1. C

    Comparison match for text

    I am trying to do a comparison of uneven columns of text to see if the other column contains a match. I want to make it not case-sensitive. I have tried doing an IF statement. Is there anything else you recommend?
  2. kelly mort

    Finding words match in a string or an array

    I don't want to break any rules here. And if I am doing so then I am sorry. I have posted a quest here Which looks like what I am posting again. But this seems a bit clearer. After re-looking at...
  3. G

    Fill right VBA is skipping over a column

    I have a command button that adds a column to a table. The table has formulas that need to be filled to the right with each new column added. Here is the vba that I have been using to achieve this: Dim ws As Worksheet, oLo As ListObject Set ws = Sheets("Competitor Comparison") With ws Set...
  4. S

    Comparing text in 2 different cells

    Hi It is easy to do the above as per My question: Can one do such a comparison without extra spaces in one cell being counted in the comparison? In other words, if the only difference between the 2 cells is an extra space in a sentence, I...
  5. H

    IF column comparison + 1 more criteria

    Hi, I am performing two IF criteria: 1) Compare Column B to Column A for a matched cell value 2) Column C contains any value I want "NO" to be no cell match and any value found I have the below so far: Many thanks
  6. B

    Player Comparison Formula

    Hello, everyone! I have a workbook for you all to look at so you can better understand my problem. In the 'Player Comparisons' worksheet, a list is used in A1 that helps find the closest comparisons to the player selected and puts the names of those comparisons in cells D2-D6. In the 'Players'...
  7. A

    Comparison Failing

    I feel this should be a very easy solution, but I am finding myself struggling. For p = 70 To 73 If tpgo = "<" Then pdd = format(ws_sbase.Cells(p, 2), "h:mm am/pm") If pdd >...
  8. K

    If value in list, then assign label

    Hi All, Good morning/afternoon/evening depending on where you are in the world. I've run into a little problem on this fine Monday morning! I feel like its a really easy one and I'm just being an idiot, or the weekend hasn't quite worn off completely I'm not sure! I've tried looking online and...
  9. P

    Simpler Conditional Row Creation

    I'm currently working on a project intended to simplify the user interface for a table. This table can run in the hundreds of rows and as-is these need to be entered manually line-by-line. We want to create a system in which the table will fill most of its lines based on the information of a...
  10. R

    MACRO HELP NEEDED: Complex comparison, text coloring, and reporting between an old and new sheet.

    I have a complex macro in my mind that I want to build, but such little macro experience that I just can't build it alone. One workbook. Three sheets. Several hundred rows, but only columns A through G. Sheet1 "Old" Sheet 2 "New" Sheet 3 "Final" Sheet 4 "Report" Each workbook has the exact same...
  11. M

    Compare + Find + Write Equation

    Hello, I got stuck with my computation. I will try to explain the problem but it is rather complicated to do so. The first task is to compare values for each cell in two columns in Sheet2 with another values in Sheet1. (e.g. if sh2.A1=sh1.B:B and sh2.C1=sh1.F:F then...) If those match, in...
  12. J

    timevalue() # value error

    have sheet with now() in A1 and timevalue(9:00") in A2 need to perform an operation in other cells based on a comparison of the two cells. the following formula returns the #value error. =IF(RIGHT(A1,9)>A2,B4,C6) any help greatly appreciated
  13. J

    Perform operations on a cell range inside a formula

    I need to compare to columns using index/match but round each value before comparison. Could create a dummy column but that is very cumbersome and ugly. is there a way to perform an operation on each cell value before the comparison =match(round(a6,1),Sheet!A6:A1000) I need...
  14. O

    How to compare data in two columns that are not written in the same way

    Hello, I have a datasheet with 35000 datas in one column and I have to compare it with another colomn that contain 10-15 lines. The problem is that the way they are written are not the same. For example in one column I have : Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - x86...
  15. R

    VBA: Compare Cell Contents to Multiple Arrays

    Hi Excel Experts, I need some help creating VBA code that will accomplish a very repetitive task. I have 2 sheets of data, I need to compare Sheet 1 to a specific range on Sheet 2 and where a value from that range on Sheet 2 appears in the PIO String (column 3) it needs to be removed from the...
  16. R

    Any recommendations to speed up VBA comparison function? [long]

    Wrote this mass of VBA code in order to compare sentences for equality. Any recommendations for speeding it up? Not looking to use other programs (though it would be easier) as VBA is the only current one I have access to. Looking for better algorithms for assignment issue as well as removing...
  17. P

    Cricket players comparison

    Is there any way to compare the players of 2 cricket team in excel basis of their last performance, ground, team etc? I have csv files of each player downloaded from ESPN stat guru.
  18. A

    Cell data comparison not working

    Hi all, I'm comparing two cells data (G50 and G66) to see if they're equal, each is calculated via a formula, and the results are not correct. The comparison formula is =IF(G50<>G66,1,0). Both cells data evaluates to £12499.00, so therefore I'm expecting the result of the comparison formula to...
  19. D

    Compare several worksheets to 1 worksheet in Excel 2016

    Hello, I am looking for code to take a comparison of one worksheet with all the data to the 7 worksheets with the original data. Can someone help with a code that allows me to place a phrase with address of original next to the comparison or even onto a new worksheet? All the data is in 1...
  20. N

    Comparison Chart in Excel

    Hi All, Could do with some assistance in improving the view of a comparison chart for data similar to below <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Prog Week past fixed point open closed Prog 1 13 1 6 3 15 2 5 2 Prog 2 13 3 4 1 15 4 3 4 Prog 3 13 5 2 5 15 6...

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