1. G

    Comparison of VBA vs VB syntax etc

    I have been developing an API-based program using excel VBA because I can make user interface easily in excel worksheets. But the program is getting large and slow. My program calls millions of API function each run, up to 1 hour. The calling iteration seems to overhead the running time and it...
  2. B

    Dealing with overlapping time ranges using Excel VBA

    Hi, I have a really big table in Excel that has multiple rows where each row contains a comparison between two employees that had worked over the same time. See examples of some sample rows in the image below: My aim is to find out which employees had the highest income during the day but I...
  3. G

    Comparing Day of Week with Date from Previous Years

    Good day, I'm having a struggle trying to figure out how to do something regarding DOW and Dates. For example, in the dataset I have Sunday, August 1s 2021 has the number 100 and I want to compare that against the first Sunday in August 2019, not against the 1st (date) itself because that is a...
  4. M

    Comparing two ID's values on unique named entities in VBA - Then highlight & show rule violations

    Hi all, I have a challenge where I am dealing with large sets of data for an astronomy project (mapping anomolous planets)! I would prefer not to do any Vlookups, as there is currently a cell-by-cell approach to comparing this array that is very slow. I'm trying to compare the ID's in col B...
  5. K

    VBA: column comparison and sheet comparison with delete

    Hi, new to the forum and have been researching different VBAs to use. I've tried to combine a few so I am not sure if this can be done or maybe I shouldn't bother with this whole scenario as it could be too long. Here is my scenario: I have a master sheet of data. I used a VBA to compare my...
  6. L

    Best Approach to create a column to display the comparison between current lap time and previous lap time?

    Hello guys, I have been trying for a few days to come up with the best approach to creating a column that will follow these rules, as yet without success: - It will read in a previously calculated cell *let us call it F41 for later reference* that has worked out the previous best lap time...
  7. R

    Equal number and date being treated as different when comparing them

    Hello and thank you for any help you can provide. So, I have a userform I am using to edit a main database, It looks like this: I am using Vlookup to fetch details in the userform when a serial number is input. The code is as follows: Private Sub txtSerial_AfterUpdate()...
  8. C

    Comparison match for text

    I am trying to do a comparison of uneven columns of text to see if the other column contains a match. I want to make it not case-sensitive. I have tried doing an IF statement. Is there anything else you recommend?
  9. kelly mort

    Finding words match in a string or an array

    I don't want to break any rules here. And if I am doing so then I am sorry. I have posted a quest here Which looks like what I am posting again. But this seems a bit clearer. After re-looking at...
  10. G

    Fill right VBA is skipping over a column

    I have a command button that adds a column to a table. The table has formulas that need to be filled to the right with each new column added. Here is the vba that I have been using to achieve this: Dim ws As Worksheet, oLo As ListObject Set ws = Sheets("Competitor Comparison") With ws Set...
  11. S

    Comparing text in 2 different cells

    Hi It is easy to do the above as per My question: Can one do such a comparison without extra spaces in one cell being counted in the comparison? In other words, if the only difference between the 2 cells is an extra space in a sentence, I...
  12. H

    IF column comparison + 1 more criteria

    Hi, I am performing two IF criteria: 1) Compare Column B to Column A for a matched cell value 2) Column C contains any value I want "NO" to be no cell match and any value found I have the below so far: Many thanks
  13. B

    Player Comparison Formula

    Hello, everyone! I have a workbook for you all to look at so you can better understand my problem. In the 'Player Comparisons' worksheet, a list is used in A1 that helps find the closest comparisons to the player selected and puts the names of those comparisons in cells D2-D6. In the 'Players'...
  14. A

    Comparison Failing

    I feel this should be a very easy solution, but I am finding myself struggling. For p = 70 To 73 If tpgo = "<" Then pdd = format(ws_sbase.Cells(p, 2), "h:mm am/pm") If pdd >...
  15. K

    If value in list, then assign label

    Hi All, Good morning/afternoon/evening depending on where you are in the world. I've run into a little problem on this fine Monday morning! I feel like its a really easy one and I'm just being an idiot, or the weekend hasn't quite worn off completely I'm not sure! I've tried looking online and...
  16. P

    Simpler Conditional Row Creation

    I'm currently working on a project intended to simplify the user interface for a table. This table can run in the hundreds of rows and as-is these need to be entered manually line-by-line. We want to create a system in which the table will fill most of its lines based on the information of a...
  17. R

    MACRO HELP NEEDED: Complex comparison, text coloring, and reporting between an old and new sheet.

    I have a complex macro in my mind that I want to build, but such little macro experience that I just can't build it alone. One workbook. Three sheets. Several hundred rows, but only columns A through G. Sheet1 "Old" Sheet 2 "New" Sheet 3 "Final" Sheet 4 "Report" Each workbook has the exact same...
  18. M

    Compare + Find + Write Equation

    Hello, I got stuck with my computation. I will try to explain the problem but it is rather complicated to do so. The first task is to compare values for each cell in two columns in Sheet2 with another values in Sheet1. (e.g. if sh2.A1=sh1.B:B and sh2.C1=sh1.F:F then...) If those match, in...
  19. J

    timevalue() # value error

    have sheet with now() in A1 and timevalue(9:00") in A2 need to perform an operation in other cells based on a comparison of the two cells. the following formula returns the #value error. =IF(RIGHT(A1,9)>A2,B4,C6) any help greatly appreciated
  20. J

    Perform operations on a cell range inside a formula

    I need to compare to columns using index/match but round each value before comparison. Could create a dummy column but that is very cumbersome and ugly. is there a way to perform an operation on each cell value before the comparison =match(round(a6,1),Sheet!A6:A1000) I need...

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