1. S

    CONCAT based on Line Number

    I'm trying to figure out how to make my AS400 system more readable after pulling it into Excel. I have multiple lines for a single entry. The multiple lines come from the "Notes". But luckily it labels the line number. Columns: Member, Line, Notes Member X - Line 1 - The quick brown fox...
  2. E

    join two different numbers to one

    how can i join the numbers of column A,B into D? I tried concat but it doesn't take the 0 in front of 1 and 2 (01,02). ABCD11127011127012112702112702
  3. M

    Dynamic hyperlink tied to a button in Excel

    I want a concat'd hyperlink tied to a button, that when clicked, goes to a website, which would be the dynamic input of what the user entered into a cell added to the end of a static website address I have in another cell. I'm using this function to search a website that puts the user input at...
  4. J

    Concat and decimal reduction

    Hi All I have a simple sheet formula that looks like this. =CONCAT(J2+G2+D2/A2*100;" %") Value in J2=0 Value in G2=3 Value in D2=1 Values in A2=52 The result ends up being 4,92307692307692% which is way to many decimals no matter what i try i cannot get it down 4,92 without an error. Hope...
  5. Q

    If statement to remove cell content

    I have a spreadsheet which, as the user selects a couple of options, builds some CMD lines and outputs a batch file. One cell is using concat to build the CMD line =CONCAT($F$6,C6,$G$6,$H$6,$I$6) but I need to wrap this up so, if there is no data in C6 the concat formula does not apply and the...
  6. P

    INDEX MATCH with a COUNTIF for duplicates & CONCAT Function?

    <tbody> R S T 51 HNL 52 SJC 53 OGG 54 HNL </tbody> I get the above results using the following formulas in U51:U56 And it removes the duplicate but how can I...
  7. P

    Can you have a nested TEXTJOIN formula?

    I'm looking to return a single cell of values that show results matched against one column which are then used to collect their own results. Much easier to explain with a display... <tbody> Clothing Colour Place Hat Red Head Hat Yellow Head Glove Red Hands Scarf Blue Head Glove...
  8. B

    Index/Match + Concat

    Hello: I have an index match formula that I have been using but now I need to add a concat to it. I have been reading tutorials but cant find my formula error. Original Formula: = INDEX('Date View - ALL'! $A$5:$AM$596,MATCH('Process Assumption'!$F7,'Date View-ALL'$L$5:$L$596,0),MATCH('Process...
  9. A

    Leading Zero iwith Concat

    I've got two columns, department and position. I want to smush them together into one in order to use vlookup from another sheet. The position number needs to be 3 digits long in the final product. I have 1,2, and 3 digit position numbers. I can of course make it show the leading zeros...
  10. J

    How to ignore cells while concatenating cells in Excel

    Hi. I'm trying to concat Cell A, B, and C. However, I don't want to concat the row if column A has "N". For example, below I would like to skip 4and 5 because column A has "N". ****** id="cke_pastebin" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; left...
  11. P

    Find and concat same values in excel

    HI, I NEED TO FIND VALUES AND CONCAT IT. BELOW IS THE DETAILS DATA'S a 1 b 2 c 3 d 4 a 100 b 101 c 102 d 103 NEED FORMULA AS BELOW A = 1,100 B= 2,101 C=3,102 THANK YOU & REGARDS PARTHI
  12. M

    Concat Sub or Function no defined

    Hi, I am trying to get this if statement with a concat formula to work, but I keep getting the message "Sub or Function not defied." The worksheet where I am trying to get this formula to run on is titled "Report." Thank you in advance for the help. Below is the code If Range("L4") =...
  13. T

    CONCAT only IF spesific cells contain spesific words/names!

    HeyI've tried to make a formula but can't get it to happend. I use a formula to count words/names and it works fine:=SUM(COUNTIFS(C63:C72,{"*Mike*","*Peter*","*Jane*","*Even*","*Jack*"}))But my problem is that beside counting the words then I also neet to have the types beside.Eks; cell A1...
  14. G

    CONCAT Help

    How do I use the below formula to output a percentage of F10 instead of a decimal? Also, is there a way to automatically make it + or - depending on an increase or ad decrease of growth?
  15. mreinsmith

    Create Formula from another Formula - Nesting Concatenate Concat

    I've often wanted to look up if it was possible to concatenate the results of a column of concatenate formulas (of course, CONCAT only starting in Excel 2016) I thought maybe there would be a function like "FUNCTIONTEXT" but "FUNCTIONVALUE" So I started looking and I can't seem to find...
  16. G

    Concatenate and retain formatting

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that auto imports data and then does further calculations. In cell A1 I have a date/time value in format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss I have chopped this using the formula =int(A2) in cell K2 with the format dd/mm/yyyy and determined the day using the formula =weekday(K2) in...
  17. R

    Adding/combining cell text to a web address and displaying as a hyperlink

    Good Morning, I am new to programming and looking to make this code below even more user friendly. Right now the user has to double click on the cell to get the VBA to take the cell information and plug it into the URL based on criteria in the code. Is there a way to have the VBA run through...
  18. E

    Can someone explain union , Const and

    Hello people, Could someone explain following terms/declarations or whatever you call it: Const Union Concat Chr I did read some on Microsoft website but I didnt understood. Could someone help me? Thank you in advance
  19. C

    Finding Duplicate Values using VBA

    Hi, I have a question I'm hoping to get help with! I have multiple columns / rows of data, some of which are duplicates. Column S is a concat of columns A:R where this data is stored, and is sorted alphabetically. I'm looking for a way using VBA to find duplicate concat rows by cycling...
  20. The_Rock

    VBA for Remove & Concat

    Hi Folks I hope you can help with writing vba for the following. I have 3 columns: Location Oppt Status UK1 JS001 Approved UK1 JS002 Pending NLD1 GS001 Approved NLD1 GS002 Rejected NLD1 GS003 Rejected What I...

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