1. L

    Once date is inputted, tick on summary tab goes

    Hi all, REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE HELP ON THIS ONE :) I'm struggling with this one. So I've used Substitute & Concat in a formula to a Summary page to check other tabs for a '!' in any of the cells (which means action required), if there is a '!' it will do a tick on the summary tab. This has...
  2. E

    TEXT to return "0 / 0%"

    I have a need to return a combination of two figures in a single cell, one non-decimal and another in a percentage. =GETPIVOTDATA("Count of Reviews",'Tester'!$A$46,"Age Band","65+","Time Status","Not Overdue")&" / "&TEXT(GETPIVOTDATA("% Overall Overdue",'Tester'!$A$46,"Age Band","65+","Time...
  3. C

    CONCAT cell reference

    Cells A-H in blue refer to workbook 'Dan Participants'. Columns A and B are linked to an external data source. I have used the CONCAT function to merge the names together from cell A and B. Cell H references the internal worksheet 'Vacancies', cells C and K coloured red. The formula works as...
  4. J

    Concat Values and Include Value if Greater Than 1

    In my table, I'm trying to combine values using concat but I only want the third item included if the value is greater than one. I've tried this a couple ways (columns Full Name and Full Name2) but neither is giving me the value I'm looking for. Here's what I'm trying to achieve: Is the value...
  5. L

    CONCAT only if cell does NOT contain specific text

    I have the following CONCAT formula that works great - '=CONCAT(H5," ",I5," ",J5," ",K5," ",L5," $",M5) However, I need it to become an IF forumula so that if H5 does NOT contain a "-" than this forumula will just give me the H5 value (as if the formula for this cell is just '=H5 but if the...
  6. D

    Need to build text from columns that includes Date columns

    Hi all. I am trying to create a Text statement that includes several columns in a spreadsheet, formatted in a certain way, to build a SQL statement from each row in the spreadsheet. I'm running into a problem converting Date columns into Dates as text in the text cell. I'm using the Concatenate...
  7. R

    Find a text in a sentence column

    Hi, I'm doing my first post here. Please excuse me if this is silly. I have col A and col B as text fields. In col C I have a query list. I'm trying to find if the text values in both col A and col B exist anywhere in col C and then return a true or a false. Please see the attached sheet...
  8. L

    Is this possible? VLOOKUP, CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, LEFT, help!

    Ok, I don't think what I'm trying to do is unique, but I certainly can't seem to work it out or find any examples, or even failing that, think of a better way. Sheet One contains cells with Action Groups. These cells might have one action group per cell, or multiple action groups per cell, such...
  9. S

    CONCAT based on Line Number

    I'm trying to figure out how to make my AS400 system more readable after pulling it into Excel. I have multiple lines for a single entry. The multiple lines come from the "Notes". But luckily it labels the line number. Columns: Member, Line, Notes Member X - Line 1 - The quick brown fox...
  10. E

    join two different numbers to one

    how can i join the numbers of column A,B into D? I tried concat but it doesn't take the 0 in front of 1 and 2 (01,02). ABCD11127011127012112702112702
  11. M

    Dynamic hyperlink tied to a button in Excel

    I want a concat'd hyperlink tied to a button, that when clicked, goes to a website, which would be the dynamic input of what the user entered into a cell added to the end of a static website address I have in another cell. I'm using this function to search a website that puts the user input at...
  12. J

    Concat and decimal reduction

    Hi All I have a simple sheet formula that looks like this. =CONCAT(J2+G2+D2/A2*100;" %") Value in J2=0 Value in G2=3 Value in D2=1 Values in A2=52 The result ends up being 4,92307692307692% which is way to many decimals no matter what i try i cannot get it down 4,92 without an error. Hope...
  13. Q

    If statement to remove cell content

    I have a spreadsheet which, as the user selects a couple of options, builds some CMD lines and outputs a batch file. One cell is using concat to build the CMD line =CONCAT($F$6,C6,$G$6,$H$6,$I$6) but I need to wrap this up so, if there is no data in C6 the concat formula does not apply and the...
  14. P

    INDEX MATCH with a COUNTIF for duplicates & CONCAT Function?

    <tbody> R S T 51 HNL 52 SJC 53 OGG 54 HNL </tbody> I get the above results using the following formulas in U51:U56 And it removes the duplicate but how can I...
  15. P

    Can you have a nested TEXTJOIN formula?

    I'm looking to return a single cell of values that show results matched against one column which are then used to collect their own results. Much easier to explain with a display... <tbody> Clothing Colour Place Hat Red Head Hat Yellow Head Glove Red Hands Scarf Blue Head Glove...
  16. B

    Index/Match + Concat

    Hello: I have an index match formula that I have been using but now I need to add a concat to it. I have been reading tutorials but cant find my formula error. Original Formula: = INDEX('Date View - ALL'! $A$5:$AM$596,MATCH('Process Assumption'!$F7,'Date View-ALL'$L$5:$L$596,0),MATCH('Process...
  17. A

    Leading Zero iwith Concat

    I've got two columns, department and position. I want to smush them together into one in order to use vlookup from another sheet. The position number needs to be 3 digits long in the final product. I have 1,2, and 3 digit position numbers. I can of course make it show the leading zeros...
  18. J

    How to ignore cells while concatenating cells in Excel

    Hi. I'm trying to concat Cell A, B, and C. However, I don't want to concat the row if column A has "N". For example, below I would like to skip 4and 5 because column A has "N". ****** id="cke_pastebin" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; left...
  19. P

    Find and concat same values in excel

    HI, I NEED TO FIND VALUES AND CONCAT IT. BELOW IS THE DETAILS DATA'S a 1 b 2 c 3 d 4 a 100 b 101 c 102 d 103 NEED FORMULA AS BELOW A = 1,100 B= 2,101 C=3,102 THANK YOU & REGARDS PARTHI
  20. M

    Concat Sub or Function no defined

    Hi, I am trying to get this if statement with a concat formula to work, but I keep getting the message "Sub or Function not defied." The worksheet where I am trying to get this formula to run on is titled "Report." Thank you in advance for the help. Below is the code If Range("L4") =...

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