1. S

    Missing power query functions

    Hi, I have a Excelfile with a power query model in it. It works fine on one computer, but when I run it in on another computer there are errors. I use excel 2016 on both computers but the one with errors crashed a couple of weeks ago and got office reinstalled just the other day. The error...
  2. E

    Scoring Sheet

    I am looking for macro to do the following Input numbers into one specific cell and get a running total in a different specified cell. This is for a scoring sheet where the result gets displayed on a monitor. it would make the computer operators job easier if the figures could be entered into...
  3. K

    Macro to unprotect a password protected sheet

    My old computer had a macro, I unsuccessfully tried to re-create it on my new computer. My Excel worksheets are protected with a long password, I want to unprotect it with a simple macro that contains the password. When I record the macro, it doesn't capture the password. What am I doing...
  4. D

    How to define Dropbox folder path in VBA for access by different users/usernames

    When you install Dropbox, it generates a folder path that incorporates your Windows username. So on my main computer, the path is: C:\Users\peter\Dropbox\files\ but on my secondary computer (different Windows username but access to the SAME dropbox folder), it's: C:\Users\david\Dropbox\files\...
  5. T

    Exporting Each Tab into PDF

    Hello, I have the VBA code below. End goal is to have each tab in the workbook to be exported into its own PDF. Problem: it works fine on my computer, but when someone else tries to use the macro on their own computer, it errors. Sub ExportToPDFs() ' Save Each Worksheet to a separate PDF file...
  6. A

    Power query Module vba Codes

    Hello I used Power query Connection to build the pivot table. The problem I have is that when I move the file to another computer running Excel 2010 or 2013, the pivot table doesn't work properly. My question is, can I add Power query module vba code to the file to work properly on any computer?
  7. F

    Find Computer Serial Number

    What code can I use to find the serial number of my computer? Below is what I have been using but I have discovered it is not the serial number that is on the computer. I now do not know what the number I do get represents. Public Function GetSerialNumber() As String Dim objs As Object Dim Obj...
  8. W

    Excel closes automatically

    I have a new desktop computer and since I started using it any Excel file with a macro will run the script and then just close Excel. There are no errors, nor does it matter which Excel workbook I use. These previously worked fine on a different computer, and other colleagues are able to use the...
  9. L

    entering date

    Hi My computer date format as following dd/mm/yyyy (as per the date below the clock on my computer). I entered this date in an excel cell: 2019/09/08 (09 is sept). To my surprise, excel converted this date to the following 08/09/2019 Why is that? I thought excel should not accept 2019/09/08...
  10. T

    How to find maximum quantity sold with item description in the given data

  11. M

    Need help understanding how Excel deals with image files in UserForms

    I have been working on a workbook on my laptop the last couple of weeks. One of the things I did was insert an image file into a UserForm. I figured out the exact resolution the image file needed to be in order to look right within the UserForm, and then input it as an image control...
  12. T

    Worksheets - Automatic Resizing

    Good Morning I need to understand how to write macros to automatically resize worksheets to display the same on all computer screen sizes. theamateur1939
  13. A

    Using Macros to Make Powerpoint Slides from Excel

    Hello, I am trying very hard to find a solution to this but so far nothing works... how can I write a code for a macro that takes a chart or table or cell from Excel and uses it to create the respective Powerpoint slides? Anyone have experience with this? Furthermore, I am using Mac currently...
  14. A

    Removing Duplicates - Problem with Code

    Dear all, If anyone could help me with this query it would be much appreciated. I have created the following VBA code to remove duplicates in columns C and D of my worksheet. Private Sub Worksheet_Change (ByVal Target as Range) Activesheet.Range("C1:C100").Removeduplicates Columns:=1...
  15. O

    Excel formula is turning into a link when saved in some computers

    Hello all, I need help with this problem. Spreadsheet works fine in my computer and another colleague's computer. Our computers are not networked in any way. However, it is also opened in a computer using Chinese regional setting and language is when the formula became broken. For example...
  16. B

    Input Photo Macro

    Hello! I am looking to create a macro that will input a photo intoa spreadsheet in a certain location. Ifound the below from a different user online: Sub GetPic1() Dim fNameAndPath As Variant Dim img As Picture fNameAndPath =Application.GetOpenFilename(Title:="Select Picture To Be...
  17. S

    Get folder path if you know folder name only

    Hi All, How with VBA to get folder path if you know folder name only ? For example if you know that somewhere in computer there is a folder named “Invoices_2019” Thank you in advance
  18. A

    Excel found unreadable content

    I have a workbook with three sheets. It was created on computer A. If copied to Computer B and C, an attempt to open results in message: Excel found unreadable content. Do you want to recover the contents of the workbook. If I answer Yes, the workbook opens normally. If I then save it on...
  19. H

    Excel command button works on my computer, but not others

    I have a command button in my workbook, which is used to resent a column of values back to zero. The button works on both me and my husband's computers (we both have office 365, fully up to date) and also works on my intern's computer (older - office 2010). However, it does not work on my...
  20. A

    Page Sizing of Document Different From One Computer To Next?

    I have created a one page "form" with an Excel worksheet of my work computer. It is designed in a manner to be previewed and printed on one page without any scaling. When I take this same worksheet home and edit it, preview or print, it no longer fits within the one page originally created to...

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