conditiaonal format

  1. H

    VBA to colour a cell based on data in 2 others cells

    I was asked to repost this question again, so here goes. How is it possible to format the contents in one column (E), based on the data in 2 other columns (A & C)? Here is an example of what might be in A & C A - LTD1 C can have around 20 different leagues. Here's an example Austria: 2. Liga...
  2. D

    search a word form a list, in a sentence

    Good morning ! I would like if one of the words, from a list of words, is in a sentence. Example : Checklist: I Dan Plate Tomato Cell to check: A .B you eat tomatoes false (because the word is tomato, single) He eats a tomato. true Dan eats...
  3. J

    Possible change colour from cells with same value in next row

    Hello Ex(cel)perts, I hope you can help me with the following issue. We have large excel files with ascending numbers. B1aktenummer21324354657687981091110121113121413151416151716181619172018211922202321241252263274285296307318 If you can see is on row number 17 and 18 the same or double...
  4. C

    Delete conditional format for "blank" Cells

    hello all I have a program which compairs 2 files (exported from Adobe)(on two sheets) and then conditionally highlights the differences. The problem is it highlights the "blank"/"empty" cells even if they are the same. I assume that they are not "blank/empty" because they have a border? Or...
  5. M

    Conditional Formatting with reference to other cells and with multiple rules (in the table)

    Good time of the day to you all! I have a problem with conditional formatting and really hope that someone could help :) In the below table the formatting needs to be applied to the columns D, E, F and it should be based on the values in columns A & C with the following condition: if cell D4...
  6. C

    Conditional formatting - Highlight duplicate values

    Hi , How do I highlight duplicate values is columns O and P only , so if the Value exists in O and P highlight it. I don't want to highlight cells with no values. Thanks
  7. U

    Conditonal Formatting based on IF

    Hi All, Im going to record a macro to light specific cells in excel using conditional formatting. for example, I want all cells in the J column to be highlighted if they are above 20000. The problem is is for some of the data it is split, so the combined values need to be combined if there...
  8. L

    lock/unlock cell based on value in other cell

    Hi Guys, I want to lock fields when a specific cell is empty and unlock it when that specific cell contains a value. Example: <colgroup><col><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> A B C D E 1 Fruit Banana Pear Orange Apple 2 Apple locked locked locked unlocked 3 Banana unlocked locked...
  9. N

    Conditional Formatting + Today, Date, Value Functions.

    Hello, I'm fairly new to Excel and when I was last on here people were able to help me out with the formula i was working on, now I'm seeking further pity with conditional formatting please. The excel spreadsheet data is generated through a Microsoft query linked to another program so when...
  10. A

    Multiple Conditional Formatting

    <tbody> Symbol Price Strike Type AAPL $95.00 $85.00 Put AAPL $95.00 $85.00 Call </tbody> What I want to do is a conditional formating the column of Strikes, that needs to met 2 criterias, if the type is a "call" then if is below the stock price should be highlighted, and if a put is...
  11. S

    Conditional Formatting

    Hi all. Im looking for some help with Formulas and conditional formatting. i have 1 work book with 2 sheets. i have information in column a and b of both sheets. i need the formatting to do a few things. the idea of the sheets is for sheet 1 to have information entered into it and sheet 2...
  12. S

    Copying Conditional Formating Formula

    Hello, New to the forums here. I have searched multiple threads and am struggling to find an answer. I have a conditional formatting formula "=$G6<>$H6" set up to highlight numerical differences in two cells. That part works fine. My range is set to the two columns being compared...
  13. R

    Conditionally Format one cell based on partial text of a different cell

    Hello all and happy Sunday. I'm trying to use conditional formatting to do the following. Cell F6 is a drop down box (Data Validation) 2 of the 4 selections contain the word "Consultant". The target cells are B29 thru F33. I'm trying to figure out how to create a conditional format for...
  14. B

    Conditional Formating - Pivot Tables -VBA

    Hello I am trying to band the rows in a pivot table based on changes in row values in a specific column. Any ideas? I would like the bands to change from white to grey. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, -Jeff
  15. L

    Comparing cells of text in two different sheets to find and highlight differences/updates

    This is my first post - I've been lurking for a long time and it seems I always need an answer right away, so I've never actually tried this, so here goes! I'm sorry if it's lengthy... I see how frustrating posts are without enough detail so I may overdo it a bit. My Specs: Excel 2007, Windows...
  16. S

    Conditional format %

    I want to highlight cells in a column that do not equal either 15% or 7.5% but I can't seem to get it right. Help please :confused:
  17. D

    Calculating Cells That Qualifiy A Conditional Formatting Rule

    <tbody> A B C D E 1 21% 20% 2 14% 3 31% 4 7% 5 12% </tbody> I'd like to create a formula in cell (E1) that will sum all cells that qualify a conditional formatting rule. For Example: If the conditional formatting rule says A1>=$D$1 (than fill green). This would...
  18. D

    Conditional Formating

    I have a Excel list that contains: Column A - Employee Number Column B - Employee Name Column C - Received (which is a date) Column D - Target Date (which is a date) I have to create a conditional format to determine weather the employee has missed their target date. If the have missed the...
  19. D

    How to streamline multiple overlapping Conditional formats

    Hello All, I've got 1 or 2 questions concerning Conditional Formats in Excel 2007. (CF for short in the rest of the post). This is the situation. On one sheet there are a some 10 area's on which I have applied multiple different CF's. Now I'm faced with the issue that by copy pasting, and range...
  20. A

    Conditional format of text in a pivot table

    Hi, I am on the verge of giving up, but wanted to post my case before doing so, in hopes that some might have attempted the same as me. 1) I am using Excel 2010 2) I want to rank a list of factories (good, neutral, bad) based on each factory name 3) My base is a pivot table. My target when...

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