conditional fomating

  1. Saher Naji

    Change color of cell to Yellow once I copy it

    Hello, I'm trying to use this code to change the background color of a cell to yellow when I press Ctrl+C and has it stay yellow. This should be applied to every cell I copy. Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) If Application.CutCopyMode = xlCopy Then...
  2. S

    Conditional Formatting via Macro

    Hi, I've trying to build a macro that, once we click, will automatically put the conditional formatting in the page. I have added the excel sheet to the google drive for your reference. It would be great if anyone can help me or guide me create a macro for this - New Microsoft Excel Worksheet.xlsx
  3. M

    If two conditions met, highlight cell VBA

    Hello, I would like for the macro to read column K (11) down to my last row (lrow) and if the cell contains "Bus driver" and the same row in Column O (15) reads "$0.00" to highlight the cells. Currently nothing is happening so I feel like I am way off. Any help would be appreciated! My current...
  4. J

    Cunditional formatting with greater than and weekday parameters

    I am trying to conditionally format a cell that contains a formula based on the day of the week that it currently is and the value that the formula is outputing. I want the cell to be highlighted if the curent day is Tuesday and the value is > 14.9 , Wednesday and the value is >29.9 , Thursday...
  5. P

    Conditional formation in planing calendar

    Hi Forum, I'm reach out to you to ask if someone can help suggest improvement to a function for conditional formatting. I created a calendar where I can plan resources by entering the number of days and the following cells are colored by using conditional formatting. This far I have only...
  6. C

    Conditional Formatting based on Checkbox

    Hello all. I have Sheet1 where I want to put data on cells B2:E20. I want to place a Conditional Formatting on these cells. Basically, I want to fill the cell if a data is entered - doesnt matter what data, I will put something in that cell. However, the fill color on the cell will be dependent...
  7. D

    Conditional formatting transparent color

    Hi, Is there a way to use a transparent conditional formatting to put a "shade" over cells with true? The result i'm looking for is let's say a cell has already been manually highlighted with a specific color, if the conditional formatting is true, than a color with transparency will be shown...
  8. K

    Extracting Unique Items from a List w/conditional formatting?

    Greetings! The project: I have a large set of tables in one tab that is acting as a tracking system for team participation. When a member doesn't show up, I'd like to ask the captains to indicate the missing participant with either a color or italicizing/strikeout. I would like a list to...
  9. smide

    Conditional formatting - highlight text cells based on values other column

    Hello. In columns A, B and C (A2:C600) I have a lists of different towns (column A), customer names (column B) and buying price for each customer in column C. In columns D and E I'm receiving new list (towns and customers). I'm monitoring top 3 customers from each town (top 3 buying...
  10. Hrishi

    Conditional formatting by using formula

    Hello, I have few figures arranged in row. In columns 1 i have a figure for reference and I want to highlight figures from columns number 2 to 9 in such a way that summation of those highlighted figures from columns 2 to column under consideration shall be less than figure in column number 1...
  11. C

    conditional formatting for individual byte in data string?

    I tried to post this earlier but I think something went wrong. I have a question regarding a VBA possibility or capability. I have the following data layout Created by hand. Is it possible to create it through VBA? A B C...
  12. S

    Conditional / Drop Down List Multiple Filter

    Hi everyone, Background: <tbody> A B C D Policy Issue Service Benefits Application Service Request Analysis underwriting Policy Accounts Payout Payment Admin </tbody> <tbody> </tbody> The Blue text in Column A is level 1 data; the red text in B,C and D column is Level 2 data...
  13. K

    Need Two Formulas - Calculate Days Over Due and Turning Row Red

    <tbody> MDT Date Next MDT Was MDT Met? Days Over Due 03/31/17 06/30/17 N 02/28/17 05/10/17 Y </tbody> First formula or conditional formatting is to create a formula that will turn the entire row red if the following conditions exist: 1. Column C is a "N" 2. Column B is past today's...
  14. L

    Conditional formatting

    Hi all, I'm looking to create a formula for conditional formatting that works as thus; - If D4 to D401 contain the specific text "Bronze" then the row (A through to Z) it is in will be colour1 - If D4 to D401 contain the specific text "Silver" then the row (A through to Z) it is in will be...
  15. J

    Conditional Formatting That Indicates Multiple Conditions

    Hi Folks, We're using Excel 2016 on Win 10 pc's. We use conditional formatting to change the color of a cell (to pink) if the number in it is <= to 100. That is working just fine and tells us our inventory levels are too low and we must reorder now. What we'd like to do, however, is keep...
  16. W

    Conditional Formatting ?

    Hi there... I have a training matrix... I want the format to change when the original training date exceeds 3 years relative to todays date. Example: A2 = Johnny Smith B2 = 10/06/2012 C2 = 10/08/2015 (3yrs later + 2 days make me red!) Column B is the starting dates for specific training...
  17. H

    Conditional Formatting Issue

    Hi All, I am currently setting up a file for my new department I have just joined. They are looking to make their excel documents more automated to save time. One of my current tasks is to change cell colours depending on what is contained within the cell. I can easily conditionally format the...
  18. S

    Conditional format formula to look for duplicates in multiple columns

    I am using excel for making out a shift schedule for my company. How do I create a conditional format formula to look for duplicate initials in multiple columns and to repeat the assessment independently for many more rows? Additionally, the formula would only look at the first 2 characters in...
  19. H

    CF in a cell with 6 conditions

    I want to formulate 6 CFs in a cell B1 to generate either of the value 1,2,3,4,5,6. 6 CFs are to be formulated to generate either of: CF1=1: A1 is less than B1; B1 is less than C1 and A1 is less than C1 CF2=2: A1 is less than B1; B1 is greater than or equal to C1 and A1 is less than C1 CF3=3...
  20. T

    Conditional format not applied to whole range of cells

    Hello, I'm having issues with conditional formatting being applied across a contiguous range of cells. Set up: BA133 is a merged set of BA133, BB133, BC133 BD133 is a merged set of BD133, BE133, BF133 BG133 is a merged set of BG133, BH133, BI133 What I want to do...

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