1. F

    VBA comparing Cells

    Need help with this. Looked through some similar posts but couldnt figure out how to adapt them. I got a value in cell B2 and a value in Cell B1 (a value between 0-10). They are values that are not allowed to be the same. If the value in B2 ends up to be the same as in cell B1 i need to call...
  2. nareshmedarmatila

    Need to compare two Sheets using Macro

    Hello All, I need a big favor regarding a work I need to compare sheet1 which consists old data and Sheet2 Which consists Some new data or edited one I need to compare two sheets and need to highlight or need to cross check which is same and Different. I don't know how to wirte vba code so...
  3. D

    Compare specific Column in two sheets and append data to last available row

    Hello, I am fairly new to vba and i am having a hard time coding something that will solve my issue :( I have two data sources I wish to combine. Sheet 1 Data source on Sheet1 contains 2 columns: AccountID and Cost. Source is in cells A3:B3 (data row starts in A4) for 1 to N records. A...
  4. T

    Compare 2 columns and one of them has partial value of the other

    I have a macro that compares the column of a table with the column of another (both are extracted from an application), and returns me which values do not exist in both. However, the Table4[MSG_DESCRIPTION] column has a limit of 50 characters, and the Table3[Title] column has 500 characters. I...
  5. S

    Compare 2 VBA projects

    Hello friends, I am doing various updates on more than one "workbook". I forget some of the updates I made when it came to order. Is there an application that compares "workbooks" to prevent this? vba page is quite limited, i can't even open two codes side by side on the same page. What is...
  6. M

    Vlookup when multiple same value in both columns

    I want to vlookup with supplier and product with other file "Comparing file" which has supplier and product. if value matches and status is completed , Mark as Yes in output Supplier Product Status Output AB XY-1 Completed Yes AB XY-1 Completed Yes AB XY-2 Completed Yes BC ZA-1...
  7. H

    Compare 2 Cells With Numbers Which Have A Seperator

    I have 2 columns of data, Y & Z; they are times of goals scored. I want to create a column which will compare the data in those 2 columns and tell me whether the Home or Away team scored first. The issue I have is that many games do not simply have 1 goal, or 1 goal from each team. Often one...
  8. T

    Compare Two Delimited Lists and Determine if Values are the Same

    Hello, I am trying to come up with a function that compares two delimited lists to see if they are made up of the same values. Each list is in its own cell, can be variable length, and can have variable order. I'll give a few examples of inputs and outputs to display what I am trying to...
  9. tourless

    Finding text, comparing values, and adding to existing

    Hi Folks, I have two sheets, 'Details' (contains invoice line items) and 'Summary' (contains invoice totals only. Both sheets contain values starting at row 6 and have intermittent spaces between sets of values. Details is separated by invoice numbers in column C and Summary is separated by...
  10. Johnny Thunder

    Formula Help: Need to combine two CountIF's within a IF/AND Statement

    Hi, I am working with a formula that I am getting some weird results and hopin someone has a solution. I have two Concatenate formulas that combine about 3 Columns of data, These formulas are in Col J:K. I then have two other columns that individually look at each concatenate formula nand...
  11. Y

    compare and find prize through prefix

    Hi guys I was wondering if someone could help me with this challenage. I am looking for a formula to calculate a prize based on the prefix (telephonenumber breakout). These breakouts are to call international. See below the prefix and rate example template. It works like this, if the prefix is...
  12. R

    Compare Dates in Various Columns

    Hi There, How can I check to see if all rows in columns A, B, and C have the same dates and spot the rows where the dates are different in these columns? Thanks.
  13. F

    Lottery verification

    I have an excel program where I count the numbers for the past year then use the count to pick my lottery numbers. I have won small amounts for the past year every week but never amounts over $100 so now I would like to refine my program to look at the past years drawings and compare it to my...
  14. S

    Compare each cell of a row with another row from another excel file

    So, hey people. Thank you for reading this and for putting some thought into it. I have a long line in an excel file, let's call it X, that I need to compare it with another line from another excel file, we'll call it Y. The thing is that the Y line has the same first 6 cells as the X one...
  15. R

    Array compare?

    I have a project (proprietary, can't go into details, sorry) where I read in data from a server and convert it to a user friendly graphical form. It get's repeated over time and sometimes the source data will slightly change from what was previoulsy imported. My users have asked for me to do a...
  16. C

    compare current column with previous column

    I have data somethins like this a b c 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 3 1 2 1 4 1 2 2 5 2 1 1 6 2 1 2 7 2 2 1 8 2 2 2 I have excel formula which...
  17. LocalNeko

    VBA - Comparing two sheets and placing the difference on the second sheet

    Hello Once Again. I've been working on a project that I previously posted here. Looking at it from another angle, I think I found a solution where-in I need help. Here is the code I am Using Sub SheetCompare() Sheets(6).Activate '6 is the main sheet 'Cells.Clear 'and clear...
  18. I

    Compare two dates - Return an "expired" comment

    I am trying to compare the date in D4 with date in N4. If date in D4 is greater than N4, I want a comment "Expired".
  19. N

    list missing people from a list

    I have a group of 10 people doing 5 roles in a spreadsheet. I would like a cell to contain the five people NOT doing a role. So the formula would check the five cells, compare with a reference containing all ten initials, and list the initials of people not in a role.
  20. K

    Compare 2 columns in one worksheet to another

    I have a file with over 100K rows and was wondering if there is a quick way to compare columns C and D in Previous Month to Current Month and vice-versa then output differences to Differences worksheet.

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