code that will compare 1000s of entries in column A between sheet 1 and sheet 2 - and then extract the rows of those unique values in column A onto a new sheet (sheet 3) See below from example - Sheet1 1 QWE DOG QWE DOG 2 ASD CAT ASD CAT 3 ZXC MOUSE ZXC MOUSE...
  4. M

    Transfer columns from comparable workbook if cell value exists

    Hello, I have a report fire every morning (1 workbook with 1 sheet) showing what active items need to be worked on (my team tasks are no color fill rows and all others team tasks are grey fill rows). Columns A and lets say J are blank for me to write status notes/dates in. Once I push it out...
  5. J

    Match function for first sentences Only

    Hi All, I am working on a project whereby we have been provided a new list of descriptions with new codining to re-price. We also have years of existing data where the descriptions are somewhat similiar and have been working to match these with the existing codes we have as a base point. I...
  6. B

    Find missing values in two lists

    Hi all, This should be a simple problem but I seem unable to sort it: I have a list of numerical and word product codes in B44:B60, e.g HJK/5566712/19 A macro button on each row can copy the data from B44 over to H44 when sent to another department. Hitting the button again undoes the...
  7. K

    Comparing two sheets

    Hello gurus, I've been trying to nut this one out but it's got me stumped. Scenario: I have two worksheets. The 2nd (System Security Plan Annex Template (March 2023)) is considered a new version of the first (System Security Plan Annex Template (December 2022)) therefore it will mostly have the...
  8. H

    Formulas Needed for Report Comparison

    Hello lovely Excel friends...I need help. Getting back into my daily excel use and trying to dust off my fomulas knowledge. I have 2 reports in Excel that I need to cross compare. Both reports have Employee Names and ID numbers, both have varying dates of attendance incidents. I need to compare...
  9. R

    Index items if value in one coulum is zero but in other date (coulum) have value

    Hello and thanks for your help I have two sheets with different date , i want to return items if in one sheets have value and the other with zero And i have some condition like this picture
  10. M

    Tracking overlap with a function

    I am looking for an automatic way to identify overlap and still count totals acurately. This might take a bit of explaining. In the table below, Columns A,B and C show values 1 through to 50 group in data sets. The first row, I am looking at lines 1 through to 10 which is a total of 10 lines...
  11. C

    Compare two spreadsheets, output all the differences

    We have two spreadsheets both containing a product (the same in both spreadsheets) and a serial number. We'd like to compare both of these, naturally based on product and output all the serial numbers that are found in spreadsheet 2 for one particular product. The product can be found in both...
  12. E

    Match a County to a City found in an Address

    Hey, I am looking for some guidance on how I might achieve the following: I have a column (column H) of full addresses, for example: 1234 SW 80th Pl, Miami, FL 33331 On another sheet, I have a list of COUNTIES in column A, and CITY in column B. COUNTY CITY Palm Beach Acacia Villas...
  13. V

    VBA - compare two worksheets

    Hello everyone, I'm having difficulty with how to make a VBA, which compares all the values of a worksheet in another. I tried to do it this way, but it didn't work: Sub CompareSheets() Dim RowSheet1 As Long Dim RowSheet2 As Long RowSheet2 = 1 While Sheet2.Range("A" & RowSheet2).Value <>...
  14. B

    What do I need to use?

    Hello -- thanks for reading this post. I am very stuck on this problem i have attached an image to explain better - i need to check Column B Title and Find all Exact Matching values from other Columns C D E F (attributes) and give an output In Column H I J K - in order to find out which sku has...
  15. G

    VBA to Compare Two Worksheets Based on Multiple Columns and Output Results to User Built Template

    Hello everyone! I am working on simplifying our employee benefit reconcile process at work. With over 500 employees and 16 different enrollment options, the current reconcile process is messy and prone to errors. I've created a flow in Power Automate Desktop (PAD) that allows the user to...
  16. R

    Compare if exact match return the ID adjacent to it

    Hi, I've got two workbooks ExtOrgsList.xlsx contains an ID of a Customer. The ID is in Column A and the Customer name is in Column B. Destination.csv has column AN which contains the Customer names. The code below works but if there's any deviation in the name it returns the partial match...
  17. G

    VBA to Compare Two Workbooks Using a Common Identifier, Compare Matches, Export Mismatches

    I am working on a project to reconcile payroll data. I apologize if I ramble, I've tried to lay this out the best that I could, but as usual, my mind is scattered! Any input or suggestions is greatly appreciated! I have an outline of what I am wanting to do: User Selection...
  18. T

    [VBA] Compare Two Sheets, Highlight Differences, But Consider Add/Remove Rows

    Hi, This is my second code in VBA, which will hopefully work; so consider me a beginner. I have two workbooks that I want to compare and highlight differences. I've prepared a VBA code but if any rows are added or deleted it marks them too, which goes against what I want to do. Aim: Every time...
  19. R

    compare two dates and check if the date exceeds another one for a month or not

    Hi there, anybody can help me with the date comparison? I just want to compare two dates then i wanna know if date in colum B exceeds date in colum A for a month and 3 months. if true just put a text on colum C. ABC115/12/202215/01/2023EXCEEDS FOR A MONTH215/12/202215/03/2023EXCEEDS FOR 3...
  20. L

    VBA to copy rows where Date is greater than mentioned in cell

    I have a excel file with two sheets. Secon tab stored all previosu data and in the first tab I am adding new data every day. I need to comapre dates in column from 1st sheet and 2nd sheet and then copy from 1st tab only those lines where date is greater then in second tab (of course copy and...

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