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    Computer Specs for Excel Power Users !!

    First of all, hello Excel gurus! :) I'm happy to finally join the community, especially that I had a pleasure to meet Bill Jelen personally a few months ago. I would like to ask you about your dream computer specification for the purposes of financial modeling in Excel. Right now I use Lenovo...
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    HELP!!!!! Looking for Best "Laptop" for extensive use of EXCEL

    Hi All, I don't know if this question is right for general discussion or Excel questions so, I have posted my request under "general discussions" and I have added a link to my thread below...
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    HELP!!!!! Looking for Best Laptop for extensive use of excel

    I know many of you areusing "laptops" to work on excel extensively. So, I am posting myquestion here. I am looking for a new laptop that I am going to use heavily for datacrunching, financial reporting and analysis. Can someone please guide me whatbrand and what hardware configuration do I look...

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