conditional formats


    How to Override Conditional Formats

    I hope I can explain this situation in an understandable way. I'm using Excel 2007. For several columns I have conditional formatting (fill cell with white) if it contains the high or low value within a range in that column. There is a row for each date (day) of the year. A 1st-time (&...
  2. M

    Conditional Formats using Conditional Fomula or another method

    I'm stumped I have multiple rows and columns that are independent of each other. I need to setup a legend that's automated with three colors. The spreadsheet is setup like this ... <tbody> A B C D E F G H S L H W SD V 1 Goal .2 .3 .3 .4 .6 .6 2 Actual .1 .4 .3 .5 .7 .6 Total...
  3. C

    Count Conditional Formatted cells based on Cell color/Colour

    Hi all, Debut post :)! Been visiting this site for a while but FINALLY i haven't found an answer and must now post. So i'm looking for a method that maybe really simple using an assigned number per colour cell, use the number as reference return sub total. But IDEALLY i'm quite simply...
  4. M

    Traffic Light formatting with labels

    I've seen several threads on conditional formatting using traffic lights, but haven't seen how to include row labels with the traffic lights. Here is a snapshot of what I'm trying to accomplish. The formula in the R, Y, G is IF(X29>=0.00000000001,1,IF(F3<0,F3/-C3,IFERROR(F3/C3,-500))) and my...
  5. R

    Find an error in conditional formatting

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet in which I've occasionally wanted to insert a column, but got an error message: "To prevent possible loss of data, Microsoft Office Excel cannot shift nonblank cells off the worksheet." I never knew what nonblank cells it was talking about. Today, when messing...
  6. C

    Help: Simplify this formula

    Hi all! Good day. I would like to seek for help. How can I simplify my formula, =OR($K$49:$K$58="SUN",$N$49:$N$58="SUN",$Q$49:$Q$58="SUN",$T$49:$T$58="SUN",$W$49:$W$58="SUN",$Z$49:$Z$58="SUN",$AC$49:$AC$58="SUN",$AF$49:$AF$58="SUN",$AI$49:$AI$58="SUN",) This formula is used as conditional...
  7. I

    Conditional Format of Current Month

    Hi, I wonder whether someone may be able to help me please. I'm using the following three formulas to perform conditional formatting on cell B when cell A contains a date. Each condition depicts a cell colour depending on the following: Within The Current Month...
  8. T

    Conditional Format Help Needed

    Hi Everyone, I need help with a conditional formatting issue. I basically what excel to look at my column A and every time the data changes I want it to highlight the cells a different color. Pretty much similar to the Subtotals function but I need cell color differation not numeric...
  9. B

    Visual Basic Private Sub Worksheet_Change Conditional Formats on Multiple Ranges

    Hi, I am trying to set up some Conditional Formats through Code on the Worksheet_Change as I need to setup 4 different Conditions in Excel 2003. Also, the Conditional Formats are different for each Column within the Worksheet. I have managed to setup One Range to change, but I cannot workout...
  10. A

    Drop down applying of conditional format

    Morning all, Got a bit of an odd one, I've had a trawl through the archives and can't find anything quite applicable... What I'm after is a drop down that contains the options:- Live Completed Re-Diarised However, these need to be just the drop down options and independant of the Cell...
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