1. Wad Mabbit

    I want to return a list of headers wherever there is a value match in column N. Where TRUE exists in any row of a column, that header is returned plus

    I want to return a list of headers in column R wherever there is a value match in column N. Column n contains extracted phone numbers, which I use as ID's Where TRUE exists in any row of a column AB to AK, that header (AB1 .. AK1)) is returned plus a line break, for each of columns AB:AK...
  2. P

    Call Sub using Concatenation

    How do I call a Subroutine using Concatenation? Example: I have 9 subs and I want to call one of them. They all begin with: Group_Evens_Down_Slots_wo_ (1 through 9) Would it be something like this?: GN = Range("next_slot") ' ' GN = 3 in this case ' ' Call Group_Evens_Down_Slots_wo_ & GN...
  3. Y

    Unable to use If, Countif and Concantenate function together

    I was trying to find if result of concatenation is duplicate or not but the formula is not working. Below is the formula that I create. pls help in rectifying the error...
  4. S

    VBA USERFORM : Combobox Droplist concatenation

    Hi Friends, Example : Please see this image as example. I have a combobox called "cmbpivotvalue" in my Userform. I want " A1,A2,A3,A4,B1,B2,B3,B4,C1,C2,C3,C4 " as values in my combobox dropdown (Refer the example) . Basically I want the heading name + values under that...
  5. T

    Formula in a cell disappears when data is entered

    Hello, My problem is that I have a cell that concatenates 4 other cells. For example cell A1 has the following formula: =G6&K6&P6&V6 Let's say that G6 = 2019; K6 =MI; P6 = 031; and V6 = 037. As these four cells are populated the concatenation in A1 yields 2015MI031037 So, the concatenation...
  6. G

    concatenation issue with over 1800 IDs

    I need a quick way to concatenate over 1800 IDs like cell A1:mccrayg, A2:gmcay, A3:marshal6 ..... to se this u properly to be used in a sql query it would take forever using =Concatenate("'",A1,"'",",","'"A2, .....etc can anyone assist me?
  7. F

    Loop macro to next column

    Hi All, I am trying to create a macro to paste a concatenation formula in Column E for the range of Columns G3 to BBI98. The current code I have is looping, but it is not continuously pasting this concatenation formula down through column E. Is there a way for the concatenation formula to...
  8. S

    Excel countblank function with an indirect or concatenation

    Hi, I need the correct formula for a countbank function. The range should be A5 to A and the number in cell A1. I realize it may need an indirect to some concatenation, but I can't get it right. Thanks
  9. S

    Thank you Chp Pearson - You were the Best. =StringConcat("|",IF(Sheet2!$E$7:$E$51=V41,Sheet2!$E$7:$E$51,"")) works. but how to get it to return & Joi

    =StringConcat("|",IF(Sheet2!$E$7:$E$51=V41,Sheet2!$E$7:$E$51,"")) Chip Pearson was the best. Thats his UDF - which I found (here: - that he made to handle Concatenation properly, even the concatenation of arrays (Holy Grail!!!) My Only...
  10. R

    Concatenation Question

    I have what should be a simple task. I'm trying to concatenate some cells to complete a name. I didn't have an issue before I added the middle initial to the formula, but now I'm struggling. I've searched the forum, but only see concatenation examples for First and Last names, not anything...
  11. R

    Help with formula using an ampersand for year

    Greetings... I need a formula that provides calculations for random dates which may extend backwards into last year. In A3 is an emp. hire date (which may be a date before this year) and I want to subtract from that date today's date The formula doesn't error but since the hire date is...
  12. J

    VBA needed to find duplicate headings and concatenate the columns

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to use vba to search the headings of a table of data and if they are the same then concatenate, copy and paste the new 'merged' column to another sheet. I think I should probably state that I am very new to vba and have been teaching myself the last few weeks...
  13. W

    Concatenate dynamic row values in excel into one single cell- No VBA

    Hi all, I have a dynamic range being retrieved from the database in Column A i.e. Account 1000 1200 1300 4000 These values will refresh from time to time and more or fewer values may be displayed in column a depending on the data comin in. I have to populate them into one single cell B2 with...
  14. J

    Issues with getting a long formula into a macro

    Hello! First time post, but this forum has been an amazing resource. I'm a little new to the formula/coding aspect of Excel, so apologies in advance. I'm attempting to get two separate concatenation formulas into a somewhat complex macro. I ended up using the record macro function, but there is...
  15. P

    Concatenate rows into a single line by VBA

    Hi All, I have two columns of data H & N in a worksheet 'Sample Details' and I am looking for some code that will do the following. Unfortunately its outside of my present skill set with VBA. For each selected X in a sample worksheet concatenate the data in x.offset (0,6) and x.offset (0,12)...
  16. S

    Quick & simple help needed --> Text manipulation

    Hello, I have a long series of values consisting of 3 concatenated values separated by a "|". Eg: <tbody> -215.28|6202721174567002|08/06/2013 11:31 </tbody> The last value is a datetime in the format "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm". After the first concatenation operation, I have a couple of...
  17. B

    Mass concatenation, varying number of rows per instance

    I have a spreadsheet with 35,000+ rows I need to analyze. Specifically, I need to find which departments have similar values as well as how similar they are. What I've come up with is the generation of a concatenated field so I can quickly use excel to analyze it all. I can't seem to figure this...
  18. R

    Vookups and index match not working on text in a cell derived from concatenation formula

    I am trying to do a VLOOKUP (or an INDEX/MATCH) on cell A1 on Sheet 1 which contains the words 'Green Apples'. However the words 'Green Apples' in this cell have been derived from text concatenation so although the cell shows the words 'Green Apples', the cell actually contains the formula...
  19. R


    Hi all. I was using this formula and it worked perfectly: =VLOOKUP($D$4&C9,'F''cast & Actual'!$A$6:$O$66,14) I then tried to enlarge the array like so: =VLOOKUP($D$4&C9,'F''cast & Actual'!$A$6:$Q$257,14) Now it returns values that are not in column 14 but elsewhere within the array. I have...
  20. J

    Excel 2010 Pivot Table Calculated Item Strings

    Is there a way to create a calculated field from two text strings and a literal? I have "LastName", "FirstName" as fields in the Excel 2010 database and wish to have a "Names" field that will display "Smith, John", for example. I thought that since there is a place for a formula that I could...

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