1. T

    Can you have 2 pivot tables with the same data source that are not linked to each other.

    I have a pivot table. I then made a second pivot table (using Insert|Pivottable) based on the identical data range. I want them to be "completely independent" views of the same source data. But, when i do certain things in the second pivot table, changes are made to the first pivot table...
  2. J

    Trying to Create a Pricing Curve

    I have three quantities with prices: 30 - $6,313 100 - $5,592 300 - $5,261 I am trying to determine the price for each quantity in between the quantities above (31, 32, 33, 34, 35 etc). Honestly I am completely stuck and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. L

    Array is giving me a blank cell

    I have an array that takes two lists of dates that are in the same column and re-organizes them in chronological order and ignores blank cells that are a result of a gap in the two lists. For some reason it is completely ignoring one data point and giveing me a blank intead on row 101. I have...
  4. S

    Remove Rows that exceed min/max

    I have a flow of .html files that needs two processes don Remove all rows in column C the contain a value less than -3 and greater than 3 Remove all rows containing the at of the following: COND TOP D-LINE T-LINE SER-LINE I am completely new to macros and virtual basic. Please...
  5. S

    Formatting Issues in the Excel

    Greetings from india! I have a problem with my worksheets. Sometimes I may come across a sheet with formatting that will simply never go away no matter what I try. I'm talking about numerical formatting. Is there a way to completely remove all formatting without deleting the values in the...
  6. P

    Need a macro to copy rows only when certain columns are completely empty

    I realized that my title earlier was way to generic. I think this title makes things far more clear. Good afternoon all. I am a PhD student and I have just started to clean my data. The raw data was downloaded from freeonlinesurveys. I am cleaning my data in stages. For my first stage, I want...
  7. P

    Need a macro to copy rows only when certain columns are completely empty

    Hello all I am cleaning my data in stages. For my first stage, I want to eliminate all the rows where my survey participant did not answer any questions (meaning he or she wasn't truly a participant). I will know this if columns F through BK are completely empty. So what is need is this...
  8. F

    Adjust either plot area of chart to allow th horizontal category axis to be seen

    I have a chart with the horizontal axis rotated 270 degrees. I need to have the chart adjust as I make changes via VBA. This is what is recorded, but I don't know the exact height. How can this be modified to allow the horizontal axis is be completely visible and not scrunched up? Sub...
  9. G

    Completely Turn Off User Form

    frm_pdfimp.Show Hello All, I have the above code. Instead of simply hiding it at the end of the program, I want to completely unload it. I tried Unload Me, but it faulted on me. What am I doing wrong? Or, do I have to say the name of the User Form with Unload Me? Thanks
  10. E

    Cannot hide or unhide rows

    Hi, Using Excel 2016 desktop app. I've encountered a weird issue this past week - suddently the function in Excel to hide & unhide rows is completely disabled in all my workbooks - the function when right clicking a row is grayed out both on "Hide" & "Unhide". I've tried creating a completely...
  11. S

    VBA: overcome error and complete the task

    Hi, I have written a code in VBA to complete a report However, the report , not sure though, gives an error something like --- "Excel ran out of resources.....". This interrupting the macro to run completely and hence have to manually click on 'OK' everytime this occurs. Is there away to...
  12. N

    Help with IF AND statement please

    Hi there hoping you can please help with an IF AND STATEMENT please.... I'm trying to create a formula to return the following text based on %\ numbers: if less than 90%, type '<90%' if >= 90% and <=100%, type '90% - 100%' If >= 100.01% and <=110%, type '100% - 110%' if >110%, type '>110%'...
  13. A

    Textjoin with If?

    Hello, I have several columns which contain numbers. I'd like to use TEXTJOIN with IF so that if, say column J includes the number 1 and column M also contains the number 1, then the column headers will be concatenated/joined (so the result would be "J, M". I've made various unsuccessful...
  14. J

    TOggle Button will not change to white.

    When I click the button if its WHITE it turns to RED if its RED it turns to WHITE the code operates correctly but when the color suppose to change back to WHITE it changes to a very very light Red, but there are times when it changes completely white. Is this just an Excel thing ??? I really...
  15. S

    Finding true angle on a plot?

    Hi, Maybe this isn't an excel question, but perhaps you can help? How do we determine the angle between 2 plots (of a line), where the x-axis and y-axis has completely different Units and Scale? The arctan function requires a unitless argument to get a real angle, but if you take rise/run on a...
  16. A

    [DataSource.Error] Web.Contents failed to get contents from " URL" (500):Internal Server Error

    Hello guys, I am running a web dataquery on Excel 2016, which dumps the data to a table on a Sheet. This runs continuously, and have it set to refresh in backgound automatically every 5 minutes. Every so often I get an error warning : [DataSource.Error] Web.Contents failed to get contents from...
  17. ask2tsp

    In VBE properties pane is completely empty and cannot be closed

    Starting a few hours ago, when I open an Excel workbook and start the Visual Basic Editor there is a completely empty properties window showing only "properties ******** name>" and the X on top. Clicking the X does nothing. :confused: I use this to change the codename for sheets to address them...
  18. B

    Is there a better way than using a nested "IF" statement to test value in D5 and return value of E5 if a correct value in D5 is found?

    Cell D5 may contain the text strings of "Window XP", "Windows 2003", "Windows 2008', "Windows 10". or it may contain something completely irrelevant. =IF(D5="Windows XP",E5,IF(D5="Windows 2003",E5,IF(D5="Windows 2003 R2",E5,IF(D5="Windows 2003 R2",E5,IF(D5="Windows 2008",E5,IF(D5="Windows...
  19. E

    Drop down values to auto update when sources are updated

    Hello I've been trying to figure out a solution to this for a few days but i'm completely stuck! I have a table of data which contains the sources (6370) for 6370 separate dropdowns. Each source corresponds to a tutor and date. There are 14 tutors and 455 dates hence the 6370 separate...
  20. I

    Page Prints Blank if Chats are within Print Area

    Strangest thing ever... I have a print area that will print completely blank. I've tried PDF, printers, different types of PDFs... if I select all of the charts within the area and move them outside of the thick blue line designating the print area. I will get a print of everything else inside...

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