1. L

    MAX and MIN Simultaneous Room Coverage Times Per Day

    Please help. Looking for an equation that will calculate the Max concurrent rooms in column D between each start and stop date/time. Column D has what the correct answer would be. If possible would also like the MIN in column E which also has the correct answer. Correct answers are included to...
  2. T

    number of concurrent calls

    hi guys, New to the forum. However been referring to this forum from general google searches for years now. Seems today im at an impasse for a new problems which is quite specific. I've no doubt heads will be scratching. I need to be a manner in which I can determine the number of concurrent...
  3. B

    Concurrent Users Count Formula/Logic Help

    Hi All, I'm trying to figure out how many concurrent users there are in office for each day. Column A is Check-in date and time, and Column B is Check-out date and time. Every row is an individual. For example, <tbody> Employee Check-In Date & Time Check-Out Date & Time Employee 1...
  4. E

    Graph number of concurrent events over time given start and end times

    Hello, I have x number of sessions occurring noted by start times in column A and end times in column B in the format of "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm". Here is a sample of the data sorted by oldest time in column A first: 8/31/2015 22:01 8/31/2015 22:24 8/31/2015 22:01 8/31/2015 22:27 8/31/2015...
  5. E

    Concurrent Transactions by Minute

    I need to know the maximum amount of concurrent transactions (calls, employees, etc.) that are happening during each transaction by minute and report that maximum for each transaction. My thought is to create a function where I can pass a start date/time, end date/time, a range of potentially...
  6. P

    Excel Timer and Stopwatch

    I have a macro in an excel 2007 worksheet that does timed alerts and works great (one at 30minutes, one at 45 minutes and a third at 90 minutes. The macro is started by a checkbox. However I also need to simultaneously have have a visual timer also once the checkbox is checked. I have created...
  7. R

    Will Office 2007 live concurrently with 2002?

    We are moving from Office 2002 to Office 2007 (big leap of faith!), and I have been chosen as the guinea pig. For compatibility with my colleagues, I would still like to use 2002 (specially Excel) while I am testing 2007 and porting our template files across. Can Office 2007 be installed so...

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